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AnimationEpic Studios (originally known as DuncanEpic) is an animation production company, and a subsidiary of Clearwater Animation founded in August 22, 2009 by Adam Katz. The studio was known for making animated TV shows, internet shows, direct-to-video films, direct-to-Internet films, television movies, and theatrical feature-length films, as well as Youtube's original online animated series, Inanimate Insanity and its second season. In 2012, the studio was acquired by Clearwater Animation, because Adam Katz was also a president of Clearwater Animation. Taylor Grodin, Mark S. Katz, Mark Gordon, Jill R. Katz, Sam Katz, Brian Koch, Justin Chapman, and Michael Bruzzone are the key members of the company. After the eight episode of Inanimate Insanity Season 2 was released on Youtube, Mark Gordon later started working at Wingstar Studios.

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