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Here are the credits for BJ and Wally.

Opening Credits Edit

Geo LTD. Animation
Glass Ball Productions


Closing Credits Edit

First Part of the CreditsEdit

Coming soon!

Artistic SupervisorsEdit

Coming soon!

Second Part of the CreditsEdit

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Glass Ball ProductionsEdit

In charge of animation production
Clive Nakayashiki

Vice president of animation production
Athena Christianiakis

Senior vice president of animation production
Tim Iverson

Production managers
Scott Setterberg
Haven Alexander

Production supervisors
Joe Sandusky
Linda Steiner
Maria Womack
Ken Duer

Development and creative supervisors
Margret M. Dean
Christopher Keenan
Toshiyuki Hiruma
Howard Schwartz

More coming soon!

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