Baby Katie is a song sung by Cland Ann and Japper McJapps in the episode "The Bootleg Stuff" It is based on the song "Baby Anais" from The Amazing World of Gumball.

Lyrics Edit

Both: It's Baby Katie, the living baby doll!

Cland: She likes to eat her cookies!

Both: It's Baby Katie, the living baby doll!

Japper: She likes to drink milk! (puts bottle in Katie's mouth) She's really drinking it! (Katie spits it out, splattering it all over Japper)

Both: It's Baby Katie, the living baby d-

(Katie punches Cland)

Japper: Oh, forget it man. Let's try something else.

Cland: No no no! This gave me an idea!

(Cut to garbage bags)

Cland: BAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH!! It's the Katie-lator! (Katie smashes the trash) With realistic kung-fu karate-chop action, she can break anything with her tiny hand!! (Katie's hand is shown held by Japper) Nothing can resist her!

(Cuts to various scenes of Katie punching items)

Cland: Cars!

Cland: Trees!

Cland: Bricks!

Cland: Houses!

Cland: Her own face!


(Cut to TV)

Both: Do do do do do! Commercial break!

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