Bill Stork

Detective William "Bill" Stork is a character in the Hoodwinked franchise. He is Chief Grizzly's subordinate.

Biography and PersonalityEdit

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Bill Stork is a talkative and silly officer who usually annoys Chief Grizzly.

He has a beak for finding troublemakers.


In Hoodwinked!, Stork was one of the officers dispatched to Granny Puckett's house to arrest Red Puckett, Granny Puckett, Wolf W. Wolf, and Kirk Kirkendall, as well as to investigate the case of the Goody Bandit. Once the true culprit was exposed, Stork, along with the rest of the officers, went down the mountain to search for him, but was stopped halfway by Twitchy Squirrel, who was dispatched by Wolf to tell them that the Goody Bandit was at the top of the mountain, Stork however, noticed that the bandit and his cronies were already headed down the mountain by way of the cable car cable. Subsequently, the police set up a trap at the end of the line and caught them.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. EvilEdit

In Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, Stork, along with Chief Grizzly, was dispatched to assist The HEA against a giant Hansel and Gretel. The roadblock they set up proved ultimately obsolete against them, regardless of them being defeated in the end.


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