The following is a transcript for Caleb's Papery Adventure

Prologue: A Tale Must TellEdit

(The game starts up with a narrator telling a tale about a dangerous book)

Narrator: Sit down my children and let me tell you a story about a legend of a dangerous magical book.

(All of the narrator's children sat down)

Narrator: Long long time ago in the past, there was once a book that was cursed by an evil wizard, he used it for evil on people and destroying everything in his way, but until ten legendary heroes have stopped the evil wizard and they have sealed it for good and put it in a museum named The Museum of Ages and if anyone try's to break in and opens it, all heck breaks loose, but that was 1,000 years ago, now we can start our story.

(We get to see inside of Caleb's house where we see Caleb seeing some mail)

Caleb: Hmm let's see here, bill bill bill bill bill bill...

More coming soon!

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