The ninja costumes also camouflages!
Camoflauge Ninja Suit

Concept art by James Sharp.

The Camouflage Ninja Suit is a clothing made by Gru. This ninja costume camouflages so when someone hears or comes in, this will make the ninja suit hide into any object, camouflaging the costume.


The Camouflage Ninja Suit is first seen in the film where the MYCUNs except Gabriel are outside of the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building, wearing the costumes, and Dave goes to one of the empty rooms' window and his ninja costume camouflages. When Carrie Underwood and Ninh Nguyen came outside of the building to check if the MYCUNs were there, the MYCUNs hide in front of the windows, and Ninh and Carrie check around, but she fires him since there's nothing there.

When Gabriel, who's not wearing socks, shoes, and his glasses, returns to the MYCUNs, Gru gives an extra ninja costume to Gabriel as a gift.


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