The first and second seasons of Cland Ann were released on June 11, 2004 in the USA.

Episode listEdit

Disc 1 (season 1) Edit

Disc 2 (season 2) Edit

  • "Oh Crap! Wartime
  • "B-I-Ann-G-O"
  • "Apocalypse Ciao"
  • "Monkey See, Monkey Shoot"
  • "Dinner is Reserved"
  • "A Liar's Love"
  • "Gone with the Pins"
  • "Moo the Right Thing"

Disc 3 (season 2) Edit

  • "Chitty Chitty Cland Cland"
  • "Planet of the Birdapes"
  • "A Tale of Two Jappers"
  • "Life is Hood"
  • "My So-Called Cland"
  • "A Sight for Sore Eyes"

Disc 4 (season 2) Edit

Special featuresEdit

  • Audio commentary on all 24 episodes with Geo G., Michael Wildshill, art director Craig Kellman, and cast and crew, as well as storyboard artists
  • Original version of pilot episode, with commentary (on disc 1)
  • Animation stills (disc 1)
  • Cland Ann video game trailer
  • Scripts for "Pilot", "One Thrilling Bite", and "Oh Crap! Wartime"
  • Storyboard artists cut for: "One Thrilling Bite", "Japper's Delight", "B-I-Ann-G-O", "Oh Crap! Wartime", "Monkey See, Monkey Shoot", "Moo the Right Thing", "Chitty Chitty Cland Cland", "Planet of the Birdapes", "Life is Hood" "Apocalypse Ciao", "Dinner is Reserved", "Squish out of Water", "Should I Not Go, Really Now?", "Mrs. Cloutfire"
  • Director's cut versions for "Should I Not Go, Really Now?" and "Mrs. Cloutfire"
  • 1999 animation test


  • When it was released internationally, it was released as two individual DVD sets, being the individual seasons respectively.
  • The release presents it in a different order then the original broadcast order, or even the production order. Geo has stated that the people doing the DVD accidentally put the episodes in the wrong order, but was pleased, so a new order for the DVD releases was made.
  • Best Buy copies featured a "master tapes" version, which had the original versions of the episodes.

Easter eggsEdit

  • On disc one, go to "Episode selection", select "One Thrilling Bite", press up, and a animatic of an unfinished scene originally storyboarded by Genndy Tartakovsky will play.
  • On disc one, go to "Play all" and press left. A additional menu showing edits from the episodes will play.

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