The complete third season of Cland Ann was released on September 5, 2004, containing all 24 episodes of season 3, including an assortment of special features.

Episode listEdit

Disc 1Edit

  • "The Egg After"
  • "Night of the Living Cland"
  • "Psycho Japper"
  • "Dawk Matter"
  • "Weekend at Bennie's"
  • "Clandtastic Four"
  • "That Darn Ann!"
  • "To Leave, or Not to Leave"

Disc 2Edit

  • "The Dila Paradox"
  • "My Fair Clandy"
  • "Oy You!"
  • "The Duo Who Saved Christmas"
  • "The Good, the Cland, and the Ugly"
  • "The Annoying Bird"
  • "Cloys Will Be Cloys"
  • "A Zero of Our Time"

Disc 3Edit

  • "Dog Killer"
  • "Spider-Cland"
  • "Don't Touch That Creature"
  • "Zippers"
  • "I Ate Myself"
  • "Japper Whatishisname?"
  • "Creatures Then..."
  • "...Creatures Now" (bonus episode)

Special featuresEdit

  • Audio commentary on all 24 episodes with Geo G., Michael Wildshill, art director Craig Kellman, and crew members
  • Bonus episode "...Creatures Now", with audio commentary (disc 3)
  • Deleted scenes

More coming soon!

Trivia Edit

This set has 25 episodes, if one were to count "...Creatures Now".

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