The first season of Cland Ann consisted of six episodes that aired on ABC in the United States from September 7, 2001 to January 16, 2002. The season is included within the Seasons 1 & 2 DVD box set, which was released on June 11, 2004.

Thirteen episodes were produced during the first production cycle with production numbers 1AFXxx.


Ep Title Writer(s) Director(s) Storyboard artist(s) Original airdate
1 - 1 Pilot G. G., M. Wildshill Chris Sauve Craig Kellman, Peter Avanzino & John Mathot September 7, 2001
A teenage boy named Cland Ann was once a prisoner at Human Jail Enterprises which was built by wilos. Later Cland finds a escape and so he did, but he is now tired and gets some rest in the woods. The next morning, he came across a small white human named Japper McJapps who escaped from a white human jail earlier. So Cland and Japper team up together to find Cland's home and stay away from wilos.
2 - 2 One Thrilling Bite J. Stewart Burns Wes Archer Craig Kellman, John Rice and Mark Zoeller November 16, 2001
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3 - 3 When Birdmonkeys Attack L. Hurford, R. Weiner Gary Chapman Paul Rudish and Genndy Tartakovsky November 23, 2001
To be added
4 - 4 Cland It Over P. Bennet, T. Lloyd Rich Moore Cindy Morrow and Clayton McKenzie Morrow December 12, 2001
To be added
5 - 5 Japper's Delight Dianne Dixon T. Ward, S. Samono Craig Kellman, Andrew Bialk and Lauren Faust January 9, 2002
To be added
6 - 6 Good Chill Hunting Brian Lynch Dominic Polcino Kurt Dumas and Scott Wood January 16, 2002
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