Clearwater Animation is a production company founded by Terry Ward and based in Clearwater, Florida, United States.


Before Clearwater Animation, Terry Ward owned Terry Ward Animation Studios in 1998. Between 1998 and 2010, it acquired the remains of The Secret Lab (Dream Quest Images), Fox Animation Studios, VerniX Animation Studios, DisneyToons Studios Australia, SIP Animation, The Baby Einstein Company's animation division, Jetix Animation Concepts, Disney Animation France and Disney Circle 7 Animation.

Clearwater Animation was founded in August 2009 by Terry Ward.

The former employees from other companies such as Blue Sky Studios, DreamWorks Animation SKG20th Century Fox Animation, Digital Domain, Glass Ball Productions, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Rough Draft Studios, Rough Draft Korea, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Film Roman, Lix Animation Digital, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Animation Group, Moving Picture Company, Illumination EntertainmentIllumination Mac Guff, Universal Animation Studios, Geo LTD. Animation, Blur Animation WorkshopBlur Studio, Pixar Animation Studios, Yowza! Animation, WETA WorkshopWETA Digital, Double Negative Visual Effects, Wang Film Productions, Mercury Filmworks, Reel FX Creative Studios, and Industrial Light & Magic, were hired by Terry Ward.

In 2011, Clearwater Animation acquired the offices, technology and employees of ImageMovers Digital and merged it into Clearwater Animation Los Angeles.

In 2012, Clearwater Animation acquired the Albequerque studio from Sony Pictures Imageworks and Tradition Studios from Digital Domain.

In March 2013, Clearwater Animation Los Angeles acquired most of the employees from Ryhtym & Hues Studios Los Angeles, while in April 2013, Clearwater Interactive acquired Lucasarts Singapore. In October 2013, Clearwater Animation acquired the offices and employees of Pixar Canada.

In 2014, Clearwater Animation acquired another SPI property, this time the Chennai studio.

In 2015, Clearwater Animation acquired Cartoon Pizza and its subsidiaries Cartoon Cola and Cartoon Candy and merged them into Clearwater Animation Nashville

In March 2016, Clearwater Animation acquired the Singapore office of Double Negative Visual Effects

In November 2016, Michael Wildshill has bought out Clearwater Animation's home video, creative design, conceptualization, post-production, CGI animation, licensing, online, stereography, music, advertising, live-action movie, video game and effects departments. The home video division was sold to Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

December 2016-January 2017 restructuringEdit

  • Following that, on December 2016, Clearwater Animation went under a major restructuring. All Glass Ball Productions' international studios in Asia and Europe (not counting Russia) were bought out by Clearwater Animation and they were merged into Clearwater Animation South Korea (Seoul), Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Paris and London.
  • Clearwater Animation closed down studios in Shepperton, Manchester, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Santa Monica, San Diego, Los Angeles, San José (Costa Rica), Houston, Allen, Savannah (Georgia), East Lansing, Detroit, San Francisco, San Rafael (Marin County), Stuttgart and Frankfurt (Germany), South Africa, Giza (Egypt), Melbourne, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Reykjavik (Iceland), Mexico City (Mexico), Burbank, Atlanta, Viborg (Denmark), Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain), Kiev (Ukraine), Chennai and Bangalore (India), Brussels (Belgium), Manila City (Phillippines), Montréal and Québec City (Quebec), Honolulu (Hawaii) and Helsinki (Finland), and made its employees either move to the nearest Clearwater Animation studio or work for someone else, somewhere else.
  • Clearwater Animation's Asia, Europe and Australia divisions were merged to create the EMEAA division, while it's Central and South America divisions merged to create the Latin America division.
  • Its subsidiaries Clearwater Television Animation and Clearwater Stop-Motion Features merged into Clearwater Animation Florida, while Clearwater Productions merged into Clearwater Pictures, while they closed their offices in Los Angeles and Lake Buena Vista (Disney's Hollywood Studios). Clearwater Sound Studios and Clearwater Publishing moved from Los Angeles and New York to Clearwater to merge with Clearwater Animation.
  • On January 2017, Clearwater Animation merged offices in Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi and Sydney into Clearwater Animation Tokyo. That month, almost immediately after, the Münich and Sao Paulo studios (and with them, the Latin America division) was closed.
  • Clearwater Animation Emirates was renamed to Clearwater Animation Dubai as result.
  • Clearwater Animation bought out most of Geo LTD.'s international studios. Geo LTD England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland were merged into Clearwater Animation London.
    • While Geo LTD.'s Arabia, India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau, Australia and New Zealand studios were merged into Clearwater Animation Tokyo.
    • Geo LTD China was merged into Clearwater Animation Beijing.
    • Geo LTD. Toronto, Geo LTD. Quebec and NicThic Productions Canada (Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada) were merged into Clearwater Animation Canada.
    • Geo LTD. Jamaica, Geo LTD. Oakland, Geo LTD. Latin America and Brazil, and Geo LTD. Florida was merged into Clearwater Animation Florida/Texas.
    • Geo LTD.'s studios in France, Germany, Italy, Nordic, Spain, Catalonia, Galicia, Basque Country, Valencia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, CIS and Southeastern Europe, Greece, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania were merged into Clearwater Animation Paris, which will, from then on, cover all European localization and house all European animators with helping them financially and in a way which allows them to improve creative thinking.
    • Geo LTD. Israel and Geo LTD. South Africa were merged into Clearwater Animation Dubai.
  • However, in return, on January 26th, 2017, Clearwater Animation New York was sold to Geo LTD and was rebranded Geo LTD. New York. The next day, Clearwater Animation London was sold and merged into Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe and Clearwater Animation Beijing was sold and merged into China Film Animation.
  • On January 29th, 2017, Clearwater Animation, EndemolShine Group and Spacetoon announced a long-time partnership. EndemolShine Group also announced to acquire Clearwater Television to merge into EndemolShine Studios animation and drama departments.
    • Also that same day, Clearwater Animation Dubai, originally founded in October 2012, was closed and employees went on to work for Blue Dar, Spacetoon and EndemolShine Middle East.
    • With that, Clearwater Pictures closed offices in Paris and Tokyo and employees continued to work at Clearwater Animation. The library of all 17 original films solely produced by Clearwater Pictures Japan was acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan.
  • On January 30th, 2017, Clearwater Animation acquired Los Angeles-based The Animation Picture Company, Animation Nation Army Inc, Geo LTD Turkey, Jeremy Carpenter's ChanceWorks Inc. (including ChanceWorks Television, ChanceWorks Animation, Chanceworks DataMation and ChanceWorks Pictures), Wonderful Neon Productions and Malaysia-based Tau Films (formerly R&H Studios Malaysia)
    • The Animation Picture Company, ChanceWorks Television, Wonderful Neon Productions and ChanceWorks Datamation merged into the new Clearwater Los Angeles company, while Animation Nation Army Inc will become CWLA's subsidiary.
    • Tau Films became Clearwater Animation Malaysia.
    • Geo LTD Turkey became Clearwater Animation Turkey.
  • That same day, the production on Number the Stars was announced to be continued by Lix Animation Digital.


Their logo is an ocean background with the city skyline from Clearwater, Florida. We see a dolphin jumping out of the ocean, and diving back in, which reveals the text: "CLEARWATER", rising from the ocean with the text: "ANIMATION" under it. The flare lightens the text, and the background turns to black, as the text turns to white, but the "CLEARWATER" text was half in water, and half out water.

Theatrical filmsEdit

Commercial projects and clientsEdit

Television filmsEdit

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Short filmsEdit

Direct-to-video filmsEdit

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Cancelled projectsEdit

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North AmericaEdit

  • Clearwater Animation Florida, founded in August 2009, located at the Clearwater Animation headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, United States.
  • Clearwater Animation Los Angeles, founded in January 2017, located at Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Clearwater Animation Texas, founded in June 2014, located at Dallas, Texas, United States.
  • Clearwater Animation Canada, founded in May 2010, operating through 2 studios, located at Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia)Edit

  • Clearwater Animation Paris, founded in November 2011, located at Paris, France.
  • Clearwater Animation Tokyo, founded in March 2012, located at Tokyo, Japan.
  • Clearwater Animation Malaysia, founded in January 2017, formerly called Tau Films and Rythym & Hues Malaysia.
  • Clearwater Animation Turkey, founded in January 2017, formerly called Geo LTD Turkey.

Other production studiosEdit

  • Clearwater Pictures, founded in August 2009, headquartered at the Clearwater Animation headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, United States.

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