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Adventures of MYCUN episodes
Season 1:
Welcome BackChimpanzee ChaosThe MYCUN Army!Girl GamesGabriel Makes A MovieHiro's Sing-Along with AntonioDo the Monkey ThingYou Say Koba and I Say CaesarNeed for Joey SpeeceGabriel's NightmareKobapocalypse NowWanted: Stealing ApesMinion Mocking
Season 2:
The Ghost of Carrie UnderwoodThe FakerCaesar vs. Koba: The Brutal FightRed Goes MakeoverHiro Gets HotMonkey See, Monkey Don'tValentine's DayTruth or GruNorman's New BusinessMr. & Mrs. GarciaThe Battle for Chae CookMonkey WorkThe Day the World SleptThe Gorilla WarfareNo Long SeeThe Spy Who Hired MeEmo HiroMYCUN FutureDial K for KobaThe United Apes of AmericaChat with CaesarChat with KobaLike a Final BossThe New OrangutanBaby StuffHow I Spent My Summer StaycationThe 60's ShowHappy 4th of JulyBack in 2DWhen Apes Gone Bad
Season 3:
MYCUN TVDream HouseBoingo Strikes BackMy Best RedThe Koba DimensionSwitch BodiesMYCUN Halloween PartyNursery Rhymes of Doom!Mini OnThe Night Before ThanksgivingSpelling Zone Ticks Me OffSee No Evil, Hiro No EvilWhat If Hiro Had a Twin Brother?The Aftermath of KobaChristmas is OverThe Perfect CrimeThe Origin of KobaJapanese IdolChae This and Chae ThatThe Lost City of DinosaursLive Podcast with GabrielThe Apes of WrathGabriel a RingPocket of RocketStop Monkeying AroundThe MYCUN Superheroes!Mario is MalioThe Revenge of the Caillou ClonesLate April Fools20 Years of 1990Stealing Koba's StuffThe Ghost of BuckA Trip to AfricaTwo Fingers TakeNorman's New VoiceCreepy Smile
Season 4:
Bad GrammarChildhood RuinedHiro's Old HomeHiro Falls in Love with MargoDon't Hit Your HeadNo More Mr. Nerdy GuyChae Copies Gabriel AgainMYCUN vs. CUYMNRun Like HellDa GreatA Cake is Not a LieHuman KobaApe Stealer UncoveredChristmas EveNew Year's PartyRock or Paper?The Good, the Bad and the BonoboDuuuude19 Minions and CountingApe FearO Brother, Where Art Gru?Close Encounters of the Furred KindWhere's that Kid?Kobapocalypse Now II: Koba's RampageKoba's DateIt Wasn't Me!Day TenSnow in April?The Exorcist of The Bar
Season 5:
Sticky WorkerKobapocalypse Now III: Koba's Last StandWhatever Happened to Hiro Hamada?Day of the Koba ReveganceNay To ThingsProblem DudesHiro's MeetingCaesar's BodyI Hate KobaWaste of Time!Snow Day AgainCave TroubleMr. Hamada, This Isn't Your LifeAutistic IdiotsGabriel ImposterClone TroubleCaesar's SeizuresThe Not-So Great ApeMYCUN LagoonThe Attack of the Mother Goose Club GangWhat Happened to Leap Year?Koba's New FriendCan You Spare a Dime?You Owe Me MonkeyIt's a Bad Day for GabrielCanker Sores Everywhere!Road TripTeam KobaThe Great War Against Koba That Isn't
Season 6:
Find Your Way to OzGabriel Loses His TemperGreen ZoneLate ThanksgivingThe Chicken ShackVirtual RealityThe Magic NecklaceThe Antiques Travel Show Gone WrongA Trip to ScotlandHiro's Musical LessonsHotel MYCUNThe Girls' Rule 63Space In-TroublevadersTerrorist ApesKoba Hacks Gabriel's ComputerBe Like MeKobadotComOwlsI Still Hate KobaGabriel the Super Duper Ultra Great Handsome Sexy Hot Young Geeky Rookie Hero Who Doesn't Give A CrapDon't Say 'I Love Carrie Underwood'A Big StrategyThe Best in the World$WAGThe Haunted HouseThe Abdominal KobaChimps Ahoy!Check Yourself Before You Gru YourselfJack FrostingBustedCarrie Cheats on You
Season 7:
Angry Gorilla RunDude, Where's My Son?Attack of the Koba ClonesThe Bonobo That TransformsThe Survival of FittestGabriel the LinebreakerThe Curse of the Were-ApeMinion JamGabriel's Crazy Saturday PartyBrian the BrainPrimate Double PanicSubway BreakdownThe Guy With The OpinionsCatch of the DayNew GadgetsChimpanzee MayhemCome at Me, BroThe WorkshopGabe Me My Money BackThe Song That Stuck in His HeadHiro Was HereA Bug's DeathKoba's Still HereNorman Babcock and Dipper Pines (Parapines in a Nutshell)The Last Stand
Season 8:
MYCUN ReunionLights Out!Pono ReturnsWho Framed Norman Babcock? (Part 1)Who Framed Norman Babcock? (Part 2)Let the Race BeginSo Many Clips and Counting: The 200th EpisodeNobody's PerfectThe Case of the Missing BananasKoba StrikesHOLOWhy Am I Doing This?The Secret of The MoneyYou Blew ItDeep TroublesGabriel's Bizarre Idea EverOverload of Cools
Season 9:
Your Minion is ShowingHoliday Apes & The White Minion NutcrackerTwo Tons of PainInvasion of the Hiro ClonesNothingWhat's With The Slumboard?The Ultimate Marble Challenge Ever!Power to JoyA New MYCUN Member... Or Is It?How Koba Got His Bonobo BackGet ApedGabriel, Gru & HiroNorman the BraveMYCUN Do ThisShe's In Love With The New GuyA Trip to TokyoFinger Family AttackLots of ChimpsBack to 2005Gorgeous Serious GentlemanMinions of EnigmaCarn Gets BulliedFurries EverywhereGru It On The Ground
Season 10:
The Really, Really, Really Tiny PlanetA Hiro's LifeAnother Newcomer?The Short Film FestivalKoba and Gree GuyEvery Ape Has Its DayAgent GabrielThe Big GamesWhy Everyone Hates the MinionsJohnny's Got More JobsGabo Ex MachinaUnpopular Characters UnitedIken Do the ImpossibleFritz Up The MadnessDannie and MeReturn of the Annoying Questions!Five Nights at MYCUN'sWall 4 is Broken

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