Film Roman

Film Roman is an American animation studio currently owned by Waterman Entertainment producer Steve Waterman. The company was founded in early 1984 by Phil Roman. It is best known for producing the source animation for The Simpsons, (beginning in 1992, replacing Klasky Csupo), Planetokio, (including Planetokio Rule) Geo TV, Cland Ann, as well as Garfield & Friends , King of the Hill, Bobby's World, and the 2011 revival of Beavis & Butt-head among others.

Credits used in Geo TV Edit

  • Film Roman, Inc. (season 1-6)
  • DPS Film Roman (season 7-9)
  • An IDT Entertainment Company (season 10-11)
  • A Starz Media Company (season 12-13)
  • A Starz Company (season 14-18)
  • A Waterman Entertainment Company (season 19-)

Credits used in Cland Ann Edit

  • Film Roman, Inc. (season 1-3)
  • DPS Film Roman (season 4-6)
  • An IDT Entertainment Company (season 7-8)
  • A Starz Media Company (season 9-12)
  • A Starz Company (season 13)
  • A Waterman Entertainment Company (Silo Wilo Strikes Back, season 14-)

Credits used in Planetokio Edit

  • Film Roman, Inc. (entire series)
  • A Starz Media Company (Planetokio Rule!)

Credits used in Ice Age Edit

  • Film Roman, Inc. (Ice Age Adventures, 2003-2004)
  • A Starz Company (Ice Age: The Series, season 1-4)
  • A Waterman Entertainment Company (Ice Age: The Series, season 5-)

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