Animation producer

Michael Wolf

Animation executive producer

John Hyde

Animation produced by

DPS Film Roman

Main title by

Kevin McLeod

Score by

James L. Venable

Casting and recording director

Colette Sunderman

Talent coordinator

Karie Gima Pham

Recording engineer

Robert Serda


Mark Seymour

Lee Harting


Kenny Micka

Sound supervisor

Bobby Mackston

Animation line producer

Shareena Carlson

Animation production manager

Haven Alexander

Post production supervisor

Michael Branch

Animation production coordinator

Seranie A. Manoogian

Assistant to Craig McCracken

Jessica Jarrett

Assistant to Geo G.

Tim Croston

Assistants to producers

Dave Boucher

Dan Fybel

Jerem Hutcheson

Randy Kubaszak

Ward Rackley

Elania Satti

Clarissa Shepard

Writer's assistants

Jennifer Barrow

Jeff Brawnstein

Dialogue editor

Jim Hearn

Music editors

Eric Freeman

Roy Braverman

Sound effects editors

Tom Syslo

Matt Temple

Re-recording mixers

Timothy J. Borquez

Eric Freeman

Jeremy Peirson

Joe Barnett

Mathew Waters

Recording mixer

Ronald Cox

Script supervisor

Diane Newman

Post production facility

Laser Pacific

Post production audio facilities

Hacienda Post

Todd-AO Studios West

Presented in

Dolby Surround

Overseas animation director

Philippe Angeles

Overseas production by

Wang Film Productions

Supervising animation directors: Wang

Bunis Yang

Jack Yen

Animation directors: Wang

Kirk Lin

Alice Ho

Andrew Hiseh

Mori Lee

Elton Lee

Layouts: Wang

York Lin

Animators: Wang

Marian Lin

Woan Tsai

Rita Lao

Yoyo Chang

Emma Chen

Meeshin Chen

Taylor Lu

Ozzy Hsu

Kelly Chen

Orson Yuan

Lily Lin

John Chu

Art supervisor

Vincent Liu

3D effects

Rick Lin

Tina Chen

Hiung Chen

Pinshen Lin

Glass Ball/Film Roman Edit

Animation producers

Malisa Carsoelli

Stephanie Elliott

Loren Smith

Art director

Craig Kellman

Supervising animation directors

Oliver Callahan

Joanna Romersa

Animation directors

Robert Alvarez

John Rice

Animation timers

Younghee Higa

Richard Gasparian

Storyboard consultants

Paul Rudish

Clay Morrow


Jack Shih

Chris Battle

Dan Krall

Storyboard clean-up

Nate Cash

Character design supervisor

Iwao Takamoto

Lead character designer

Chris Battle

Character designers

Andy Suriano

James McDermontt

Craig McCracken

Craig Kellman

Andy Bialk

Lynne Naylor-Reccardi

Model clean-up

Dana Jo Granger

Cathlin Hidalgo

Background design supervisors

Dan Krall

Todd Fredriksen

Background designers

Cesar Magsombol

Cynthia Ignacio

Enzo Baldi

Justin Thompson

Alantida Dustin

Lead prop designers

Chris Battle

Melinda Leasure

Prop designer

Dusty Abell

Color keys design

Paul Felter

Mike Guerena

Kristen Keeves

Color stylists

Leticia Lacy

Roger Webb


Silver Green

Martin Crossley

Animation layout artists

Brenda Banks

Jerry Langford

Greg Lovell

Brad Forbush

Jeff Rebner

Paul Scarlata

Kyung S. Shin

Background layout artists

Chad Cooper

Scott Uehara

Animation checkers

Esther Lee

Jan Browning

Susan Burke

Retake director

Matt Engstrom

Retake layout

Glenn Dion

Animatic supervisor

Davrick Waltjen

Animatic editor

Heather Hay

Animatic layoff

Mechele Boyett

Felix Sanchez

Animation camera

Steve Ingram

Ink-and-Paint supervisor

Geno DuBois


Eric Nordberg

Bill Ohanesian

Lip sync

Acacia Caputo

Track reading

Vulture Films

Production supervisors

Toshi Hiruma

Howard Schwartz

Athena Christianakis

Maria Womack

Production coordinators

Jackie Buscarino

Carolyn Shaushkin

Production accountant

Sandra Contreras

Production assistants

Roby Brown

Sam Garcia

Cory Gustke

Post production supervisors

Jeff Curtis

Scott Setterberg

Post production assistant

Joe Sandusky

Assistant film editor

Louis Russell

Telecine/Color correction

Matchframe Video

Mickey Rodriguez

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