The relationship between Gabriel Garza and Hiro Hamada is a recurring theme on the MYCUN franchise. They are often called best friends and partners since MYCUN 2.

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  • Gabriel: We don't need those because we have pizza boxes. Pizza boxes? Did you do this, Hiro?
    Hiro: Yes, I bought pizza from MYCUN Pizza so you could celebrate when you guys escaped.
    Gabriel: You're awesome, Hiro.

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Trivia Edit

  • Gabriel and Hiro have shown a strong resemblance in each other film such as:
    • Both have companions who followed the hero around throughout the whole film.
    • Both have companions (Baymax for Hiro) and (Roge for Gabriel) who served as protection and deuteragonists.
    • Both Gabriel and Hiro had films (Big Hero 6 and Gabriel and the Wacky Pack 2) that were released in November 2014.
    • Both of the heroes are young.
    • Both are intelligent.
    • Both are students.
    • Both love their family and friends.
    • They both were designed by Jin Kim.
    • Both appear in the MYCUN series.
    • Both were originally from a comic book series.
    • Both had brown eyes.
  • However, there are some differences between Gabriel and Hiro, such as:
    • Gabriel wears glasses, while Hiro does not.
    • Hiro is a superhero and inventor, while Gabriel is just an ordinary student but hero.
    • Hiro Hamada is owned by Disney; whilst Gabriel Garza is owned by Universal Studios through its animation subsidiary Geo LTD. Animation.
    • Gabriel is created by Geo G., while Hiro is not.