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Here are the quotes from Gabriel and the Wacky Pack.

Roge: (holding his walkie-talkie) Gabriel, my guys and I are going to check out the attic with my walkie-talkie. Wanna come along?

Gabriel: No because I haven't been up the attic for a long, long time ago, but I don't know how to get up that place.

Roge: Well, maybe you should try getting up the attic.

Gabriel: Well, someday... but I can't do it today.

Roge: Oh, okay. (to Leno, Cole and some of the lars) Come on, guys.

Leno: What about Gabriel?

Roge: He's not coming with us.

Roge: Okay, boys, that's the spot!

Leno: Alright, hold still, Roge.

Roge: I would like it to call it... "cell tower surfing."

Leno: "Cell tower surfing", huh? It kinda not makes sense a little.

Roge: No, it DOES makes sense!

Cole: Are you sure this is very safe?

Roge: It's very, very safe! At least Gabriel is not here.

Cole: Hey, did we get a camera to take the picture?

Roge: Yeah. (holds a camera and head it to one of the two lars Ted) Here, Ted, take this. Okay, everybody say "eggs!"

All in a surfboard: Eggs! (Ted then takes the picture of them on a surfboard)

Leno: (watching little girls on Sprout on TV at Christine's room) How I hate Kirls... there are so many reasons why I hate Kirls.

Cole: What the heck is "Kirls"?

Leno: It means "real life little girls with no boys in advertisements and other stuffs for boys and girls."

Cole: Okay, why do you hate it?

Leno: Because... because... because I said so!

Cole: Actually, give me a REAL reason.

Leno: I'm not telling you. It's a secret.

Cole: (begged and pleated) Please...?

Leno: (groans) Okay, alright... but it's a long story. (starts the story) I'm a boy and I love girls, including little girls, women and ladies of course, but I hate it when some people call me a girl because I wear this weird-looking shirt. Also, I had a boy's hair. (takes off his ski to show his hair)

Cole: I already see that before.

Leno: Yeah, I know. (puts back his ski on and continues the story) So I was saying...

Cole: Roge! I want to be very brave instead of being afraid of scary things when I get very bigger like our brother Loy!

Roge: I hope so. (thinks) Someday... someday... (then Gabriel arrives and Roge turned around at him) Oh, hi, Gabriel.

Gabriel: Whar are you guys talking about?

Roge and Cole: Nothing.

Gabriel: I see.

Roge: Ben! Jack! Bill! (then three Lars appear) You guys had to clean up this mess!

Ben: Huh? Pess? Clean up pess?

Bill: Nah. Clean pess.

Ben: Pess.

Jack: (laughs) Pessy!

Gabriel: (to Ben, Jack and Bill) Hey! Hey! Hey! Mess!

Ben: Pess, pess, pess.

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