Gabriel and the Wacky Pack is the original score album from the 2011 Geo LTD. Animation film of the same name composed by Heitor Pereira. It was released on November 15, 2011 through Geo LTD. Records.

The soundtrack also includes an original song contributed to the film by Robin Thicke.

Track listingEdit

All music composed by Heitor Pereira (except "Life of Myself").

No. Title Length
1. "Life of Myself" (performed by Robin Thicke) 5:14
2. "Surf's Up"
3. "A Big Meeting"
4. "Having Fun"
5. "The New (Imaginary) Girl"
6. "Roge and Loy"
7. "Tired"
8. "Gabriel To School"
9. "Gabriel Calls Dad"
10. "Blues Again"
11. "Gabriel Talks to Mom"
12. "Spooky Attic"
13. "Nancy"
14. "Gabriel Is Angry"
15. "Gaby and Bella"
16. "Lar Pool Party"
17. "Giving Kratos To Nicholas"
18. "2 Game Boy Colors on eBay, 1 Boy"
19. "The Wacky Ride"
20. "Another Midnight Party"
21. "Leno and Cole Sleep in the Drawers"
22. "Another Day, Yet Another Wacky Life"
23. "It's Here"
24. "No School"
25. "Roge Is Angry"
26. "Gabriel to Computer"
27. "Boring Ride"
28. "More Midnight Party Madness"
29. "Seeing Blues (and Pat)"
30. "Gabriel and Mom Argue"
31. "A Secret Revealed"
32. "The Nintendo 64"
33. "Game Night"
34. "Sad Roge"
35. "Wacky Bandit"
36. "Roge Confronts Blues"
37. "The Rescue"
38. "Roge VS. Blues"
39. "Victory"
40. "Loy Leaves"


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