Full credits for Gabriel and the Wacky Pack 2.

Opening CreditsEdit

Geo LTD. Animation

Blur Animation Workshop


Closing CreditsEdit

Directed by
Jeff Fowler

Co-Directed by
Geo G.

Written by
Geo G.
Erica Rivinoja
J. David Stem & David N. Weiss

Produced by
Teresa Cheng
Michael Wildshill
John Cohen

Executive Producers
Tim Miller
David Stinnett
Cat Chapman

Co-Executive Producers
Terry Ward
Steve Samono

Sim Evan-Jones, a.c.e.

Production Designers
Craig Kellman
Shane Prigmore

Art Directors
Geo G.
Eric Guillon

Character Designers
Geo G.
Craig Kellman
Shane Prigmore
Jin Kim

Music by
Heitor Pereira

Additional Music by
Kevin MacLeod

Computer Graphics Supervisor
Keith Lango

Computer Graphics Co-Supervisor
William Jennings

Associate Producer
Mandy Sekelsky

Production Supervisors
Dan Rice
George Schermer

Animation Director
Jason Taylor

Animation Supervisor
Marlon Nowe

Supervising Animators
Wim Bien
Remi McGill
Marlon Nowe
Davy Sabbe
Samir Patel

Supervising Crowd Animator
Barry Bobison

Character Supervisors
Modeling: Juan Solis
Surfacing: Brandon Riza
Rigging: Barrett Meeker
Characters Effects: Matt Newell
Hair & Cloth: Sid Moye
Fur: Hector Mays

Script and Recording Supervisor
Daniel Ross

Story Supervisor
Gary Hall

Set Supervisors
Modeling: Zack Cork
Surfacing: Samir Patel
Set Dressing: Duane Powell

Rough Layout Supervisor
Derron Ross

Final Layout Supervisor
Mark Borgs

Effects Animation Supervisor
Todd Perry

Global Technology Supervisor
Adam Swaab

Lighting Supervisor
Dave Wilson

Composting Supervisors
Carlos Anguiano
Amanda Powell

Stereo Supervisor
Allison Bernardi

Stereo Composting Supervisor
Tim Wallace

Pipeline Supervisor
Nicholas Russell

Head of Animation and Information Technology
Brandon Minez

Rendering Supervisor
Don Schreiter

Production Manager
Jess Riol

Supervising Sound Designer
Randy Thom

Closing Credits ScrollEdit

Character Animation and Computer Graphics Provided by
Blur Animation Workshop

Blur Animation Workshop Senior Executive
Tim Miller

Casting by
Ruth Lambert
Mary Hidalgo
Matthew Jon Beck, Associate


Gabriel Garza Zachary Gordon
Roge Geo G.
Leno E.G. Daily
Cole Nicky Jones
Loy Jake T. Austin
Lily Stampla Isla Fisher
Lester Stampla Zac Efron
Mr. Leek Rob Corddry
Christine Garza Sarah Jessica Parker
Marvin Garza Nick Offerman
Desiree Garza Ginnifer Goodwin
Roxy Frank Welker
Mrs. John Kristen Schaal
Celia Emma Thompson
Adan Freddie Benedict
Jannie Julie Lemieux
Jan Soto Jonathan Morgan Helt
Jim the Lar Jeff Fowler
Tom the Lar Jeff Fowler
Sam the Lar Jeff Fowler
Jeff the Lar Jeff Fowler
Max the Lar Jeff Fowler
Additional Lars Jeff Fowler & David Stinnett
Dark Lars Jeff Fowler & David Stinnett
Japanese Leno Ryo Hirohashi

Additional Voices

Carlos Alazraqui Zack Cork
Jack Angel Wendy Hoffman
John Cygan Craig Kellman
Elisa Gabrielli James Kevin Ward
Bob Bergen Jess Harnell
John Lavelle Tara Strong
Mona Marshall Danny Mann
Sim Evan-Jones Laraine Newman
Madeleine Curry April Winchell
Mickie McGowan Dave Wilson
Jackson Stein Yuri Lowenthal
Bill Farmer Scott Menville
Bridget Hoffman Jan Rabson
Geo G. Jeff Fowler
David Stinnett Michael Wildshill
David Cowgill Eva Bella


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