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Here are the quotes from Gabriel and the Wacky Pack 2.

Cole: Hi.

Lily: Well, hello there.

Cole: You look very pretty.

Lily: Thank you. That's okay.

Cole: And so nice! (then Leno appears knocking him over)

Leno: Get out of my way, you jerk. (then talks to Lily) Uh... he's one of my friends.

Cole: (on the floor) That's very rude, Leno! I'm gonna tell Roge!

Leno: (to Cole) Or don't tell him, or I will get in trouble for doing that.

Loy: Behold... the PhotoReal 2000!

Leno: The what?

Loy: The PhotoReal 2000.

Roge: That's nice. What does it do?

Loy: It can take any object, and transform it into the real thing. Let me show you how it works. (then he pulls out a picture of a bird and puts it on the PhotoReal 2000 and starts up the machine and a ding is heard and a bird comes out of the machine)

Leno: Cool!

Lily: Hey, Gabe! Whatcha doin'?

Gabriel: Just doing some stuff on my laptop.

Lily: What stuff?

Gabriel: Drawing, going on the internet, saving pictures, download some stuff, things like that. And what are YOU doing?

Lily: Just checking you.

Roge: Checking what?

Lily: (to Roge) To the boy. Well, I gonna dash! (quickly runs with smoke and now she's gone)

Roge: That darn lady!

Cole: She's a girl!

Roge: Oh. Right. Got it.

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