The following is a list of DVD and VHS releases of Geo: The Animated Series.

VHS Edit

Geo: Best Buddies (March 9, 1988): Episodes 1-7, Pilot after episode 7

Geo's Fun Time (March 16, 1988): Episodes 8-14

Geo Madness (March 23, 1988): Episodes 15-21

Geo Bonanza (April 6, 1988):Episodes 22-28

Geo's Super Party (April 20, 1988):Episodes 29-35

Geo Goes Wild! (June 1, 1988): 36-42, Final Volume

DVD Edit

CBS run Edit

In 1999, it was announced that Geo: The Animated Series would see a release on DVD beginning in 2001. However, Geo G. himself stated that the original episodes (1985-1990) would be remastered for DVD, delaying the release to June 2002. The first two seasons were released on June 23, 2002, while the third and fourth were released on September 13, and season 5 was released that November 15.

Syndicated/USA Network run Edit

After seeing the sales for the original five season were good enough, it was announced that seasons 6-10 will see a release "possibly between 2003/2004". The 6th season was announced for a April 13, 2003 release, but was delayed to July 15, 2003 for "restoration reasons". Seasons 7 and 8 were released on October 8, 2003, and 9 and 10 were released on December 12, 2003.

Fox Kids run Edit

Geo G. stated that in 2004, the series would be finished on DVD "so you fans can complete your collection". The final five seasons were released on January 15th (11 & 12) and April 9th (13, 14 & 15). Geo even stated that these episodes were quicker to release on DVD, as they were recent and didn't need any restoration.

Webisodes Edit

Geo stated that the series was far from over; there still was the twelve webisodes from 2000. Those were released in June 18, 2004.

Complete series set Edit

Geo finally stated, with the whole series (and the twelve webisodes) on DVD, it would be necessary to release a complete series set. Released on November 18, 2004 (and priced at $9.99), the set was an easy way to have all 276 episodes without wasting shelf space.

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