The following is a transcript to the 2013 animated reboot to the Geo series, Geo.

Part 1: OpeningEdit

(Shows Universal Pictures logo)

(Shows Geo LTD. Animation logo)

(Shows a blue sky)

Text: GEO LTD. ANIMATION presents


(Pans down to a village full of creatures happily living their lives. Geo and Reo's parents wave sweetly as baby Geo and baby Reo climb down. Suddenly, a horn is heard that they are in danger.)

Creature Guard: They're back! Gree and his henchmen are back! Everybody run!

(The villagers run for their lives as Gree and his henchmen begin terrorizing the village. Baby Geo and Reo whimper in fear. They spot Gree and his minions a short distance away. Gree notices the children.)

Gree: Get them!

(The two henchmen, one of which is recognized as Ugly Creatures, leap at baby Geo and Reo, jaw open wide. The children's eyes widen with terror. Their father leaps in front of Baby Geo and Reo, armed with a rake. With a powerful swing, he strikes Ugly Creatures directly in the eye.)

Geo and Reo's father: Take our children and run away now!

(Geo and Reo's mother grabs her children and run away.)

More coming soon!

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