Here's the transcript for the 2015 film Geo 2.

Act I: Geo's Exterior House in BasopolisEdit

(Shows Universal Pictures logo)

(Shows Geo LTD. Animation logo)

Green Text: GEO LTD. Presents


Blue Text: A long time ago in his future far, far away....

(Shows the film's logo)


Crawl: In that film, Gree is missing. But it is a period of the near future using Geo, Reo, and Claire. So in 2067, the disgusting future versions of Geo, Reo, and Claire arrived. Neo then sleeps right in the future all far away in the near past won the first world.

Crawl: In a long suck up in a time machine to 2067, you can see awesome madness of Geo, Reo, and Claire in the future. Near her exterior in Basopolis, you see Neo at home, but she never dies, but pursed up and everything to destroy to save to control the world and near her home up in Basopolis and you see to get out of monthly time.

Crawl: To destroy the power, a evil villain named Tobo is to take over the world. Then they get up to blow in the visions of sides of Dr. One Eye, but Bob and Ralph getting out of being in the near future. You can see time to get out of me in the world of being safe of that time in the world of that time. But you get out of monthly in animation up to that home.

(Shows space background pans to Earth, and zooms toward to Basopolis, then zooms toward to Geo's house)

More coming soon!

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