Geo Adventure: The Complete Series is a compilation of platform games. It was released in 2013. It has an "unlocking" system to unlock games past the first Geo Adventure. The other games can be unlocked by completing certain objectives (10 in total) for each previous game. For example, to unlock Geo Adventure Advance, you have to beat a boss in under a minute in Geo Adventure 3, among other things.

Other Geo's World games are easter eggs which be unlocked by collecting the letters that spell out "GEOGUY" throughout all of the main games, as well as several other methods.

List of Games Edit

Easter Eggs: Coming soon!

Killing Edit

You have to "kill" a menu character in order to unlock stuff in games, though others punish you. You have to press the secondary action button, and press the main action button to "kill". The characters don't "die" but instead return to normal after you "kill" them. Killing Effects: Coming soon!

New Features in old games Edit

  • As mentioned before, you can collect letters that spell out "GeoGuy" and "Universal" in the regular games. Collecting these will result in unlocking other Geo Universal games.
  • Several glitches have been fixed. Also, the graphics for the games have been slightly updated.
Geo Adventure
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