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"Geo Ann" is the fourth episode of Season 18, it is a crossover with Cland Ann. It aired on November 11, 2015. Its considered a canon episode.

This is also the first Geo TV crossover episode since "Geotokio", a Geo TV/Planetokio crossover episode from Season 6.


When Lioose made a portal machine, Cland Ann and Japper McJapps accidentally get sucked into Geoville. So they team up with Geo Guy and his friends to head back home.


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Geo TV and Cland Ann were both created by Geo G. There are several cast and crew members who have been on both shows, notably Tress MacNeille as various voices, Tom Kenny who voiced Panza in all but one of his appearances and Michael Gough, Jim Cummings, Hynden Walch, and Maurice LaMarche as various voices again. Max Casella previously appeared as Japper McJapps in the episode "Key-Movie", "Gamers in Time" and "North by Pole" whilst Jason Marsden appeared as Cland Ann in "Gamers in Time" and "North by Pole."

The recording started on May 25, 2015.

Comic-Con AnnouncementEdit

The episode was officially announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. Executive producer Henri Dosclz stated that the cast of Cland Ann would guest star and it would either air as the season 17 finale or the season 18 premiere however this was faulty as season 17 was ended by "Type F-A-S-T" and the premiere was "My Poor Rico." Also, this was the first episode of the eighteenth production season.


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