Geo Got the Groove is a 2012 computer animated short film directed by Todd Perry, written by Al Shier and Jeff Fowler and produced by Cat Chapman, Remi McGill, Mandy Sekelsky, Tim Miller, Wim Bien and Jeff Fowler. The short film was released on December 5, 2012, with Geo LTD. Animation's Zane the Cool Kid. It stars James Arnold Taylor as Geo Jones and Jason Marsden as Reo Jones. The short follows Geo and Reo finding a treasure. This is the first Geo short film since The Pigeon of Doom in 2005 and the first Geo short film and the first Geo animation to be animated in CGI.

Plot Edit

Geo and Reo are looking for treasure, while they got the groove.

Cast Edit

Release Edit

It was released alongside Zane the Cool Kid on December 5, 2012. It was created as early promotion for Geo (2013).

Home media Edit

It was later released on the Zane the Cool Kid DVD and Blu-ray as a special feature.

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