George GoGo Conner, best known by his nickname Geo Guy, is one of the protagonists of Geo TV and Geo Universal. Geo Guy has appeared in every episode of Geo TV to date, except "Misjudgment Day" but was mentioned. Geo Guy is a 13-year-old boy who lives at Geoville. He likes to think of good schemes, along with his friends Rico and Eis. He is voiced by Geo G.


Early life

Geo Guy was born on November 29, 1986 to his parents Liz and Tom Conner in Geoville. When he was 2 years old, he began to say one of his first words "Gee golly!"

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Personality and traits

Geo Guy is funny, kind, friendly, smart, outgoing, independent, nice, caring, brave, selfless, compassionate, confident, and full of understanding. He appears to be popular among the other students at Geoville Middle School.

Physical appearance


Geo Guy as a human, seen in the episode "Humans, Yet Again"

Like everyone else, Geo Guy has white skin, black thin pants and black shoes. He wears a white shirt, matching his skin.

When he was a real human, he has white hair and a white long shirt.

Character Development

American version

The first conceptions of Geo Guy date back to 1964, while waiting in the lobby of producer Terry Ward's office. Geo had been working on a character design of Geo Guy.

The character, dubbed "Neo Guy" was to be announced in May 1967. "Neo Guy" was originally planned to be a stickman, but Geo said The character doesn't want to be a stick figure. By the end of 1969, Geo and Ward reached a deal where by "Neo Guy" was removed becoming "Geo Guy", because "Geo" is Geo's favorite word. Geo Guy was originally going to be aged 11-year old, but Geo G. moved up to next age.

Japanese version

In 1977, Geo G. first met Presutable Woard in Japan. He said to him he wanted to make a Japanese version of Geo Guy (ジオガイ).

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Voice Actors

Name Language Voice actor
Geo Guy English Geo G.
ジオガイ (Jiogai) Japanese Sachi Matsumoto

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Geo Guy appears in nearly every episode of Geo TV. The only episode he does not appear is "Misjudgment Day". However, he was mentioned.

Appearances in other media

Geo Guy appeared in MYCUN as a minor character, where he is Gabriel Garza's "forgotten imaginary friend", living inside the cave of the MYCUN Mountain as his shelter.


  • Geo Guy was originally supposed to have fingerless gloves, but they were removed.
  • Geo Guy's design is different in Japan, as he was made to look cute.


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