Season 1 is the inaugural season of Geo TV. Originally airing from December 20, 1998 with the series premiere, “The Geo Life,” to May 16, 1999 with “There's No Deaths Like Geo Guy”, the series debuted as the new animated television series from Fox.

All 13 episodes of Season 1, including extras such as the early pitch reel from 1997, were released on DVD on September 25, 2003 in Region 1 and September 24, 2003 in Regions 2 and 4. After receiving many praises, the creators decided to launch more seasons.


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Title Directed by Written by Storyboard artists Original air date Production
1 1 "The Geo Life" Terry Ward & Steve Samono Geo G. Craig Kellman (uncredited) & Peter Avanzino December 20, 1998 1ACB01
Geo Guy, Rico, and Eis tell Mr. God how he made them safe.
2 2 "Little Bit of the Men" Peter Avanzino Ken Keeler Vincent Waller & Craig McCracken January 16, 1999
Geo Guy and his gang met a new student named Ulises who was friendly at first, but afterwards he became evil since he copied Geo Guy's life and stuff.
3 3 "S.T.A.R.Y." Rob Renzetti Kit Boss Dave Filoni, Lauren MacMullen & Vincent Waller January 23, 1999
Geo Guy is signed up for a sports team club called S.T.A.R.Y. (Smartest Teens Are Really Youngsters).
"Jea's in Love with the Boy" January 31, 1999 1ACB05 4 - 4
Geo Guy gets enraged when he hears that Jea is going to the prom with a 7th grade student named William Randall and asked her before Geo Guy did. Geo Guy and Rico form a new plan to get Jea back from William. It later turns out that William had been drinking and Jea breaks up with him before she reunites with Geo Guy.
"Woozy Meets Mr. God" February 7, 1999 1ACB07 5 - 5
When Rico's pet penguin Woozy gets hit by a car, he goes to heaven to see Mr. God where Woozy messes around Mr. God's home.
"Race for Your Life, Rico" February 14, 1999 1ACB06 6 - 6
Rico gets signed up for a race tournament. Meanwhile, Lioose makes a recolored Geo Guy, named Magic-Geo Guy.
"Eis on the Revenge" February 21, 1999 1ACB09 7 - 7
Eis gets busted at school for doing something wrong at the boys' bathroom, and he gets a really weird dream at night.
"The Beanie" February 28, 1999 1ACB08 8 - 8
Geo Guy wants to order an official Jolly O's beanie, but he had to send in four box "Proof of Purchase Seals" to get it, and now Geo Guy ate enough boxes of cereal to get all the "Proof of Purchase Seals" he needed. Geo Guy waited for six weeks to get the beanie. When he got it, everyone makes fun of him at school. Then Geo Guy tells his mom that the beanie "doesn't fit for him."
"Geo Guy and the Time Paradox" March 28, 1999 1ACB11 9 - 9
Geo Guy travels time when Lioose invented a time machine. Meanwhile, Rico and Eis look for Geo Guy after he's gone.
"Mr. God Misspells 'Ever'" April 4, 1999 1ACB10 10 - 10
Mr. God is always terrible at spelling, such as misspelling "ever" as "evar."
"Baby Geowie Goes on a Trip" April 11, 1999 1ACB13 11 - 11
Geo Guy babysits his nephew, Baby Geowie when one of his brothers were gone. However, Geowie somehow ran away from home. Geo Guy teams up with Rico, Eis, and Jea to find Geowie.
"The Box of Jea" April 25, 1999 1ACB12 12 - 12
When Jea gets stressed out from her dad's bossiness, she escapes into a box that takes her to a fantasy and imaginary world. It's up to Geo Guy, Rico, and Eis to bring Jea back...but how?
"There's No Deaths Like Geo Guy" May 16, 1999 1ACB04 13 - 13
When Geo Guy's parents were off on vacation until tomorrow night, Geo Guy spends his day alone watching some horror movies such as Scream and The Exorcist at 2 AM at midnight. Suddenly, Geo Guy hears something from the doorbell and now he's waiting to die by the hand of a homicidal devil-witch at any moment.


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