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Greenuts was the first short film produced by the newly formed Lix Animation Digital. It released on November 24, 1990.

The short was re-issued in 1993 and shown before screenings of Greenuts film.


The short film focuses on two characters that are a shiny block named Cube and his friend named BallCone. They are looking for a camera, but they find a hidden door in a real world. Cube and BallCone both get sucked into the real world and got stuck on the tar pit. Cube and BallCone both jump to get to the cliff of the mountain, and were free from the tar. Cube and BallCone went to the EvilCam headquarters, home of the most evil villanous camera with red lens known as The Evil Camera. They saw him and need to kill The Camera Clones. After Cube and BallCone defeated and stinged out The Evil Camera and his Clones, he got crushed by Cube's fist and died. They got a coin "WAIT AN AMMO ON THE COIN" and enters back into their world.



Color by DeLuxe®
Presented in Dolby Stereo

Produced and Distributed on
Eastman Color Film

MPAA No.47336887

MPAA logo

Copyright: © 1990 by Lix Animation Digital, Ltd.
All rights reserved.


Greenuts was made and produced by Lix Animation Digital. The short film was directed by Jake Sharatt and produced by Jake Sharratt and Nina Rappaport. It was released on November 24, 1990.

The short was released in August 1991 with US theatrical showings of Felix the Cat: The Movie, and two years later with Greenuts on November 12, 1993.


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A sequel, Greenuts: The Second Short was released on July 6, 2011.