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iQue, Ltd. (simplified Chinese: 神游科技; traditional Chinese: 神遊科技; pinyin: Shényóu Kējì) is a Chinese company located in Suzhou. It was founded as a joint venture between Wei Yen and Nintendo in 2002. As of 2013, it is a 100% Nintendo-owned subsidiary. iQue also makes the iQue Player, which was the company's first product. The company manufactures and distributes official Nintendo consoles and games for the mainland Chinese market, under the iQue brand.

Currently, iQue only releases portable Nintendo games for iQue 3DS XL, DS, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP. The iQue Player is the only home console available from the company in China. There were plans to release the GameCube in all of China but when Satoru Iwata officially announced the release date for it on 28 October 2007 they said it would only be available in Hong Kong, under the Nintendo brand. The Nintendo DSi was released in China in December 2009 as iQue DSi. The Nintendo 3DS XL was released in China as iQue 3DS XL in December 2012.

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