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In the Rough is a 2004 computer-animated short produced by Blur Studio and written and directed by Paul Taylor. The short film stars Brog, a caveman who struggles to survive in the jungle after he is kicked out of his wife Oola's house. It was Blur Studio's fifth animated short film.


It isn't a really good day in the life of caveman Brog. His wife Oola has just thrown out most of his stuff. Apparently she wants a tidy cave. But Brog isn't ready to part from his belongings yet. He is especially attached to his mysterious stone which he uses for hunting. This day he isn't very lucky however. With an empty stomach and soaked by rain, he returns home. Close to his, he hears Oola screaming. The cave is under attack by a vicious bear. Brog doesn't hesitate a moment.



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Blur Studio - In the Rough (High Quality)05:00

Blur Studio - In the Rough (High Quality)

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