Jeanpierre is a altered chimpanzee at the San Bruno Primate Shelter outside San Francisco. Jeanpierre was the chimpanzee in the cage next to Caesar in the same row. Like most of the apes at the sanctuary, he had been cruelly mistreated by Dodge Landon. He was shot at by John Landon with a tranquillizer gun and was shipped to Gen-Sys Laboratories for the revised ALZ-112 therapy - the ALZ-113 trials. Jeanpierre was one of the caged apes during the Gen-Sys Laboratories escape led by Caesar, Maurice and Rocket. During the Golden Gate Bridge battle, he was on the high-wire supports led by Koba, and lived to reach the redwoods at the Muir Woods Park.

Notes Edit

  • Jeanpierre's name was shown on his info box when the apes at the San Bruno Primate Shelter were fired up as Dodge introduced Caesar.
  • His appearance is known because of his shot in the second trailer for the film.
  • It is possible that his name could be inspired by French author Pierre Boulle, who wrote the original novel.


  • It is currently unknown if Jeanpierre appeared in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or MYCUN. It is also unknown if he will appear in MYCUN 2.