Lucky was a chimpanzee held at the San Bruno Primate Shelter with Caesar. When testing of Dr. Will Rodman's new "ALZ-113" drug began at Gen-Sys Laboratories on an initial ten chimpanzee test subjects (which included Koba), further chimpanzees were acquired from the San Bruno Primate Shelter, including Lucky and - later still - Cornelia. Their eventual fate is unknown, although it is likely they were still alive when Caesar freed the lab apes.


  • An earlier version of the script named Lucky among the first batch of apes at the Gen-Sys Laboratories with Bright Eyes, Caesar's mother. Felix, Bam Bam and Monty were other inmates, with Lucky the ape who goes on a rampage and is shot by a guard named Len (or "Guard #1"), rather than Bright Eyes (as in the movie).


  • It is unclear if Lucky appeared in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or MYCUN. It is also unclear if he will appear in MYCUN 2 or not.