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Red Puckett: I'm 15 years old, i'm not a child anymore!

Carrie Underwood: Nobody can stop me for ruling the whole universe!

Gabriel Garza: My whole real life is very difficult. But in my imaginary world, it's better. (NOTE: This quote was only heard in the film's second trailer.)

[Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy and the Lars appear from a portal]
Roge: Gabriel, I told you to stay home until your dad comes home!
Gabriel: Sorry, guys. I have busy things to do, in my own world. Go home!
Leno: Gabriel, isn't that one of your favorite movie guys in the background?
Gabriel: Yes! Just go!
Cole: I thought we can hang out with you and your other guys in your place!
Gabriel: Sorry, but someday.
Roge: Okay, goodbye. We'll miss you, Gabriel.
[Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy and the Lars leave]

Gabriel: Guys, we're gonna escape.
Dave: Whaaat??
The MYCUNs: What are you saying?
Gabriel: We're gonna escape from Carrie Underwood's lair.
Toon Link: How do we do that, Gabriel?
Gabriel: Well guys, just come on, come with me, follow my lead, and just go along. Okay?
The MYCUNs: Okay!
Gabriel: Good.

Gabriel: We did it... sorta...
Norman Babcock: Hey! We didn't even defeated them!
Gabriel: So what? We only escaped.

Norbert: (sarcastic) Perhaps, that fantastic Underwood delayed the teleporting time.
Hiro: It's not everyday that you hear Norbert talk about complex things like science.
Baymax: Hiro, Norbert just got his new brain today so it will probably actually be everyday.
Bob: (speaking Minionese) Toca... blown!

Gabriel: There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home! (NOTE: This quote was only heard in one of the film's deleted scenes.)