The following is a transcript of the 2015 film MYCUN.

Part 1: OpeningEdit

(Shows Universal Pictures logo)

(Shows YouTube Red logo)

(Shows [MYCUN] Studios logo)

(Shows VerniX Animation Studios logo)

(Shows Glass Ball Productions logo)

(Fades to a stage)

(Gabriel Garza steps onto the stage in front of a large curtain and addresses the camera.)

Gabriel Garza: (clears his throat) Hello, everyone. My name is Gabriel, Gabriel Garza. You know, Carrie Underwood is one of the most popular and beautiful country superstars of all time. Unfortunately, my opinion is that I hate Carrie Underwood. You know why? Well, it's because she is one of the worst singers in the world. Nearly everyone loves her but me! She made beautiful, but way too horrible songs such as "Blown Away", "Good Girl", "Before He Cheats", "Something in the Water", "Little Toy Gun", "Jesus, Take the Wheel", and more. And also, Carrie Underwood doesn't even read the Bible or actually meet God and his son, Jesus Christ. You think she's a beautiful woman, right? Well, wrong! She's just a mortal person. But in this movie, it's gonna be sweet. It's about me, the Minions, Red Puckett, Toon Link, Hiro Hamada, and Ico going on an adventure to fight against Carrie Underwood. But you must know, if you were a Carrie Underwood fan, maybe you should get tickets to a Carrie Underwood concert instead of watching the movie. Oh, and by the way, if you're a MYCUN fan, then you've come to the right place. Welcome to our movie that you, MYCUN fans, were about to see, MYCUN. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the movie.

(Gabriel walks off as the curtain opens, revealing a blue sky.)



Text: in association with GLASS BALL PRODUCTIONS

(The word "[MYCUN]" comes out of the clouds a la The Simpsons, and suddenly the logo breaks in half)

(Pans down to Gabriel's new house (from Gabriel and the Wacky Pack 2) in Pennsylvania, USA)

Text: Pennsylvania

(Cuts to Gabriel's new room with Gabriel on his computer with Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy, and the Lars)

Gabriel: (sighs) I'm so bored.

Roge: Me too.

Leno: Me three.

Cole: Me four.

Gabriel: Guys, let's do something fun so we won't get bored again, but first, I'm gonna check how many days until Christmas. (checks the calendar) Today's Tuesday the 22nd, which means only 3 more days left until Christmas.

The Wacky Pack: Yay!

Cole: Gabriel, what are we going to do something fun?

(Gabriel starts to think of something)

Gabriel: Hmm... let's see... Oh, I know! How about we play Super Mario Maker on the Wii U!

Roge: Sounds good to me.

(Gabriel sets up his Wii U, but a message from his nemesis, Carrie Underwood, appeared on his computer)

Carrie Underwood: Hello, Gabriel Garza.

(Gabriel turns around to his computer and gets a shocked expression on his face)

Gabriel: (angry) Carrie Underwood. How did you know me? What do you want from me? And how did you hack into my computer? Wait a minute, WHY did you hack into my computer?

Carrie Underwood: I hacked your computer because I know where you live. Now listen, Gabriel Garza. I'm telling you something. I will be taking over the world.

(Gabriel gasps)

Carrie Underwood: I mean, your imaginary world or something.

Gabriel: Phew!

Carrie Underwood: I had hired the people you hated and some people you never heard of, I hired Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Kelly Clarkson, Barney the Purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dora the Explorer, Boots the Monkey, Caillou, Chae Cook, Peppa Pig, the cast of Mother Goose Club, Annie, Ben, and Mango from HooplaKidz, and my boyfriend Justin Bieber as my henchmen to take over any worlds from your favorite movies and games, including the Hoodwinked! universe, the Despicable Me universe, The Legend of Zelda universe, the Ico universe, the Coraline universe, the ParaNorman universe, the Big Hero 6 universe, and last, but not least, your imaginary world. Oh, before planning on taking over your worlds from favorite movies and games, and your imaginary world, my friends and I build my secret lair/building called Wooden Underwood Enterprises at the desert in your world.

(Gabriel gets very shocked)

Carrie Underwood: (off-screen) Aw! What's the matter, Gabriel?

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood on Gabriel's computer)

Carrie Underwood: Are you gonna cry like a baby? Yeah? Are you gonna go to your parents and start acting like a spoiled brat like Caillou? Can you tell your parents that you want milk and cookies, and do you want to destroy me? Huh? Huh? Well then, if you're going to defeat me and my minions, then you're gonna have to come and catch me first, you double-straight moron! So long, sucker!

(Carrie Underwood blows raspberries at Gabriel, turns off her computer, and cuts back to Gabriel's desktop)

Cole: Gabriel, what's happening? What's going on? What's Carrie Underwood doing?

Gabriel: My imaginary world is in danger! And I can't believe that Carrie Underwood is going to destroy my world! (to Loy) Loy, did you have the magic portal to my world?

Loy: Well, yes. (pulls out his magic portal under Gabriel's bed and turns it on) This magic portal will take you to some other worlds beside your imaginary world, which includes your very own workshop, the Hoodwinked! universe, the Despicable Me universe, you name it.

Gabriel: Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know these worlds.

Roge: Can we go with you, Gabriel?

Gabriel: (to the Wacky Pack) No. I had to be very brave without you guys.

The Wacky Pack and the Lars: Awww...

Gabriel: Goodbye, guys! I'll see you later! (enters the portal)

Part 2: Saving Red/Gabriel's WorkshopEdit

(cuts to the Hoodwinked! universe)

(pans down to the Big Bad Forest where we see Red, Wolf, and Twitchy heading home)

Red Puckett: (smells the air) Ah, guys. What a day. What a life.

Wolf W. Wolf: It would be if we didn't have to go to the Happily Ever After Agency.

Twitchy the Squirrel: Me too!

Red Puckett: Isn't just a great day, huh, guys? (looks at a huge vehicle) Uh, what is that thing?

Carrie Underwood: (over the microphone) Citizens of the Big Bad Forest, may I have your attention, please.

Red Puckett: I wonder what's going on.

Wolf W. Wolf: Maybe a bad guy plans to destroy us, or something... I don't know.

Red Puckett: (to Wolf) I heard a lady on the microphone so it's a female villain.

Carrie Underwood: (over the microphone) From now on, me, Carrie Underwood, and my minions will rule this world and other worlds! (evil laugh) MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Now prepare to die!

(suddenly the large tube on top of the vehicle extends itself above the Forest Animals. It begins sucking the Forest Animals into it.)

(cuts back to Red with a shocked expression on her face and helps Wolf and Twitchy to hide behind one of the trees)

Red Puckett: That lady can't do that to people!

(Granny arrives to talk to Red what's happening)

Granny Puckett: Red, what's going on? What's this lady doing?

Red Puckett: I don't know, Granny. But whatever you do, don't let the lady kill you!

Granny Puckett: I'm trying not to. Why?

Red Puckett: (points at the vehicle sucking the Forest Animals into it) That's why.

Forest Animal #1: (getting chased by the vehicle) AHHHHHHHHHH!!! HELP ME!!!

Granny Puckett: (shocked) Oh no! That's terrible! What are we going to do?!

(a portal appears and Gabriel comes out of it)

Red Puckett: (off-screen) Who were you?

Gabriel: Quick! Through to the portal!

Red Puckett: Wait! What about Granny and my friends?

Gabriel: You can only help by coming to me to my workshop! Now!

Red Puckett: (to Granny, Wolf, and Twitchy) Well, goodbye, guys.

Granny Puckett: We'll miss you, Red! Be careful!

(Gabriel and Red Puckett go through the portal)

(cuts back to Granny, Wolf, and Twitchy)

Granny Puckett: So now what?

(the large tube appears and Granny, Wolf, and Twitchy get sucked into it)

Granny, Wolf, and Twitchy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(the large tube sucks the screen and wipes to Gabriel's workshop)

(Red gets out of the portal)

Gabriel: Hello there. My name is Gabriel Garza. You must be the little girl who is the star from Hoodwinked! and Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, and welcome to my workshop. Believe me, I'm your friend.

Red: I'm 15 years old, I'm not a child anymore! (looks at Gabriel's workshop) Wow! This place is amazing! This is like the weirdest afternoon that I had since... Well, last Monday.

Gabriel: Hey, you had the same age as I am! Oh, I hired some of people from other worlds in my workshop, just like headquarters here.

Red: How could we need headquarters?

(Gru and his Minions from the Despicable Me series arrive)

Gru: We're all under attack! My home, Coraline's home, Ico's home, Norman's home is Blithe Hollow, Toon Link's home is Outset Island...

(Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 arrives)

Hiro Hamada: And even San Fransokyo!

(Ico, Yorda, Coraline Jones, Norman Babcock, Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast, and Baymax all arrived at Gabriel's Workshop)

Ico: All of us are helping Gabriel as our leader and boss!

Red: Well, hi, guys. If you guys don't remember me, I'm Red Puckett, the main character of the Hoodwinked franchise. I used to work as a delivery girl for Granny Puckett's Goodies. I get very irritated and angered when I'm insulted of being a "little girl" or when someone insults my grandmother.

Hiro: Red, my name is Hiro Hamada, and this is Baymax, Tadashi's latest creation.

Baymax: Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. I'm one of Hiro's friends, and also a friend of my creator Tadashi.

Gabriel: Let's take a tour about how Carrie Underwood destroying the worlds, shall we?

(Gabriel and his favorite characters go on a computer with a large screen)

Gabriel: It all started when I just saw Carrie Underwood appearing on my computer at home in real life and I hired some of my favorite characters like you guys except for Red Puckett to help me defeat Carrie Underwood and her henchmen. Carrie Underwood hired some of the bad characters that I hated, including...

(the screen shows a picture of Miranda Lambert)

Gabriel: Miranda Lambert...

(the screen shows a picture of Brad Paisley)

Gabriel: Brad Paisley...

(the screen shows a picture of Kelly Clarkson)

Gabriel: Kelly Clarkson...

(the screen shows a picture of Barney the Dinosaur)

Gabriel: Barney the Purple Dinosaur...

(the screen shows a picture of Dora the Explorer)

Gabriel: Dora the Explorer...

(the screen shows a picture of Boots the Monkey)

Gabriel: Boots the Monkey...

(the screen shows a picture of Caillou)

Gabriel: Caillou...

(the screen shows a picture of Chae Cook)

Gabriel: Chae Cook...

(the screen shows a picture of the cast of Mother Goose Club)

Gabriel: The characters from Mother Goose Club...

(the screen shows a picture of the cast of HooplaKidz)

Gabriel: The characters from HooplaKidz...

(the screen shows a picture of Justin Bieber)

Gabriel: ...and even Justin Bieber as her henchmen to take over any worlds. Loy built a magic portal to the other universes including this place and my imaginary world. Now we're planning to create my own team called "MYCUN", which means "MinionsYesCarrieUnderwoodNo," my YouTube channel.

Gru: That's a good name for your team. Anyway, who's Loy?

(Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy and the Lars appear from a portal)

Roge: Gabriel, I told you to stay home until your dad comes home!

Gabriel: Sorry, guys. I have busy things to do, in my own world. Go home!

Leno: Gabriel, isn't that one of your favorite movie and game guys in the background?

Gabriel: Yes! Just go!

Cole: I thought we can hang out with you and your other guys in your place!

Gabriel: Sorry, but someday.

Roge: (sad) Okay, goodbye. We'll miss you, Gabriel.

(Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy and the Lars leave)

Gru: Who were these guys?

Gabriel: These are my imaginary friends. Pay close attention after I set up the announcement that I had to make.

Homer Simpson: (off-screen) And don't forget us!

Gabriel: Huh? Who said that?

(the camera pans to Homer Simpson, Lucy Wilde, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith, and Agnes)

Homer Simpson: Me. I'm Homer Simpson.

Gabriel: Homer? Lucy? Dr. Nefario? Margo? Edith? Agnes? What are you guys doing in my workshop?

(Gru arrives)

Gru: Lucy? Dr. Nefario? Girls? What are you doing in here?

Lucy Wilde: We're here because of you, Gru.

Gabriel: So okay. (to Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes) Are your homes under attack?

Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes: Yep.

Gabriel: Have you guys started hating on Carrie Underwood?

Edith: Well, sometimes. It started with me typing about Carrie sucks.

(Cuts to Edith on Gru's computer, and she's on an answer website)

(Edith types "does Carrie Underwood suck?" and she hit an "enter" key and a text appears on the answer site)

Text-to-speech Answer Voice: No, she does not suck, you idiot! Carrie Underwood rocks! How about you suck!

(Edith becomes very angry and begins to wreck Gru's computer)

Edith: (while wrecking Gru's computer) You stupid computer! Don't you ever say that I suck again!

(Fades to a new flashback animation of Edith on her own laptop, writing "does Carrie Underwood suck?" on Cleverbot)

(Edith hits the "enter" key and another text appears on Cleverbot)

Text-to-speech Answer Voice: Yeah? She's ok, but I like Taylor Swift.

Edith: (happy) Of course, Carrie Underwood sucks! I like Taylor Swift better than Carrie Underwood. Thank you, Cleverbot.

(Fades to Gabriel in his workshop)

Gabriel: (to Homer) And how about you, Homer?

Homer: My daughter Lisa sometimes likes Carrie Underwood. For example, she enjoys watching Carrie on TV.

(Fades to the Simpsons house in Springfield)

(Cuts to the living room where Lisa Simpson is watching Carrie Underwood singing "Blown Away" on TV)

Carrie Underwood: (on TV) Blown away, blown away... She heard those sirens screaming out, her daddy laid there passed out on the couch...

(Suddenly Homer appears and turns off the TV)

Lisa: Dad! I was watching and listening to Carrie Underwood!

Homer: I don't care about that, Lisa! I hated that lady! Oh, and by the way, how dare you become a Carrie Underwood fan! That's it! You're grounded for a week! March up to your room, missy!

Lisa: Grrrrrr! I hate you! You're the worst father ever! It's not fair! I can't believe I got grounded for a stupid reason!

Homer: And guess what? I don't care about that either! Now shut up and go to your room! Or else you'll be grounded until Carrie Underwood dies!

Lisa: But-


(Lisa ran upstairs to her room, crying for the rest of her life)

(Fades to Homer in Gabriel's Workshop, drooling)

Gabriel: Okay... everyone got any other ideas?

(there's dead silence for 5 seconds)

Gabriel: No? Alright then, no one gets to share their ideas with us, or did they?

Gru: I don't know. How about you, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Well, there's a guy named Ninh Nguyen.

Gru: Who's that?

Gabriel: He's known for asking some stupid questions like 'do you hate FeardotCom?'. I got really mad that he's joining my universe. And also, I hate that movie.

Gru: Ouch.

Gabriel: Alright, then. Let's start the announcement right now! Okay?

Gru: Okay. Sure! Why not?

(Cuts to the portal and Bart Simpson comes out of it)

Bart: Ay caramba!

Part 3: The AnnouncementEdit

(shows the MYCUNs setting up the announcement)

Gru: (holding a microphone) Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls, we would like to present you, Gabriel Garza!

(Gabriel arrives and Gru hands the microphone to Gabriel and Gru walks away)

Gabriel: (holding a microphone) Hi. My name is Gabriel Garza, some of my friends call me Gabe. And I need talk about your homes are being destroyed by that female singer I hate! (pulls out Gabriel's plan paper) To save the world, we have to go to my main place part of my imaginary world, beat the crap out of Carrie Underwood and her henchmen, after everything's safe, the Forest Animals and some humans will build our new city called "MYCUN City," and then finally we live in peace! Be careful out there! Some dangerous places may harm you! Any questions?

(Norman raises his hand)

Gabriel: Yes, Norman?

Norman: What about weapons and stuff?

Gabriel: We already got weapons. (pulls out a sword) I got a sword to beat out of Carrie and her henchmen. Did anyone get some weapons?

(Gru arrives)

Gru: I got my freeze ray, and my Minions got so many gadgets.

Toon Link: (holding his sword and shield) I got my sword too! (pulls out his Wind Waker item) And my Wind Waker.

Gabriel: Uh, Link, that's not a weapon, that's just an important item.

Toon Link: The Wind Waker is a magical conductor's baton that is given to me by the King of Red Lions when I reach Dragon Roost Island. Long ago, it was used by the King of Hyrule to conduct the Sages when they played their song to call upon the gods.

Gabriel: Okay. Anyone?

Red: I don't have a weapon, but I can attack with my karate skills.

Gabriel: Yeah, I saw your movies. (looks at Ico) And Ico, I know you had a stick, a spiked club, a shining sword, and the Queen's Sword in your game!

Hiro: (off-screen) I have my microbots!

Gabriel: Yeah, Hiro. I know. Now, are we all ready now?

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

(Gabriel turns on the magic portal to another world)

Gabriel: What are you guys waiting for? Let's go kick that lady's and her minions' big butts! Um... you know what I mean.

(Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes arrive)

Homer: Hey, Gabe, can we come with you and your team?

Gabriel: Uh, no.

Agnes: Why?

Gabriel: Because I only got 12 members and we cannot have too many members. So 12 is good enough.

Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes: Awww!

Gabriel: In fact, you guys should be my backup friends!

Homer: Backup? Why do we need backup?

Gabriel: Backup means a guy or a thing that supports or reinforces another.

Homer: But how can we do with that?

Gabriel: Well... just wait, okay?

Homer: Okay then.

Gabriel: Goodbye. I'll see you guys later.

Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes: Bye!

(Gabriel tried to go to the portal but he stops)

Gabriel: Wait! Homer, why did you punished Lisa for a week when she's a Carrie Underwood fan? You had just hurt her feelings, and that is not good at all!

Homer: I don't know what you were talking about and I don't care.

Gabriel: Okay, calm down, Homer! Well, goodbye. I'll see you guys later.

Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes: Bye!

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs went through the portal to another world)

Part 4: The DesertEdit

(Cuts to an old sandy desert where we see the portal on the sky and Gabriel and the MYCUNs fall off the ground, then they got up)

Gabriel: This is it! We are here!

(Cuts to the MYCUNs looking at the old sandy desert)

Red: That's your main place in your imaginary world??

Gabriel: Well, yeah. Everything's unfinished.

Coraline: (seeing nothing) I don't see Carrie Underwood and her evil gang.

Gabriel: Well, there should be. You know what, let's play a game of "I Spy."

(The MYCUNs play "I Spy" anyways)

Norman: I spy nothing.

(Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast appears)

Norman: Aggie Prenderghast! What are you doing in here?

Aggie: I'm coming with you.

Norman: Okay. Wait, why did you stay in Gabriel's workshop without us?

Aggie: I was pretty late.

Norman: Oh. We were playing "I Spy" while finding some stuff.

(cuts to Gabriel playing "I Spy" still)

Gabriel: I spy... (looking a whole lot of nothing until a building called Wooden Underwood Enterprises is found) A building! That means we're being rescued!

Dave and the Minions: Yay!

Red: I heard laughter at that place.

Hiro: Ooh! Sounds like they're having a party!

Gabriel: Wait a minute. Who built that place? (looks up the sky) Hey, are those...

(Suddenly they got captured in cages by Carrie Underwood and her minions)

Gabriel: AAAAAHHH!!! What's going on? What's happening? Why are we caged??

(Carrie Underwood and her minions arrive)

Gabriel: Carrie Underwood! Why are you doing this? Why are you destroying my world? Why?

Carrie Underwood: I've always wanted to destroy your worlds full of your favorite movies and games because you hated me and you said that my songs are terrible.

Gabriel: (angry) Not everyone is going to like you and your lame music!

Carrie Underwood: I don't care about your opinion! I want to destroy your Imaginary World!

Baymax: Oh no!

Carrie Underwood: Nobody can stop me for ruling the whole universe! (walks away and laughs evilly) MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Gabriel: I think she's worse than Gree Guy on the game Geo Adventure.

Part 5: Wooden Underwood EnterprisesEdit

(Cuts to the Wooden Underwood Enterprises)

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood going to the Board of Directors room of Wooden Underwood Enterprises)

Carrie Underwood: Listen up, guys! I've captured them!

Boots: Who?

Carrie Underwood: Gabriel Garza and his favorite characters.

(The staff cheer)

Johnny Test: I'm so glad that you captured Gabriel because he doesn't like my show.

Dora: He doesn't like my show either.

Caillou: And my show. I threw a tantrum when I found out that he didn't enjoy my show.

Chae Cook: I actually like Gabriel.

(Carrie and her henchmen gasped)

Dora: (shocked) Why?

Johnny Test: How could you d-

(Chae interrupts Johnny Test's speech)

Chae Cook: Well, I plagiarize his works.

Johnny Test: Usually, I hate plagiarism because my show was plagiarized by the Dingo Channel. If my genius twin sisters were here, they would have gotten rid of that lame dude for good!

Dora: What's the Dingo Channel?

Johnny Test: It's like the Disney Channel, except it's in my universe. Where was I? Oh, since Chae was plagiarizing a kid we hate named Gabriel, I've found Chae's plagiarism acceptable. Take "Team Chae's World" as an example.

(Carrie and the henchmen all clap)

Boots: Well done, Chae, for ripping off Gabriel's stuff.

Carrie Underwood: (sneering) We will destroy Gabriel... (smiling creepily) right after this lunch break. Oh, yeah, I forgot something.

(Cuts to Elmo laughing)

Carrie Underwood: And Elmo, he's just a furry red Muppet monster from Sesame Street, but we will not see him again due to having a worm singer named Carrie Underworm in the show.

Elmo: (getting depressed) Awwwww! You made Elmo sad, Carrie Underworm.

Carrie Underwood: (angry; yelling at Elmo) It's Carrie Underwood you stupid, not Carrie Underworm! That's it! You're fired!

Elmo: (getting angry) Fired? Is this what you treat Elmo like a slave? Fired!? (yelling) YOU MONSTER! SESAME STREET ROCKS! HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK, CARRIE UNDERWORM!

(Carrie Underwood slapped Elmo)

Carrie Underwood: (angry) Don't call my last name "Underworm"! IT'S "CARRIE UNDERWOOD"! GET IT RIGHT!

Elmo: (angry) All right, that's it! ELMO QUITS! (punches Carrie Underwood and leaves Wooden Underwood Enterprises)

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood who got hurt in the table)

Elmo: (off-screen; angry) If Elmo ever sees you again, Elmo swears to God, he'll call the police on you!

Chae Cook: Uh, did Elmo punch you in the cheek, Carrie?

Carrie Underwood: Yes, yes he did.

Caillou: Oh wow, that is frightening.

(Fades to the top view of the dungeon)

(Pans down to Gabriel and his friends in cages in the bottom view of the dungeon)

Gabriel: God, I hate Carrie Underwood so much...

Red: Yeah, I know... At least, we're not dead as crap.

(A light bulb appears above Hiro's head)

Hiro: Guys, I have got an idea!

Gabriel: That's great.

Hiro: Remember when the yellow minions we have here used to serve evil people?

Toon Link: We all do.

Hiro: We will trick that Carrie Underwitch by pretending to serve her.

Gabriel: (shocked) WHAT? Are you insane? You can't do this because Carrie Underwood is one of the worst people we know. And don't call her last name, "Underworm" or "Underwitch"!

Baymax: We're sorry, Gabriel, but we have to do this. We need to save your Imaginary World, or else it will be destroyed.

Gabriel: (sigh) Okay.

Part 6: The EscapeEdit

(Fades to Hiro, Baymax, the Minions getting out of the cage)

Dave: (speaking Minionese) Gopa!

Subtitle text: Great!

Hiro: Now what?

(Hiro, Baymax, the Minions got out of the dungeon and into the entrance hall)

(Carrie walks out of her office at the entrance hall)

Jerry: (scared) AHHH!

Carrie Underwood: (shouting angrily) Why are you guys outside of your cage?

Jerry: (scared) Banana...

Hiro: Carrie, we would like to work here.

Carrie Underwood: Work here? But you're on their side.

Baymax: We used to be, but now we're not.

Carrie Underwood: Yeah, right.

Minions: (speaking Minionese) Pem underwear!

Subtitle text: We swear.

Carrie Underwood: Okay, but... (sneering) you all have to work as janitors!

Bob: (speaking Minionese) Tadda de us??

Subtitle text: All of us?

Carrie Underwood: Every last one of you! I was able to understand you guys because of the subtitles. (walks away)

Hiro: Ha! Sucker!

Carrie Underwood: Wait, wha...?

(Hiro pulls out Lucy Wilde's Zapp Lipstick Taser from Despicable Me 2 and zaps Carrie Underwood with it)

Hiro: Lipstick Taser!

(Hiro grabs a key from Carrie Underwood's hand and he, Baymax, and the other minions freed the MYCUNs out of their cages in the dungeon and they escape)

Gabriel: Guys, we're gonna escape.

Dave: Whaaat??

The MYCUNs: What are you saying?

Gabriel: We're gonna escape from Carrie Underwood's lair.

Toon Link: How do we do that, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Well guys, just come on, come with me, follow my lead, and just go along. Okay?

The MYCUNs: Okay!

Gabriel: Good. (gets shocked at Carrie Underwood and suddenly stop when he saw her) Uh oh!

(The MYCUNs ran away from Carrie Underwood)

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood getting up, then she called her henchmen)

Carrie Underwood: (angry) GUARDS! AFTER THEM!

(after trying to escape, Gabriel and the MYCUN suddenly stopped when they saw Carrie Underwood's minions stopping them)

Brad Paisley: Stop right here, kid!

Gabriel: Never! (snaps his fingers)


Toon Link: YAAAAAAAA!!!!

(Toon Link attacks Carrie's minions)

Gabriel: (to the MYCUNs while holding his sword) You guys stay right there! I got a lot of work to do.

(Gabriel joins Toon Link to attack Carrie's minions)

Gabriel: Okay, guys, let's get outta here now!

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs quickly escape and they already left)

Caillou: Come back here, you lousy, dumb, bone-headed, boney, skinny dorks!

(Carrie Underwood arrives)

Carrie Underwood: What happened? Where are those idiots?

Chae Cook: I think we lost them, boss.

Carrie Underwood: (angry) Damnit! You better find the "ME-CONs" or whatever the heck is called! But first, we need a new guy to track them down!

Teddy Bear: Who?

Carrie Underwood: Ninh Nguyen.

(Cuts to Gabriel and the MYCUNs escaping from Wooden Underwood Enterprises to go to the Desert)

Gabriel: We did it... sorta...

Norman: Hey! We didn't even defeated them!

Gabriel: So what? We only escaped.

Red: (to Norman) I think we kinda fight them once during our escape.

Norman: Oh. I get it now.

Coraline: Okay, so now what?

Ico: Oh, look! Yorda is about to speak about something!

Gabriel: Oh, my God, I hope I'll never see Yorda saying like that in the Ico game. Wait a minute... Yorda was about to say her first words in English! Brace yourselves!

(Then Yorda gasps and finally speaks in English)

Yorda: Our plan is to get rid of Carrie Underwood's minions, defeat Carrie, then call the police to arrest Carrie and her minions, and then we live here for peace at last.

Gabriel: Great plan, Yorda! Wait, how did you speak in English instead of your language?

Yorda: Well, Gabriel, the reason why I'm speaking English now is because I'm sick and tired of speaking that same old gibberish words in that Ico game.

Gabriel: Oh, I see what you are saying. Well okay, then. Let's do this thing!

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

(Gabriel goes to a spot and accidentally steps into a pool of invisible super glue)

Gabriel: (shocked) I think I'm stuck. (tries to walk) I'm definitely stuck.

Red: (sad) Oh no!

Gabriel: I guess you will defeat Carrie Underwood's minions without me.

(The MYCUNs except Gabriel walk away)

Part 7: I Miss Gabriel...Edit

(Fades to Ninh Nguyen arriving at Wooden Underwood Enterprises; "Baby" by Justin Bieber can be heard playing on the radio)

Carrie Underwood: (sneering) Welcome! You must be Ninh Nguyen.

Ninh: (happy) That's right. I got some questions for you. (neutral) Do you hate Gabriel Garza?

Carrie Underwood: Well obviously.

Ninh: Do you hate The Legend of Zelda?

Carrie Underwood: Yes.

Ninh: Do you hate, uh... Big Hero 6Ico? Despicable Me? Hoodwinked!?

Carrie Underwood: Yes! Yes! YESSSS!

Ninh: Do you hate Coraline?

Carrie Underwood: (angrily) OF COURSE I DO! NOW STOP ASKING ME OBVIOUS QUESTIONS!!! (calm) Although I hate your annoying questions, I need you to track the MYCUNs down!

Ninh: MYCUNs? What are they?

Carrie Underwood: It stands for MinionsYesCarrieUnderwoodNo!

Ninh: Oh!

Carrie Underwood: The MYCUN tracking device should be finished by now! (shouting at Brad Paisley) Brad! Are you done yet?

Brad (in another room): Yes!

(Brad goes into the entrance hall and gives the tracking device to Ninh)

Ninh: Thank yo-

Carrie Underwood: That's what I was talking about!

Ninh: (excited) Oh, oh! I think I've found them on the radar.

Carrie Underwood: Really?!? (walking rapidly to see the device) Good job.

(Cuts to the MYCUNs except Gabriel outside of the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building wearing ninja costumes)

Red: (upset) I miss Gabriel...

Norman: (pats Red on the shoulder) Don't worry, Red. I'm sure we all miss him. At least he's coming back to holidays.

Coraline: Thanks for the ninja costumes, Gru.

Gru: You're welcome! (quietly, but loud enough for all of them to hear) By the way, talk quietly... (loudly) because we're NINJAS!

Aggie: (scared) Guys, I'm scared!

Norman: Scared of what? You're a freaking ghost for crying out loud!

Aggie: Oh. Right.

(Dave goes to one of the empty rooms' window and his ninja costume camouflages)

Gru: The ninja costumes also camouflages!

The MYCUNs except Gru and Dave: (amazed) Cool!

Dave: (speaking Minionese) Kanpai!

Subtitle text: Cheers!

(Cuts to Ninh and Carrie in the entrance hall)

Ninh: Oh my goodness! According to the radar, the MYCUNs seem to be outside.

Carrie Underwood: (shocked) What? We have to go outside so they'll surrender and become the CUYGGNs, or they'll be destroyed! (laughs wickedly) MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Ninh: CUYGGNs? What does that mean?

Carrie Underwood: Hello? It's CarrieUnderwoodYesGabrielGarciaNo!

Ninh: Oh, I get it now! So, what are you waiting for, let's go outside now!

Carrie Underwood: Great idea, Ninh Nguyen.

(They both go outside)

Gru: (quietly) They're coming! Hide in front of the windows!

(The MYCUNs hide in front of the windows, and Ninh Nguyen and Carrie Underwood check around)

Carrie Underwood: (angry; to Ninh) There's nothing here, you fool! You're fired. (kicks Ninh and goes back inside)

Ninh: Oww!

Carrie Underwood: Are you going to cry and call your mommy? Yeah, right!

(She shuts the door)

Hiro: I think I know that dude from somewhere.

The MYCUNs: (surprised) You do?

Hiro: I think his name was Ninh Nguyen. A few years ago, he sent an annoying questionnaire full of obvious questions about shows, movies, and video games we love or hate to Gabriel, me, Baymax, the Minions, and the rest of us.

(Pans to Gabriel who's not wearing socks, shoes, and his glasses)

Gabriel: Sorry, I'm late.

Gru: Where have you been, Gabriel? And where is your ninja costume?

Gabriel: (sighs) I don't have it.

(Gru gives an extra ninja costume to Gabriel as a gift)

Gru: Here, take an extra ninja costume.

Gabriel: (happy) Thanks, Gru. You are the best.

Gru: You're welcome. Anyways, how did you get here so quickly?

Gabriel: Well, it's just cartoon logic. I've freed myself from the pool of invisible super glue by taking off my shoes and socks. That's all.

Gru: Oh my, goodness gracious. I saw you without your glasses, your shoes, and your socks. But still, you might wanna come back to us with your footwear and your glasses next time. Okay?

Gabriel: Okay.

Gru: That's good. So, Gabriel, we're just talking about Ninh Nguyen.

Gabriel: Ninh Nguyen? Oh, I've heard that guy before, he was the one who had been working with Carrie Underwood until he got fired. Like I said before, he is known for asking some stupid questions like 'do you hate FeardotCom?'. (angry) I got really mad that he's joining my universe. And also, I hate that movie! (looks at Red) Red Puckett? It's you!

(Red arrives to hug Gabriel)

Red: (happy) Gabriel! You came back! (kisses on Gabriel's cheeks several times) I thought we'll never see you again!

Gabriel: Yeah, I know...

Red: Where's your glasses, your shoes, and your socks?

Gabriel: Well, it's in the pool of invisible super glue.

Red: Don't worry, Gabe. (pulls out a pair of glasses, shoes and socks) I brought you an extra pair of glasses, shoes, and socks.

(Gabriel puts on a pair of glasses, shoes, and socks)

Gabriel: (hugs Red) Oh, thank you, Red! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Where did you find them?

Red: Well, it's a long story. Anyway, what kind of a costume is that in your hand?

Gabriel: Well, it's a ninja costume. It camouflages.

Red: Oh, I get it now. Okay.

Part 8: The Wacky Pack Worries About GabrielEdit

(Fades to Gabriel's house in the real world)

(Cuts to the Wacky Pack in Gabriel's bedroom)

Cole: (worried) Where's Gabriel? He's been gone for days.

Leno: It has actually been a few hours, you idiot.

Roge: Don't be mean, Leno.

Leno: Whatever.

Loy: Guys, I'm pretty sure that Gabriel's brave enough to stop Carrie Underwood without us.

Cole: I want to be brave just like Gabriel when I'm 15.

(Leno gets the PhotoReal 2000)

Loy: Don't touch that!

Leno: I just did! (points at a picture of Gabriel with the PhotoReal 2000; surprised) Nothing happened. That's strange.

Loy: Nothing EVER happened, because if it did work, then it would interrupt Gabe's adventure and you wouldn't want that to happen.

Leno: You got to be kidding me! Stupid sheet of paper (he scrunches it and throws it, as it bumps on the portable) Huh? (a scrunched-up paper ball rolled down and landed on Leno's head; a lightbulb pops up on Leno's head) I know, let's use the portable!

Loy: Don't touch that either!

Leno: Why?

Loy: Gabriel said he would be brave without us.

Leno: Oh.

Part 9: Cactuses and ThornsEdit

Red: Why are we here?

Gabriel: We are going to build a city! I will call it "MYCUN City"!

Toon Link: Why do we have to build a city?

Gabriel: We must build our city to get rid of the old, blank, flat, sandy desert.

Toon Link: Really? Get rid of the desert so you can build your own city? That is so ridiculous.

Gabriel: It's not ridiculous because in the real world, there's a city called Phoenix in the desert.

Toon Link: I've heard of that city before.

Norman: Me too.

Gru: Where are we going to get the water supply?

Gabriel: Oh, my God. (looks at a pile of cactuses and thorns) This is going to be the hardest day of my whole life.

Red: I know. Isn't that weird?

(Norbert pretends that the cactus is a banana)

Norbert: (excited) BANANA! (jumps and lands on the cactus) AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

(Norbert jumps off it)

Baymax: Norbert can be stupid at times, especially when he went out of the ocean naked a million years ago.

Gabriel: (happy) I've got an idea! We should get the water supply from the cactuses!

Hiro: I thought the plural of cactus was cacti.

Gru: Both of them are grammatically correct, Hiro.

Hiro: Oh, ok.

Gabriel: Alright, so now-AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Red: Oh, Gabriel! What happened!

Gabriel: (groaning) Ugh... I think the cactus killed my back...

Red: Aw, poor baby! Are you okay?

Gabriel: I don't know, but the cactus prickles got attached to my back.

Red: Oh, no! I hope you'll never do that again! Don't worry, I'll take these prickles off.

Gabriel: Wha..?

Red: Hold still. Don't move, okay?

(Red takes prickles off Gabriel's back)

(cuts to the other MYCUNs looking at Red taking off prickles of Gabriel's back)

Gabriel: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Red: Does it hurt?

Gabriel: Yeah, kinda...

(then Gabriel and Red hold hands together)

Red: I never thought my life would have an absolutely perfect moment, but this is...

Toon Link: Red's got a boyfriend that she'll never see again!

(Red punches Toon Link)

Red: ...nice.

Part 10: The Wacky Pack Orders PizzaEdit

(Cuts to the Wacky Pack ordering pizza)

Roge: We would like 2 boxes of spicy pizza. But no peppers this time.

Pizza Delivery Guy: Why two?

Roge: We chose two because we're saving one for our friend Gabriel.

Pizza Delivery Guy: That's nice. Two spicy pizzas coming right up!

(There is a knock on the door; Leno opens the door and the Pizza Delivery Guy is at the door)

Pizza Delivery Guy: Here are your spicy pizzas.

Loy: That was quick.

Leno: Duh. We're cartoons!

Roge: (curious) You seem... familiar. You look like our former neighbor Dad Watchinson.

Pizza Delivery Guy: That's because I am him.

Leno: What kind of name is Dad?

Dad Watchinson: Well, when my kids started talking, they always call me Dad but never Daddy or Bob.

Leno: (rudely) Obviously, no kid ever calls their parents by their first name, moron!

Roge: Don't be rude to Da- I mean Mr. Watchinson.

Loy: Less talking, more action!

(The Wacky Pack takes the pizzas and sends one of them to the portal)

Roge: That one is for Gabe!

(Cuts to the Minions pulling the thorns out of Gabriel)

Gabriel: For some reason, I can't feel pain when you guys pull out the thorns.

Toon Link: It's cartoon logic.

(A pizza box falls out of the sky)

The MYCUNs: Wow!

Gabriel: (thinking) Pizza falling out of the sky? I can't believe it! (talking normally) I've got it! We should build a Pizza Hut!

Red: That's a great idea!

Hiro: And we can build a cross-dimensional communication thingy.

Norman: Um, that would be... a satellite dish antenna, or just satellite dish.

Hiro: Really? What is a (making quotation marks with his fingers) "satellite dish"?

Norman: (reading a Wikipedia page about a satellite dish on his laptop) Well, according to Wikipedia, a satellite dish is a dish-shaped type of parabolic antenna designed to receive electromagnetic signals from satellites, which transmit data transmissions or broadcasts, such as satellite television.

Hiro: (amazed) Wow! Cool! That means we can watch satellite television programming with the satellite dish on our own high-definition television and our DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver.

Norman: That's right!

Hiro: I agree with you! Anyways, what should we name the pizza hut?

Stuart: BANANA!!!

Hiro: Really, Stuart? That doesn't make any sense.

Gabriel: I'm thinking that our pizza hut should be a hybrid restaurant that has carry-out, delivery, and dine-in options. I think we should all call it "Pizza Hut" because it's another name of an American restaurant chain and international franchise, known for pizza and side dishes.

Hiro: Oh my! I didn't know there would be real-life companies in this movie!

Gabriel: Well, maybe we didn't know there should be some.

Red: I think that is the same name as the real-life pizza restaurant of the same name, Gabe. And besides, it's not even original. How about we all call it "MYCUN Pizza" instead?

Gabriel: Great idea, Red!

Aggie: I think we should do it later because we need to get straight to the point of what should we do.

Norman: That IS what we suppose to do, Aggie.

Aggie: Oh, sorry, Norman.

Norman: It's OK... (pats Aggie on the shoulder) By the way, I wonder how the pizza came from the sky? That was very weird.

Gabriel: Wait a minute! I think the Wacky Pack sent the pizza to the portal!

Ico: The what?

Gabriel: You know, the Wacky Pack! My imaginary little guys with the names of Roge, Leno, and Cole!

Ico: The Wacky Pack. That's a very nice name for your friends' team. Can you tell us more about them?

Gabriel: No, not right now. We have to save our world now before it's too late. Are you guys ready?

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

Gabriel: Now let's do it!

Norman: Gru, I don't think I can make this...

Gru: Don't worry, Norman. You were pretty brave before! I hope you'll be a lot braver than before, okay?

Norman: Okay, then.

Part 11: Gabriel vs. NinhEdit

(Shows the MYCUNs walking through the desert; Toon Link sees Ninh far away)

Toon Link: I can see a guy from a distance.

Hiro: Where?

Toon Link: Over there. (points at where Ninh is)

Gabriel: That person looks like... Ninh Nguyen!

(The MYCUNs gasp)

Red: I thought he would leave this universe after he got fired.

(Ninh Nguyen walks to them)

Ninh: Hello, guys. Are you Carrie Underwood haters?

(The MYCUNs are annoyed)

Hiro: (angry) Are you being serious?

Ninh: Yes. (angry) Now answer the question! Do... you... hate... (yelling) CARRIE UNDERWOOD?!

Toon Link: (annoyed) Yes. (disgusted) Of course, we do hate her.

Gabriel: Leave us alone. Nobody wants you to ask your annoying questions.

Ninh Nguyen: I would never leave you alone until you answer every single question I have asked. Do you hate FeardotCom, Battlefield Earth, Movie 43Futurama, Happy Tree Friends, Flappy Bird, Foodfight!, Team Umizoomi, Breadwinners, Escape from Planet Earth, and Free Birds??

Gabriel: (angry) Shut up, you little twit! (punches Ninh)

Ninh: Ow! Gabriel Garza, how dare you call me that! I'll tell your parents from the real world about this so you would not get your presents on Christmas Day!

Gabriel: There isn't any cross-dimensional phone service here. (blows raspberries) When I get back to the real world or when I form a MYCUN police force, I will call the police on you, Carrie Underwood, and her minions!

(Ninh kicks Gabriel in the chest)

Gabriel: Ow!

Red: (angry) Hey! Don't kick Gabriel! I may be a deliverer, but I can kick and punch enemies too! (kicks Ninh's butt and punches Ninh's face)

Ninh: Ow! Did you just kick my butt and punch my face?

Red: (ticked off) Grrr! Of course, I kick your butt and punch your face. Didn't you see what I did?

(Cuts to the Wacky Pack watching the battle through the portal)

Leno: (eating pizza) That girl is really good.

(The scene goes back to Imaginary World)

Ninh: (looking at a mirror; upset) My face! My beautiful face! I will go back to the real world to fix my face. (leaves the desert)

Hiro: Dude! That was awesome!

Gru: Gabriel, since you made this imaginary world, shouldn't you have the ability to ban people from your world?

Gabriel: I used to have the ability to ban people from my world, but Carrie Underwood must have hacked the portal so she could start Wooden Underwood Enterprises.

Gru: How did she hack the portal?

Gabriel: I don't know, Gru.

Norman: That was a fastest, quickest battle with Ninh. What happened to him?

Gabriel: (to Norman) He went back home in the real world to fix his face after Red kicked his butt and punched his face.

(Aggie arrives)

Aggie: Norman, I just saw the boy getting hurt!

Norman: (jealous) It's Ninh Nguyen, one of our worst enemies! You were supposed to hate him, not cheer him up so you can love him! He sends every silly question about hating some stuff!

Aggie: Calm down, Norman. I thought I liked him.

Norman: Well, we all hate him, Aggie. You should have hated Ninh. Thank goodness, he's gone forever!

Aggie: I know, but... (sad) if he's going back home in the real world to recover his face, I think I will never get a chance to see him ever again. I'm sorry, Norman, I should have thought about it. Will you forgive me?

Norman: (cheering up Aggie) Cheer up, Aggie, I forgive you.

Part 12: MYCUNs Take a BreakEdit

(fades to the night view of the desert)

Gabriel: (happy) Well, let's take a break today. Hopefully, we'll have a fresh start tomorrow.

(Hiro sees an Elmo-shaped silhouette is seen from far away)

Hiro: (looking at Elmo) Isn't that... Elmo?

(The MYCUNs walk forward)

Gabriel: Seriously? Do we have to deal with another enemy?

(Elmo is revealed and is singing the Sesame Street song)

Elmo: (singing) Sunny day, sweepin' the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet! (notices the MYCUNs; talking) Oh, Elmo didn't see you guys there. You must be the good and innocent people that Carrie Underworm hates. Elmo owes you guys an apology for attempting to become one of her minions. Anyways... (singing) Can you tell Elmo how to get... how to get to Sesame Street?

Gabriel: I accept your apology, Elmo. (confused) But why are you still here? I thought you went back to New York in real life a few hours ago.

Elmo: Elmo tried to, but the portal won't open.

(In real life, Loy goes to the portal)

Loy: Elmo's a good guy again! (opens the portal)

(The scene goes back to the Imaginary World)

Elmo: Elmo has to go back to Sesame Street from the real world to spend Christmas with his family. His mother Mae wants a new vacuum cleaner.

Hiro: (pointing at the portal) There's literally a portal showing Queens in New York City right behind you.

Elmo: Really? (turns around) Oh, yeah. Thank you, MYCUNs. (Elmo goes through the portal and the portal closes) Bye!

Norman: I'm suspicious about that Elmo muppet.

Norbert: Amy?

(The MYCUN gang facepalmed)

Baymax: Oh, Norbert. I hope you get a new brain for Christmas. And by the way, Elmo is a boy, not a girl whose name was Amy.

Gabriel: Well, Elmo is a male muppet child, but hopefully, we would not deal with another problem for the night. Okay, guys, we'll set up 4 tents and get some sleeping bags.

Gru: This is your world. You can imagine things and make them appear.

Gabriel: I haven't really used that. (thinks about the tents and the sleeping bags, which appear) They're here!

(The MYCUNs cheer)

Gabriel: Let's sleep!

(The MYCUNs go into their tents and sleep; the scene fades to black)

Norbert: (shouting in Minionese) Boka?

Part 13: Giant RockEdit

(Cuts to the next morning at Wooden Underwood Enterprises; Carrie Underwood is alone in the Board of Directors room)

Carrie Underwood: (angry) Where are they? (pulls out a remote and presses the red button)

(Carrie's henchmen fall from ceiling tubes)

Justin Bieber: Hello, Carrie. I have brainwashed some of my former haters into liking my new songs.

Carrie Underwood: Oh, really?

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Dora: What are we going to do today, Madam Underwood?

Carrie Underwood: At 8 AM, we will put a giant rock on a mountain which is in Gabriel and his stupid friends' tents' way.

Caillou: Who will pu-

Carrie Underwood: (shouting) WE WILL! (normal) If they survive getting rolled over by the rock, they'll have to battle us!

(Cuts to Gabriel making burgers for breakfast on a recently-bought barbecue grill; Gru wakes up and gets out of his tent)

Gru: (sniffing) It smells like... burgers.

(The Minions also wake up)

Norbert: Mmm... banana!

Hiro: It's not a banana, Norbert. It's burgers!

Gru: Hey, Gabe. Where did you get that grill from?

Gabriel: (flipping the burgers) Well, I got it from a store called Gigagarza across the street. (points at a building)

Gru: Oh, yeah.

(The rest of the MYCUNs wake up)

Red: Did someone say burgers?

Gabriel: Yes! (walks to a table with the burger meat on a plate, burger buns on another plate and bottles of ketchup and mustard) Get your burgers here.

Yorda: Burgers? Is that what you Americans eat for breakfast every day?

Gabriel: No, that's a stereotype.

(The MYCUNs except Aggie get their burgers)

MYCUNs (except Aggie): (humming) Mmmm...

Aggie: Unfortunately, I can't eat.

Toon Link: (holding a sword) I would like to have my burger meat split in half. (cuts the meat in half)

Hiro: (bites into a burger) This is better than the ones at McDonald's.

(Few minutes later)

Gabriel: How were the burgers?

Minions: (speaking Minionese; happy) Gopa!

Subtitle text: Great!

Red: (happy) Scrumptious.

Toon Link: They tasted awesome.

Aggie: Burgers sound tasty. However, I never got to try burgers in my life, due to the fact that they weren't invented until the 19th century.

Gabriel: Thanks, guys! We have officially started our day.

Norman: Hmmmm, not bad. These burgers taste so good, but why did we have burgers for breakfast? I thought it was pancakes.

Gabriel: Well, I made this only for fun. I'll make you guys some scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and cereal with orange juice, water, milk, and coffee, okay?

(After the MYCUNs finished eating their burgers, they ate scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and cereal, and drank orange juice, water, milk, and coffee)

Gabriel: Now that we finished eating our food, let's talk about what you would get for Christmas.

(The scene zooms out, slides to where MYCUN Mountain is, and pans to the mountain; Carrie Underwood and her pesky friends are on the mountain)

Chae: (painting a red X on where the giant rock should be placed) Ta-da!

Carrie Underwood: Finally, we're on a stand-able spot of the mountain. If Chae's calculation is true, there is a nice straight line from the distance of this part of MYCUN Mountain to the MYCUN gang's tents. (shouting) Mother Gooooose Cluuub! HooplaKiiiidz! Place the rock on the X.

(Various Mother Goose Club and HooplaKidz members are seen lifting the giant rock)

Teddy Bear: Hopefully, those dumb MYCUNs will be destroyed and we'll rename MYCUN City to Underwood City. (giggling) Tee-hee.

(They put the giant rock on the X spot)

Carrie Underwood: (happy) Voilà! Perfect! (shouting) Now... (talking quickly) push it down the mountain so the stupid heroes will be flattened like Wile E. Coyote.

(Her henchmen push the rock down the mountain)

Carrie Underwood and the henchmen: YAY!

(Cuts to the MYCUNs talking about what they are getting for Christmas)

Coraline: I'm going to get that new Animal Crossing game for Wii U.

Toon Link: I've heard that the game is horrible.

Coraline: I don't care what the critics say about it. I'm going to play it and enjoy it.

Toon Link: Well, I'm going to get 2 Legend of Zelda CD-i games. The first one is "Link: The Faces of Evil", and the other would be "Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon". But not only that, I would also get the Philips CD-i 910 for Christmas, with some CD-i accessories in it such as the CD-i mouse, the roller controller, the CD-i trackball, the I/O port splitter, the touchpad controller, the Gravis PC GamePad controller, the IR wireless controller, the RAM expansion and Video-CD (MPEG-1) support with DV Cart, and the Peacekeeper Revolver. All of the accessories are not included with the CD-i package, and each of them are sold separately. That's what I would get for Christmas, but nevertheless, I would also get the Hotel Mario CD-i game along with the rest of the CD-i equipment.

Gabriel: Wow! That's a lot of presents you're going to get! I see that you would have all of these for Christmas, but there is one problem.

Toon Link: What's that?

Gabriel: Well, to tell you the truth, the Philips CD-i has been discontinued 17 years ago.

Toon Link: Wow! That is sad. It's a shame that the Philips CD-i has been gone for good.

Gabriel: I know, Toon Link. I know that.

(Gru turns around and sees the rock rolling down)

Gru: Uh, guys! There's a rock coming towards us!

Norbert: Ooh, beach ball!

Hiro: (facepalm) Seriously, Norbert?

(The MYCUNs jump out of the way, except for Red, who is stuck, due to the rock being on her cape)

Red: (screaming) Help!

Gabriel: (shouting) Don't worry, Red! I'll save you! (pulls Red away from the rock)

Red: Thank you... but it's coming towards you.

Gabriel: Wait! What? (turns around) Ahh!!

(The rock randomly rolls in the opposite direction and it fell)

Both: Phew.

Part 14: The MountainEdit

(Fades to Carrie Underwood and her henchmen on the mountain)

Carrie Underwood: (angry) GRRR! They survived!

Caillou: Oh no! (crying like a baby) I WANT OUR IMAGINARY WORLD DOMINATION!

Carrie Underwood: (angry) The MYCUNs will pay for this. (normal) Actually, I had a better idea.

(Cuts to the MYCUNs running up MYCUN Mountain; "Unity" by TheFatRat plays)

Red: (curious) Where is that noise coming from?

(The music pauses for a second)

Red: Sorry.

(The music resumes until they meet Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood: Well, well, well. What have we got here? Some Geo Guy wannabes?

Geo Guy: (off-screen) I heard that!

Carrie Underwood: (confused) All right, strange guy. Who said that?

(Carrie turns around and looks at Geo Guy)

(Cuts to Geo Guy, revealing himself from the mountain cave)

Geo Guy: I did!

Carrie Underwood: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Gabriel Garza: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Red Puckett: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Hiro Hamada: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Coraline Jones: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Caillou: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Chae Cook: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

The rest of Carrie Underwood's minions: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

The rest of the MYCUN Gang: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Geo Guy: (confused) Um, hello?

Gabriel, the MYCUNs, Carrie Underwood and her minions: (shocked) GEO GUY!?!

Carrie Underwood: (angry) We should have known that you are on to this confrontation.

Gabriel Garza: (angry) I thought you were absent during the development of MYCUN!

Geo Guy: I was absent during development and pre-production, but then, the animators decided to put me there into the final cut of the film during post-production.

Gabriel Garza: (confused) Wait, what?

Geo Guy: Anyway, (angry) why would you ever reject me from the film, since the animators brought me back to appear, in the first place!?!

Gabriel: (angry) Because you're the one who has to invade my Imaginary World first!

Carrie: (angry) Hey, I was the one who has to invade Gabriel's Imaginary World first!

Geo Guy: (angry) No, I was the one who has to invade Gabriel's Imaginary World first!

Carrie: (angry) No, I was going to invade this world. You two are imposters that are acting like fools!

Geo Guy and Gabriel: (angry) SHUT UP!!!

Carrie: (angry) So, you two wanna fight me, eh? Well, if you, Geo Guy, and your MYCUN friends are going to attack me and my clones, then you're gonna have to catch me first!

Geo Guy: (angry) Okay then, you're on, like... Diddy Kong!

(Geo Guy, Gabriel, and the MYCUNs are chasing Carrie Underwood and her minions down the mountain, and into the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building)

Red: (angry) Grrrr! I will kick your butt, Carrie!

(Carrie traps Geo Guy, Gabriel, and the MYCUNs with her working Rube Goldberg-like mouse trap with a bigger cage)

Carrie Underwood: (laughing at Geo Guy, Gabriel, and the MYCUNs) You're too late, morons. (laughs evilly) BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, it's time for you to get tortured by my very own music, and that little white bald-headed kid, too! (laughs evilly) BWAHAHAHAHAHA! However, since it's Christmas season, you won't be officially arrested until Christmas Day. (laughs evilly) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Fades to black)

Part 15: Carrie Underwood's Torturing Music of Doom!Edit

(cuts to the MYCUNs in cages; Good Girl by Carrie Underwood plays)

Carrie Underwood: (sneering) You'll stay here until tomorrow where you'll be at the proper jail.

Gabriel: (covering his ears) Make it stop!

Carrie Underwood: (shouting) Never!

Geo Guy: Since I'm supposed to be in one scene, I'll use my powers to disappear and teleport myself all the way home at the cave of MYCUN Mountain.

Gabriel: (confused) Wait, you do live at the cave on the mountain of my Imaginary World?

Geo Guy: Yes, I decided to live here because I got no place to live or go.

Gabriel: (sad) Wow, that's sad! I didn't even know that! I'm so sorry that you don't have any place to live, (normal) but maybe you can stay with me and my friends, and become a part of my team if you like.

Geo Guy: (glad) Thanks, kid! (normal) Well, I gotta go now! See ya!

Gabriel and the MYCUNs: See ya!

(Gabriel disappears into a smokey puffball)

Gabriel: (sad) Darn it! Who's gonna have to help us now?

(Kevin and Hiro go into the dungeon, disguised as a Baa Baa Sheep clone; Kevin puts 5 empty bottles of Boss Beverage by Gigagarza in the bin)

Toon Link: What are you doing here?

Kevin (in disguise): (speaking Minionese) Bello!

Hiro (in disguise): It's okay! We've Hiro and Kevin in disguise. We've come to free you. (shake the keys)

Norman: So that's why you were going the opposite direction.

Toon Link: (skeptical) Are you sure? I think you're just a voice actor, like Billy West!

Hiro (in disguise): I'm really Hiro!

Baymax: What's your least favorite food?

Hiro (in disguise): Peanuts.

Baymax: (surprised) My gosh! You are really Hiro and Kevin!

(Hiro and Kevin unlock their cages and the MYCUNs get out)

Hiro (in disguise): You're fre-

(Carrie Underwood unexpectedly arrives)

Hiro (in disguise): No way! I mean hello!

Carrie Underwood: (talking to Kevin and Hiro) Hello, Baa Baa Sheep! (angry) Why are they out of their cages?

Hiro (in disguise): They need to go to the bathroom.

Carrie Underwood: (surprised) At the same time? Are they planning something?

Hiro (in disguise): Not really. (points at the bottles in the bin) They drank all of those.

Carrie Underwood: Oh. (talking to the MYCUNs) You guys can go to the bathroom.

(The MYCUNs exit the auditorium and went to their restrooms)

Carrie Underwood: But hurry back! I've got evil plans to finish, and some music for you to get tortured with. And remember. No escaping.

(The MYCUNs stop walking)

Gabriel: Oh no. We're not escaping at all. We like this place.

Carrie Underwood: Good. As long as we're in the same place.

(The MYCUNs continue walking)

(The MYCUNs arrive outside of the restrooms and talk; Hiro and Kevin take their disguise off)

Hiro: (clearing his throat) Ahem, guys. I have got an escape plan. Escape through the vents and jump out when the passage ends outside.

Gabriel: Great plan, but how do you know that the shaft ends outside?

Hiro: I secretly saw a sketch of the bathroom vents.

(Good Girl by Carrie Underwood ends; Blown Away by Carrie Underwood starts playing)

Gabriel: (angry) Aw, seriously?

Baymax: This song, along with all of her other songs, is musically ugly.

Carrie Underwood (off-screen): Did I just hear an insult?

Baymax: Uh-oh.

(The MYCUNs quickly ran into their restrooms)

Carrie Underwood: That seems suspicious.

Caillou: I know! Isn't that weird?

Carrie Underwood: Yeah.

(Carrie and Caillou walk away; cuts to the male members of MYCUN in the boys' restrooms)

Gabriel: (looks at the vent) Does anyone have a screwdriver?

Hiro: Yep. (pulls out a screwdriver) I have one.

Norman: Good! Let's get out of this nightmare.

Gabriel: I need some earplugs for me, so that way, I will never want to hear that lady's horrific songs ever again. (takes out his earplugs from his endless backpack) Aha! Got it!

(The male MYCUNs stared at Gabriel)

Gabriel: What!?! It's just an imaginary object.

(The male MYCUNs looked up at the vent)

Gabriel: What are you guys waiting for? Let's go kick that lady's and her minions' big butts! Um... you know what I mean.

Hiro: Come on, let's just unscrew the cover of the bathroom vent and get out of Carrie's evil lair.

Male MYCUNs: Great idea, Hiro.

(Hiro unscrews the boys' bathroom vent cover while Gabriel takes out a ladder from his backpack)

Gabriel: Okay, boys. Let's go!

(Gabriel and his male MYCUN members went inside the vent)

(Cuts to the female members of MYCUN in the girls' restrooms)

Red Puckett: Where is Gabriel? He should be here any moment now.

(Hiro Hamada unscrews the girls' bathroom vent cover)

Hiro: Hey, girls. Need a lift?

(Hiro takes out a rope)

Red Puckett: Come on, girls. Let's get out of this room full of torture.

(The girls climbed the rope into the vent)

(Cuts to Gabriel and the MYCUNs crawling through the vent shaft)

Red Puckett: So, what is the plan?

Gabriel: We already went inside the vent, so now, we had to get out of the vent, through the back of the building. (talking to the other MYCUNs) Come on, guys! We gotta get outta here!

(Cuts to the back exterior view of the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building)

(Zooms into the vent cover, attached to the back wall, which the MYCUNs soon got out of the vent shaft)

Gabriel: (happy) We did it!

(The MYCUNs cheered for a couple of seconds)

Gabriel: Let's get out of here.

(The MYCUNs went out of the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building)

(Cuts to Carrie, inside the hallway with the restrooms)

Carrie: (bored) Ugh! Why would these people had to take so long in the bathroom? (normal) Oh well, I had to tell the MYCUNs that the bathroom break for them is finished. (opens the boys' restroom door) Okay, boys, the bathroom time is up. Huh? (finds the boys' restroom empty; angry) Where are they? (goes to the girls' restroom) Girls, are you done washing your... (finds the girls' restroom empty; confused) hands? (thinking) Hmmmmm? Since no one was in any of the restrooms, that means... (gasped) the MYCUNs escaped my lair... (shocked) AGAIN!?!

(Cuts to the exterior view of the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building)


(Cuts back to Carrie, this time getting frustrated)

Carrie: (frustrated) GRRR!!! Those morons escaped from my evil plan! That does it! I'm calling the security guards to catch those MYCUNs!

Part 16: First Battle with CarrieEdit

(Carrie calls the security guards on her walkie-talkie)

Carrie: Security, I've just found out that the MYCUNs escaped my building for the second time. Can you please go after them? All right. Thank you. Goodbye!

(Carrie hangs up her walkie-talkie)

Carrie: (frustrated) GRRR!!! I'm gonna get those fools!

(Ben the Dog, Penny the Dog, and Ace the Dog as security guard dogs come out of the building to find the MYCUNs)

(Ace the Dog sniffs at a piece of Gabriel's hair)

Penny: Which way did the MYCUNs go?

(Ace the Dog saw footprints of the MYCUNs, as shown on the ground)

Ace: They went that way, Penny.

Penny: (mad) I hate this! What are we going to do with them now?

Ben: We're gonna have to follow their scent, find their camping site, and then attack them.

Penny: (happy) Great idea, Ben. (Ace, Penny, and Ben followed the trail of the MYCUN's footprints to the MYCUN camping site)

(cuts to the MYCUN camping site)

Red: (confused) Did I hear something?

Gabriel: Like what?

Red: Like dogs.

Gabriel: (surprised) Really? There are dogs around?

Red: Well, I hope so.

(Ace, Penny, and Ben came out of the bushes and attack the MYCUNs)

(Ben attacks Norman)

Norman: (screaming) YAAAAAH! GET AWAY FROM ME!

(Gabriel and Red hide from a bush)

Red: (worried) Oh no! Looks like Carrie is up to no good once again! Oh, Gabie, what are we going to do?

Gabriel: I know what we have to do. (Gabriel looks around and saw the Austin Magic Pistol on the floor)

Gabriel: Is that the Austin Magic Pistol?? (picks up the Magic Pistol) It is the Austin Magic Pistol! It really IS!

Red: (confused) The what?

Gabriel: The Austin Magic Pistol! You know, it was a banned toy gun in the late 1940s that was taken off in the market because the fireball that this toy created was so dangerous!

Red: Oh, it's one of these toys that were banned because it will harm you or something!

Gabriel: Let's see how it works.

(Gabriel aims at Ben and shoots him with the Magic Pistol)

(Ben got hit on a head by a ping-pong ball from the Magic Pistol)

Ben: (gets a headache) OUCH! That hurts! All of those ping-pong balls gave me a headache!

(Ace and Penny looked at Ben, shocked)

Ace: (shocked) Oh my goodness! Ben has "Ben" hit!

(Cuts to Geo Guy playing a rim shot)

(Ace gets angry at Geo Guy)

Ace: (to Geo Guy; angry) Do you mind? I'm trying to attack the MYCUNs with my friends Penny and Ben.

Geo Guy: (upset) Whoops! Sorry about that.

(Geo Guy sadly walks away off-screen)

Ace: Now, what I meant to say is that Ben got hit on a head by a ping-pong ball from an Austin Magic Pistol. The one that Gabriel picked up on the ground.

Penny: Oh, that! Right! (turns to Gabriel; angry) You should be ashamed by yourself, little boy! You've nearly killed Ben!

Gabriel: Huh? Yes! It DOES work!

Red: Let me try!

Gabriel: Okay. As you say so.

(Red shoots Ace, Penny, and Ben with the Magic Pistol)

Ace: (wounded) Ow... Guys, let's run away! That naughty little girl is hurting us with a Magic Pistol!

(Ace, Penny, and Ben ran away)

Gabriel: Nice work, Red!

Red: Thanks.

Gabriel: (grabs the Magic Pistol from Red) Anyway, I found the Magic Pistol and it belongs to me.

Hiro: (proud) Wow, Red, you're good at this!

Gru: That was great!

(cuts to Ace, Penny, and Ben running inside the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building)

Carrie: Ace, Penny, Ben. Did you find the MYCUNs?

Penny: Well, unfortunately, we couldn't find those MYCUNs, because one of them had nearly killed us with a gun!

Carrie: (confused) WHAT!?! (angry) All right! That's it! We should all go to the MYCUN's camping site, find those people, and then kill them! (calling all of her minions) Guys!

(all of Carrie's minions appeared)

Carrie's minions: Yes, sir?

Carrie: Um, I'm a lady. Alright, guys, we will go and kick some butts on the MYCUNs! We will all go to their camping site and kill those people, the MYCUNs.

Carrie's minions: Yeah!

Carrie: Let's go, people!

(Carrie and her minions run out of the building to capture the MYCUNs)

(cuts to the MYCUN camping site)

Toon Link: (hearing Carrie and her minions' arrival) Oh, lord. What's that sound? What's going on?

Gabriel: It sounds just like...

(Carrie and her minions arrive)

Gabriel: Carrie Underwood!

Gru: What are we gonna do?

Gabriel: Let's fight!

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs started to fight Carrie and her minions)

Aggie: (angry) Prepared to get squashed!

(Aggie transforms into a hammer, and squashed Dora and Boots with a hammer head)

(Aggie then makes a lengthy, loud, threatening sound, and ran towards Caillou to attack)

(Aggie (in enderwoman form) punches Caillou in the face)

(Red Puckett lays on her head and twists her feet)

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood; confused)

Carrie Underwood: (confused) What the heck is she doing?

(Red starts moving with her "inverted whirlpool" karate move and blasts through Carrie Underwood and her pets)

Gabriel: Woohoo! That was awesome!

Red Puckett: Do you think you can handle that?

Gabriel: (excited) Yeah! Yeah! (does the same thing as Red Puckett) Ha ha ha! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! (continues laughing) This is fun! (gets confused) Huh? (looked towards the Carrie Underwood stone statue, and then Red Puckett; shocked) Hey, how do I stop this thing? (heads towards the Carrie Underwood stone statue)

Carrie Underwood: (shocked) Holy crap! What's that!?! Gabriel Garza is headed straight for my own stone statue of me! (screaming) OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(Gabriel destroys the Carrie Underwood stone statue)

Gabriel: (dizzy) Oh! What just happened? (shakes his head, and looks at the Carrie Underwood stone statue, which has been destroyed already) Oh! I just destroyed the stone statue of Carrie Underwood, didn't I?

Red: Yes, yes you did!

Gabriel: (happy) Awesome!

(Gabriel, the MYCUNs, and Carrie Underwood and her minions continued fighting each other)

Gru: Minions! Tie them up!

(Gru's Minions tie Carrie and her minions up)

Gabriel: Let's lift them up and throw them away, into the dump!

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs lift Carrie and her minions up and threw them away into the landfill)

Hiro: Woo-hoo! We did it!

(the MYCUNs cheer)

Gabriel: Wait! What about the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building?

Gru: Don't worry, kiddo. We already set everything up for the place.

(the Minions set up a bomb on the Wooden Underwood Enterprises building and it exploded)

(the MYCUNs cheer once again)

Part 17: Gabriel ConfessesEdit

Hiro: Phew! I'm so glad that the other Minions had defeated Carrie and her bad guys.

(Stuart puts a green hat and holds a blueprint of MYCUN City and MYCUN Village)

Stuart: (excited in Minionese) Gooooppppppaaaaaaa!

Subtitle text: Great!

Hiro: What are you looking at, Stuart?

(Stuart speaks Minionese)

Subtitle text: A blueprint of what we are going to build.

(Stuart puts his hat and the blueprint away)

Coraline: Well, Hiro, how did you get that Baa Baa Sheep costume?

Hiro: We took Gru's Costume Maker device.

Gru: So that's where the Costume Maker went.

Hiro: The Costume Maker is a device that makes costumes by scanning pictures or by brain memory.

Gabriel: Cool!

(Hiro's stomach grumbles)

Hiro: I'm so hungry that I could eat an entire sushi tree!

(The MYCUNs stop walking as they notice the ruined tents)

Gabriel: Well, I've had a pack of banana tree seeds.

(Pans to a stack of 5 pizza boxes on the table where the burger meat was)

Gabriel: We don't need those because we have (turns around) pizza boxes. (turns around again; surprised) Pizza boxes? (angry) Did you do this, Hiro?

Hiro: Yes, I bought pizza from MYCUN Pizza so you could celebrate when you guys escaped.

Gabriel: You're awesome, Hiro.

Dave: Bido.

Toon Link: Let's eat some pizza. The show must go on!

(The MYCUNs open up the boxes and grab the pizza slices)

Gabriel: (shouting) Eat up!

Red: Cheesier than the one from before, but I like it.

(Shows the MYCUNs eating pizza)

(The scene fades to when the MYCUNs had finished eating a few minutes later)

Gabriel: (getting a megaphone out of his pocket) Listen up, guys! I've got something to say.

(Everyone pays attention)

Ico: What are you going to say?

Hiro: Are we going to have a party on Christmas?

Gabriel: No, Hiro, we're not going to have a party during Christmas Eve. Sorry, guys, but I cannot stay in my Imaginary World for a while.

(The MYCUNs gasp)

Norman: But why? You're so fantastic!

Gabriel: I have to go back to the real world to spend time with my family. (takes out his portal-generating device, pushes the real world button on the device, and the portal appears) Well, I gotta go now, but I will never come back here until my Christmas break shift is over. The reason why I'm spending Christmas with my family in reality is because I had to take a break from all the stuff I had to do in my Imaginary World.

MYCUNs (except Gabriel): Oh!

Gabriel: Now, like I said, I will not come back here until my clone is created and my Christmas break shift is over. Well, I really gotta go now. Goodbye, my friends.

(Gabriel walks to the portal and disappears; a thought bubble is formed in the air)

Norbert: (thinking) Cactus tree? I'm so innovative! (starts talking in Minionese)

Hiro: (uses a hammer to hit the thought bubble) That's stupid.

(The MYCUNs except Norbert laugh)

Gru: Nobody uses a cactus for a Christmas tree.

Hiro: There are no pine trees around here.

Gru: Nevermind. You can do that.

(Cuts to the MYCUNs completing their decoration of the cactus tree 30 minutes later)

MYCUNs: (surprised) WOW!

Hiro: Thanks, Gru! You've made it Christmas tree-sized.

Gru: You're welcome, Hiro. (talking to Norbert) Norbert, you had a great and innovative idea.

Norbert: (thinking in his head) He's right! That thinking potion that I secretly drank helped me!

Part 18: The Real WorldEdit

(Fades to Gabriel walking in the snow with no snow clothes in Pennsylvania)

Gabriel: (depressed) Oh! What have I done? Why would I ever leave my friends behind?

(Gabriel pulls out a picture of him and Red from his pocket)

Gabriel: (sighs) Oh, Red... I will miss you and the MYCUNs...

(Gabriel puts the picture away, and he walks slowly with his head down; then he sits next to a random man on a bench)

Random man (sitting on a bench): Hey, kid. What are you doing out in the snow without a coat?

Gabriel: I came back from a desert in my Imaginary World.

Random man: (laughing) Ha ha! You believe that your imagination is a real place?

Gabriel: It's actually real and I'll prove it with my Portal Generator! (press the imaginary world button)

Random man: (shocked) Oh gosh! It's an actual portal!

(The portal stops growing and shows footage from the 80s Little Miss intro)

Random man: That's not an imaginary desert! That's the theme song to the 80s Little Miss intro!

Gabriel: (shivering) Darn it!

(Carrie Underwood pops up in the portal)

Carrie Underwood (in the portal): (laughing) Ha ha! You didn't prove the existence of your stupid, imaginary place to that random old man.

Random man: (shocked) Carrie Underwood?!?!

Gabriel: Yes! Carrie Underwood is a rude lady that wants to destroy my Imaginary World, and she has her very own henchmen that could serve her.

Random man: Really?

Gabriel: Yes. Bye.

Random man: It was nice talking to you. By the way, why don't you get a winter coat from this shop? (pointing at the shop behind them) Bye! (walking away)

(Gabriel goes into the shop, buys a winter coat, and leaves the shop to sit on the bench; he is tired)

Gabriel: (stomach grumbles) Oh, I should have saved an extra slice of pizza to eat later. (yawns; he's getting sleepy) I'm tired. (wraps his coat around him) Ahh, cozy. (sleeps)

(Giant lumps of snow covers the beach and him)

Gabriel: (angry) Are you kidding me?

(He closes his eyes, causing the screen to go black)

Part 19: A Gabriel Garza ChristmasEdit

(Fades to the outside of Gabriel's house on Christmas Day)

Red: (off-screen) Wake up, Gabriel! You're almost home!

Gabriel: (asleep) Huh? Am I dreaming or you're actually there?

Red: (off-screen) No, Gabriel. You are dreaming! Please come back, Gabriel! Please! You're just gonna have to wake up!

Gabriel: (asleep) What?

Red: (off-screen) I said... wake up! Wake up! WAAKE UP!

(Gabriel wakes up at his bedroom)

(Gabriel sees his house)

Gabriel: Wow... it never looked better. (knocks on his door) Hello! It's your other son.

(Marvin, Gabriel's dad, opens the door)

Marvin: (happy) Hello, Gabriel! Open your presents under the tree.

(Red walks to the door)

Marvin: Oh, hello to you, too! It's strange seeing cartoon characters appearing in real life.

Red: Thank you, Mr. Garza.

(They all go to the living room)

Marvin: Guys, we have a guest coming to our house today!

Celia: Who is she?

Gabriel: Well, guys, this is Red Puckett. Uh, she's my girlfriend.

Red: Greeting and salutations! I'm the real Red Puckett, and I've come from the Hoodwinked universe.

(Celia shakes hands with Red Puckett)

Celia: It's a pleasure to see you. This is my step-husband, Marvin Garza.

(Celia lets Red see Celia's children)

Celia: And this is my children. This is Adan. That's Jannie, and there's Nana.

Adan: Hello, Red Puckett. It's nice to meet you!

Jannie: Hi there!

Nana: Hello!

Red Puckett: Hey, guys. (looks at her watch) Oh, my Gosh! Look at the time! I better get going. Bye, guys!

Everyone except Red: Bye!

(Red goes to the portal to Gabriel's Imaginary World)

Gabriel: So, I guess it's time to open up some Christmas presents now! Right, dad?

Marvin: Yes, son. It's the perfect time to open up those presents. To the Christmas tree!

(Scene transition to Gabriel and his family at the Christmas tree: Screen wipe)

Celia: Merry Christmas, Gabriel. We were so worried about you.

(The Wacky Pack and the Lars arrive)

The Wacky Pack: Merry Christmas, everyone!

Loy: I'm so glad that you've returned, Gabriel.

(Marvin is seen carrying a big gift)

Marvin: Here you go, son. (gives the gift to Gabriel)

Gabriel: Thank you, Dad! (opens the gift) It's a computer!

Mel: It also has an Intel Core i7 processor.

Marvin: Let's take it to your room! (talking to Loy) You can come with us, Loy. You're good with technology.

(Cuts to the three guys in Gabriel's bedroom)

Loy: We've finally set up the computer!

Gabriel: You guys are fantastic!

Marvin and Loy: Bye! (leaves the room)

(The Wacky Pack and the Lars go into Gabriel's room)

Cole: (excited) Have you actually used the computer?

(The USB Transfer on the computer hasn't finished yet)

Gabriel: Not yet.

Leno: (rude) Does it look like it's finished, Cole?

Gabriel: Don't be rude, Leno.

Jim: (speaking Lar-tain) Alegre Weihnachten!

Gabriel: To you, too, Jim.

Leno: I wonder what the cool characters are up to!

Part 20: Carrie Underwood Kidnaps the MYCUNs!Edit

(Cuts to the MYCUNs celebrating Christmas)

Minions: (speaking Minionese) Merry Ereinn!

Subtitle text: Merry Christmas!

(Hiro goes to Norbert to give him a present)

Hiro: Here's your present, Norbert! (throws it to Norbert)

(Norbert unwraps it)

(A brain is revealed)

Norbert: (surprised) Boka?

Hiro: It's a brain! I created an intelligent brain out of thin air last month. It also lets you talk like a actual human.

(Norbert high fives Hiro)

Norbert: (speaking Minionese) Gank yu! (opens his head and replaces his old brain with the new brain; starts speaking English) Now I can speak English like a human and I know all the digits of Pi. (speaking fast) 3.14159265359!

(Shows Red dressing up a pile of rocks as Gabriel, with a yellow shirt, glasses, brown hair (as created with a brown crayon), blue pants, and red shoes)

Toon Link: Red? What's wrong?

Red: (sad) I'm depressed since Gabriel went all the way home, back in the real world, to spend some time with his family for the holidays. I'm just still upset, and I still miss Gabriel. I wish he could come back and reunite with us again.

Toon Link: Yeah, I know. We miss him too...

Red: If Carrie Underwood and her minions come back and kidnap us again, then all of our lives will be over, forever!

Yorda: (sad) Well, I guess this is the end of Gabriel's imaginary world as we all know it.

Gru: Wait! I know the whole story about Carrie!

The MYCUNs: You do?

Gru: Yes. I believe that the story should focus on Carrie Underwood, who somehow found Gabriel's personal information about hating Carrie and her friends on the internet with his location.

(The MYCUNs gasp)

Baymax: Oh no! That's terrible!

Gru: Oh, yes! This is terrible! Also, Carrie hijacked the portal and plans on divorcing her husband Mike Fisher so she could start Wooden Underwood Enterprises.

Yorda: (shocked) WHAT!?!

Norbert: (happy) Let's not think about the negatives. Just celebrate Christ...

(Carrie Underwood and her henchmen appear out of nowhere)

Norbert: (confused) ...mas?

Red: Now what do I tell you? We're doomed!

Yorda: Of course, Red! We are doomed, we're all doomed!

Norbert: (shocked) Oh poop!

(Carrie and her minions ambushed the MYCUNs by putting them in a fishing net)

Toon Link: Hey! I'll slice this net up!

Carrie Underwood: (angry) You can't cut it.

Toon Link: (angry) Why not!?!

Carrie Underwood: Because that fishing net is uncuttable, which means that it cannot be cut by swords, scissors, knives, and other sharp things.

Toon Link: (upset) Aww!

Carrie Underwood: Anyways... (angry) how dare you reveal my secrets of planning on divorcing my former husband Mike Fisher so I could start Wooden Underwood Enterprises? How dare you do such things as to reveal my information of not being with Mike Fisher? And how dare you escape from my old jail, lie to me saying that you needed to go to the restroom and then destroy it? That's it! Now you'll get it! Time for you to get tortured... at my very own jail.

(Pans to Carrie Underwood's jail)

(The thunderclap sound effect was heard)

(Pans back to Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood: Yes, my jail is a mixture of a normal prison and my live tours. This is where you'll be tortured with my music, before I annihliate you all. (scheming) And there is no escape from me now! (laughs evilly) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Carrie Underwood with the MYCUNs she caught walked through the hallway; the MYCUNs see familiar people in the prison cells)

Red: (notices Granny in a cell) She looks familiar. (looks closer; Red gasps in horror) She's G-g-granny! (shouting) GRANNY!

Granny Puckett: Help me, Red! Please get me out of here!

Carrie Underwood: Too bad.

Toon Link: (gasps) Dr. Beanson!

Dr. Beanson: Toon Link, it's you again! You've gotta help me escape from this evil prison full of misery and torture.

Toon Link: Okay, but why is Doctor here with you in your jail cell? What are you doing here?

Dr. Beanson: Me and my cousin Doctor got arrested for attempting to ruin Carrie Underwood's songs and replace them with the Russian Trololo Man songs to troll Carrie Underwood fans.

Doctor: This is all true! And now, "Sing-Along Songs with Doctor" will no longer air on television anymore, due to the fact that I was arrested by Carrie Underwood.

Toon Link: Why did you arrest Doctor and Dr. Beanson from Greeny Phatom?

Carrie Underwood: Because they were attempting to ruin my songs and replace them with the Russian Trololo Man songs to troll my fans.

Toon Link: (sad) Aw, darn!

Hiro: (gasps) Caesar! Blue Eyes! Maurice! Rocket! Cornelia! Luca!

Caesar: (signed) Carrie arrested us for being one of Gabriel's favorite characters.

Maurice: (signed) We want to escape and join Gabriel's team! Anyway, where's Gabriel?

Hiro: (depressed) He went home in the real world for Christmas. Boy, I miss him.

Red: Don't worry. We had to escape and free the other characters and the apes!

Hiro: Well, okay, then.

Red: Also, the apes will join our team as newcomers.

Hiro: Oh, okay.

Toon Link: Why did you arrest the Humming Fishes?

Carrie Underwood: They were arrested for appearing in Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, a 2012 CGI animated Dr. Seuss film adaptation that was made from the studio behind Despicable Me, Illumination Entertainment. And yes, that Lorax film is directed by Chris Renaud and produced by Chris Meledandri.

Gru: (angry) I'm offended!

Carrie Underwood: Now, let me show you where you would stay.

(Carrie Underwood and her minions took the MYCUNs to their jail cell)

Carrie Underwood: This... is your cell! Go there now!

(The MYCUNs went to their cell)

(Carrie Underwood closes the jail cell's door)

Carrie Underwood: (scheming) See you at the Execution Chamber of Torture! (laughs evilly) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Carrie Underwood walks away)

Red: (sad) This is gonna be a torture! (glad) But, it's a good thing we still had the Master Recovery Center...

(Pans to the Master Recovery Center at the cave of MYCUN Mountain)

Geo Guy: (confused) Why is there a Master Recovery Center in my cave? (shrugged) Oh well, I'll just keep it anyway.

(Geo Guy went to his bed and sleeps)

(Geo Girl walks to Geo Guy and sat on Geo Guy's bed)

Geo Girl: George, why are we living inside the cave of MYCUN Mountain we call "home"?

Geo Guy: Because I don't have place to live, so my parents took us there. Man, I wish Rico, Eis and Jea were there.

Geo Girl: Oh, okay then. Well, let's get some sleep now.

(Geo Guy and Geo Girl went to their bed)

Geo Guy: Good night, Geo Girl.

Geo Girl: Good night, Geo Guy.

(Geo Guy and Geo Girl went to sleep)

Part 21: Carrie Underwood Meets Her HusbandEdit

(Cuts to Little Guy, Little Guy 2, Gum, and Little Girl)

Little Guy: (scared) I'm so scared, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: (scared) Oh my, me too.

Gum: (sad) We can't believe we got arrested for trashing Carrie Underwood's house and saving Mike Fisher's life from Carrie Underwood, so he can continue on his hockey-playing career.

Little Girl: (sad) Well, at least we're not in Gree Guy's dungeon.

Little Guy: (glad) Yeah, that's a good thing!

(Pans to Mike Fisher in his jail cell)

Mike Fisher: (sad) Man, I can't believe I got arrested for running away from my wife, so I can continue on my hockey-playing career.

(Carrie walks to Mike Fisher)

Carrie Underwood: (angry) That's what you get for running away from me, jerk!

Mike Fisher: (angry) Carrie!?! Why did you hate Gabriel Garza? He is one of my best friends in the whole world.

Carrie Underwood: (angry) Because you never loved me, and you called my songs "terrible"! Good grief, you're like Gabriel Garza, that Carrie Underwood hater! I will take over Gabriel's Imaginary World, at once!

Mike Fisher: (shocked) No, please don't do it. Not the invasion of Gabriel's Imaginary World! Anything but that!

Carrie Underwood: (scheming) Too bad, Mike. (laughs evilly) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Carrie walked through the hallway off-screen)

Mike Fisher: (sad) This is gonna be a torture!

(Pans to Doctor and Little Girl at their jail cell)

Doctor: Hey, Little Girl, how's it going?

Little Girl: Eh, it's going pretty good I guess, (jealous) except for the fact that we got arrested for saying that Carrie Underwood is a dumb lady. (angry) We've been there in this cell for months!

Doctor: (nervous) Well, it's not that bad.

(Cuts to Gum at his jail cell)

Gum: Are you kidding me?

(Cuts to Little Girl and Doctor)

Doctor: Well, what could be worse than Carrie Underwood?

Little Girl: I don't know, maybe her songs, I guess?

(Cuts to Little Guy at his jail cell)

Little Guy: No, more than that. Carrie Underwood's jail and execution chamber are a lot worse than her songs.

Doctor: Yeah, that!

(Cuts to Hiro, Baymax, and the other Minions coming out from the bushes)

Baymax: Oh no! Carrie had kidnapped the MYCUNs, and was planning to execute them by music and electricity!

Hiro: We must not panic. We must not panic!

Norbert: (sarcastic) Oh, great!

Baymax: Norbert, you have started using sarcasm! Fortunately, that remark was sarcastic because the MYCUNs getting kidnapped isn't funny!

Hiro: Yes, of course, we know it! But we should not panic! We mustn't panic!

(They panic anyways)

Norbert: This is terrible! What are we going to do?

Baymax: Get Gabriel for help.

Hiro: What? He's living in the real world with his family! That means he's not coming back!

Baymax: He will. Let's go to the real world to help Gabriel.

Hiro: Ooooh! I guess we had no other choice!

(Hiro, Baymax, and the other Minions go into the portal to the real world)

Part 22: Gabriel Prays to God/Hiro, Baymax, and the Minions Help GabrielEdit

(Cuts to the outside of Gabriel's house at night; Hiro, Baymax, the Minions fall out of the sky)

Hiro: Why did it take us hours to teleport to the real world when it took Gabriel a few seconds to go through the portal?

Norbert: (sarcastic) Perhaps, that fantastic Underwood delayed the teleporting time.

Hiro: It's not everyday that you hear Norbert talk about complex things like science.

Baymax: Hiro, Norbert just got his new brain today so it will probably actually be everyday.

Bob: (speaking Minionese) Toca... blown!

Subtitle text: Mind... blown!

(Cuts to Gabriel praying in his bedroom)

Gabriel: (praying) Please, God, let me go back to my Imaginary World to defeat the evil Carrie Underwood. I promise you should take care of me every time, and keep me safe. I promise that because of you, Lord, every fear I have will be gone forever. I know that you always hold my life and future in your hands. I wish there won't be anymore evilness spreading the Earth and my Imaginary World. Please keep me safe, in the name of Jesus. Amen!

(Gabriel gets into his bed and sleeps; he is awaken by the knocking on the front door)

Gabriel: Another visitor?

Marvin (off-screen; at the door): Gabriel! The Minions and two people I don't know have came! You know, those little yellow creatures...

Gabriel: Really? Okay, Dad!

Marvin (off-screen; talking to Hiro, Baymax, the Minions): They said they need you to save your world that was known as "The Land of Make-Believe".

(The Minions are doing silly stuff off-screen)

Gabriel: Sorry, Dad, but it's not make-believe.

(Hiro opens Gabriel's door and the group come in)

Marvin: Have fun! (leaves the room)

Gabriel: I know you need me, but why did you come at this time?

Norbert: Carrie Underwood might destroy the rest of MYCUNs by tomorrow.

Gabriel: It's interesting that you can talk in English and how smart you are today, Norbert. It's a Christmas miracle.

Hiro: He has got a new brain today, so that way, he won't be any more dumber than he is now.

Stuart: Yeah!

Norbert: Speaking of helping, (shouting) where are those Wacky Pack guys?

(The Wacky Pack and the Lars were awakened by the shouting and go to Gabriel's room)

Hiro: (sees the Lars) These creatures reminded me of the minions.

Gabriel: They are called Lars. They came from Wackizia like the Wacky Pack.

Roge: (confused) What's going on here?

Leno: (angry) Don't wake us up like that, you (pinches Norbert) stupid minion.

Loy: Don't do that.

Norbert: Sorry about that, guys.

Roge: Nah, it's okay. There's no need to apologize. Anyways, what on earth is going on?

Gabriel: I had to live in the real world for Christmas, and I did. So, now, I can finally go back to my own world.

Roge: Oh! Okay! Uh, what about the Imaginary World of yours?

Gabriel: Well, to make a long story short, the evil "witch" Carrie Underwood had captured the MYCUNs, and took them to her very own prison. If you don't know what that place is, Carrie Underwood's prison is a mixture of a normal prison and Carrie Underwood's live tours, that was located in the desert of my Imaginary World. That place is where Carrie Underwood and her minions arrested over millions and billions of innocent people, animals, creatures, and living objects, including my team.

Roge: Do you think Carrie Underwood's prison is terrible?

Gabriel: Well, technically, yes. That is also where Carrie Underwood and her minions will torture everyone with music, before attempting to kill them, including the MYCUNs, especially Red Puckett. That's why Hiro, Baymax, the Minions came here tonight to inform us.

Cole: (scared) Well, we have to save them or else people will find the characters missing in their movies, TV shows, and games.

Leno: (rude) Hey! That doesn't make any sense.

Gabriel: Loy, can you please make a clone out of me so I can stay in my Imaginary World?

Loy: (happy) Yes.

(The sliding screen wipe occurs; they are in the Wacky Pack's room, which used to be a guest room)

Loy: (jokingly) Say... cheese! (zaps Gabriel with the cloning machine and they appear)

Leno: (neutral) I saw this on Geo TV.

Both Gabriel's: Woah!

Gabriel: Hello, me. You're going to stay here in real life so I can continue my adventure in my fictional world.

Gabriel Garza the 2nd: Why?

Gabriel: I think my parents would never know if I am missing or not.

Gabriel Garza the 2nd: Wow! Well, okie-dokie then.

Gabriel: (a bit angry) Arrgh! I don't say that. A clone of me doesn't say (imitating Spongebob) "okie-dokie then!" (normal) A clone of me says "Yes, sir." (making a stern face) Okay, Gabriel 2?

Gabriel 2: Oh! Okie...oops. (laughs) I mean... yes, sir.

Gabriel: Good! (talking to everyone else; happy) Let's go!

(They all tip-toe into his bedroom and jump into the portal, except for Gabriel Garza the 2nd)

All of them: Goodbye, Gabriel Garza the 2nd!

Gabriel: See you in a few years.

(The sliding screen wipe occurs; the scene shows Teddy Bear and Caillou searching for the extra MYCUNs in the desert around the cactus tree)

Teddy Bear: (holding a flashlight) Where are those yellow icky guys? And that stupid little robot-loving kid and his stupid white robot?

Caillou: And their leader Gabriel too?

(Norbert's old brain is seen on the ground)

Caillou: Eww! What is that?

Teddy Bear: (laughing) Tee-hee! (moves the torch to focus on the thing) A brain! It's the pink thing in your brain, silly.

Caillou: Let's take it to Carrie in the prison's lab, Teddy.

(Fades to the two people and Carrie in the lab at midnight; the computer is scanning the brain)

Caillou: Who does it belong to, Carrie?

(The scan finishes)

Carrie Underwood: The computer says that it belongs to the Minion species, and the owner of the brain is Norbert. The IQ of his brain is 0.5.

(Caillou and Teddy gasped)

Caillou: I don't know what an IQ is, but the low number must be really bad.

Carrie Underwood: Dude, it's short for intelligence quotient.

Caillou: Ah, okay! But still, the number of intelligence quotient of Norbert's old brain must be bad. Oh, and by bad, I mean really bad.

(A light bulb appears over Carrie's head)

Carrie Underwood: A-ha! I've got a idea! I'll get the Minion DNA from the brain and make evil Minion clones.

Caillou: Like a purple Minion?

Carrie Underwood: No, the clones will have different colors and act like zombies, but we will find more purple Evil Minions and clone them as well. The cloned DNA will then be kept in an unbreakable test tube, and I will write a note for the next evil villain that will take over this stupid world.

Teddy Bear: Awesome!

(Caillou goes to a zapping machine)

Caillou: Hmmm... I wonder what this does.

(Caillou tries to touch the button on the zapping machine, but was stopped by Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood: Don't touch it! I'll use it on a cool and villainous ape from that bad movie. It's bad because the said ape is shown in a despicable light.

Caillou: (confused) Despicable?

Carrie Underwood: That wasn't a pun for you-know-what. Alright, back to the DNA research! The unbreakable test tube will be kept in an undestroyable glass box.

Teddy Bear: (sneering) Nice! Very nice, indeed! Now they'll never destroy it and take that test tube away from us. (laughs evilly) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Carrie, Caillou, and Teddy Bear all laughed evilly)

(Zooms out to the front exterior view of Carrie Underwood's jail)

(The lightning bolt flashes and makes a thunderclap sound effect)

Part 23: MYCUNs in JailEdit

(Red woke up in a prison cell)

Red: Huh? What the heck? I don't remember sleeping in a cell.

Gru: Me too. I had a headache...

Red: Wait. What's going on here? Why are--

(shows Red, Gru, Toon Link, Ico, Yorda, Coraline, Norman and Aggie getting surrounded by tall chain-link fences)

(the MYCUNs gasp)

Toon Link: Oh no! I woke up to this? (shouting) I want my burger!

Red Puckett: Shhh! (whispering) Quiet! Carrie Underwood would hear us if you shout!

Carrie Underwood (off-screen): Good morning, losers!

(Cuts to Gabriel, Hiro, Baymax, the Minions, the Lars and the Wacky Pack walking on the pavement)

Norbert: Hey, Dave!

Dave: Bello!

Norbert: Have I been using stupid humor for the past 24 hours?

Dave: No.

Hiro: I'm glad you didn't because it was annoying.

Norbert: Unfortunately, I will. (singing) Steeeaaaak oooonnn peeeee! Steak on pee! Banan-

(He gets interrupted by Hiro)

Hiro: (shouting) No freakin' way! Don't ever ruin that classic song by A-Ha. Yes, that's their actual band name.

Baymax: Well, Pitbull ruined it first.

Norbert: Okay! I'll sing another song. (singing) Is it too late now to say sit.

Roge: Don't you ever sing a song by our enemy Justin Bieber, who works for Carrie Underwood! Singing Justin Bieber's music is for chumps!

Loy: It's not even allowed in my lab.

(Norbert opens his mouth a little)

Hiro, Baymax, and Roge: Here we go again!

Norbert: (singing) You're gonna pay, Carrie Underwood, for what you did to us! We'll fight you Underwitch...

Gabriel: We're not allowed to say that, Norbert.

Norbert: (continues singing) 'cause we're MYCUNs!

Gabriel: Stop it with the pop culture references!

Leno: Yeah, Norbert! Quit fooling around!

Gabriel: And we mean that!

Hiro: Yeah, we mean that!

(Cuts back to the jail; Carrie Underwood walks to the stage)

Carrie Underwood: Good morning, Underwood Jail! Thank you for being respectful. I'll sing one of my best songs called Good Girl.

Yorda: (upset) Oh no!

Carrie Underwood: (angry) Shut up, or else I will spray you guys with Dumbnium oxide!

(The MYCUNs gasped)

Red: Dumbnium what-xide?

Carrie Underwood: (angry) QUIET!!!

Red: (coldly) Sorry...

(The microphone and the radio got splashed by the water droplets from the water bucket)

(Both the microphone and the radio vibrated with the lightning bolts and exploded)

Carrie Underwood: (sad) Aw, darn! Not my new microphone, and my new radio. (looks at the MYCUNs; sad) Sorry for the unfortunate inconvenience, but my microphone and radio died from the water. I hope I'll buy some new ones, but due to the fact that electronics hated water, my live tour is canceled.

(The MYCUNs cheered for the cancellation of Carrie's live tour)

Carrie Underwood: (yelling) SILENCE!!!! (calm) Well, since my live tour is cancelled, I guess you're free to go. (sad) I don't need you, anymore. I'm gonna shoot myself in the head. (grabs her gun, aims the gun at her head, and starts crying) I don't want to do this, but this is the only way to sacrifice myself. Goodbye cruel world!

(Cuts to the MYCUNs, closing their eyes and hide under a bed)

(Carrie, who is off-screen, shot herself in the head and died)

(The MYCUNs came out of their hiding spot)

Red: So, now what?

(Fades to Gabriel and the MYCUNs outside of Underwood Jail (yes, that would be the official name of Carrie Underwood's prison), celebrating for Carrie's death)

The MYCUNs: (cheering) Yay! Carrie Underwood committed suicide! Yay!

(shows Red dreaming of the MYCUNs celebrating for Carrie's death and waking up)

Red: Huh? Wha..?! Oh no! Huh? Oh! It was just a dream! Oh boy! (angry) Oh great, that's just wonderful!

(shows Red, Gru, Toon Link, Ico, Yorda, Coraline, Norman and Aggie getting surrounded by tall chain-link fences)

(the MYCUNs gasp)

Toon Link: Not again!?!

(The MYCUNs, who got bored, decided to clap for Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood: Good morning, Underwood Jail! Thank you for being respectful. I'll sing one of my best songs called Good Girl. Now, you have to be quiet, because I'm trying to sing! (clears her throat) Ahem! (starts singing Good Girl) Hey, good girl!

(The MYCUNs fall asleep while she continues singing)

Toon Link: This song is so bad that I prefer listening to Watch Me Whip over it.

(Toon Link plugs in his headphones to his MP3 player and listens to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silento)

Part 24: Gabriel Frees the OthersEdit

(Cuts to Gabriel, Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy, the Lars, Hiro, Baymax, and the Minions entering Underwood Jail)

(Shows Gabriel, Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy, the Lars, Hiro, Baymax, and the Minions walking through the hallway full of jail cells)

Gabriel: (worried) Oh no, guys. Carrie and her minions arrested all of the good, beloved characters I loved.

Leno: I wish we were watching the show Father Lion League, the superior parody of Mother Goose Club because this jail is boring.

Cole: Leno, we have lots of characters to save. We can watch that later.

(Hiro turns around and saw Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes in their cells)

Hiro: (gasps) Look! She even arrested the apes from those Planet of the Apes reboot films you loved so much!

(Gabriel gasps)

Roge: (shocked) Is that Caesar?!

(Caesar is seen in his cell)

Caesar: What is Gabriel doing in here?

Gabriel: I'm here to rescue you guys! You better believe me, you'll be joining my team as newcomers after we get outta here!

Caesar: (signed) This is one terrible prison.

Roge: Wait! Since there's a gorilla in the jail, is there a way to get out?

Caesar: (signed) There are a lot of gorillas in this prison. Luca is the most strongest gorilla.

Hiro: Wow! Aren't you the leader of the apes, Caesar?

Caesar: Yes I am. (calls Luca) Luca!

(shows Luca in his cell and looks at Caesar)

Caesar: (off-screen) Break!

(Luca smashes his prison cell and walks over to Gabriel)

Luca: (signed) Who is this human child?

Caesar: (signed) His name is Gabriel. Don't forget that.

(Leno looks up at Luca)

Leno: Hello, King Kong-- I mean giant gorilla!

(Luca gets angry and he's about to hurt Leno, but Gabriel stops him)

Gabriel: No! Don't hurt him! He's one of my friends!

(Luca moves Gabriel out of the way, and crushed Leno's head, instantly killing him on purpose)


(Cuts to Leno, getting recovered by the Master Recovery Center inside Geo Guy's home)

Leno: (angry) I'm gonna get that fool!

(Leno runs all the way from MYCUN Mountain to Gabriel at Underwood Jail)

(Leno attacks Gabriel)

Gabriel: (angry) Hey! Stop attacking me, you stupid girl!

Leno: (angry) What did you just called me?

Gabriel: (angry) A big... stupid... GIRL!

Leno: (gasps) Why you...

(Leno attacks Gabriel once again)

Roge: Gabriel! Leno! Stop fighting each other!

(Gabriel and Leno stopped fighting)

Leno: (upset) Sorry, Roge. (angry) I can't believe that Gabriel called me a stupid girl for no stupid reason! I am actually a boy, not a girl!

Roge: Oh! (to Gabriel; angry) That's very rude of you, Gabriel! You should be ashamed by yourself! Now you made Leno sad!

Leno: (sad) Why, Gabriel? Why?

Gabriel: I'm sorry, people, but it was all just a big mistake!

(Leno angrily walks to Gabriel)

Leno: (angry) Listen, Gabriel, you better read my lips!

Gabriel: (confused) What?

Leno: (angry) I said... read... my... lips! I... AM... A BOY!

Gabriel: I'm so sorry that I called you a stupid girl. I forgive you, Leno.

Leno: I forgive you too, Gabe.

(Gabriel hugs Leno)

Hiro: Come on, guys! We have no time! We had to free the others and rescue the MYCUNs!

Gabriel: Okay, let's do it.

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood and a few of her henchmen in the graveyard with the reviving machine)

Carrie Underwood: Hurry up! If you want your lunch break, we've gotta bring Koba back to life.

(Jack B. Nimble finishes hammering the machine)

Caillou: No wonder why you didn't want me to touch the machine.

Johnny Test: Mary and Susan will be proud of me!

(The scene briefly cuts to Susan and Mary watching Johnny Test in their lab and returns to the scene)

Carrie Underwood: (shouting) Barney! Press the button!

(Barney appears as a realistic T-Rex dinosaur, roaring at Carrie)

Barney: (in his deep voice) The MYCUNs will never get out of jail alive! (press the button)

(Koba wakes up; the villains cheer)

Carrie Underwood: (shouting) It's ALIVE!! (to Koba) Hello, Koba. My name is Carrie Underwood. Hide in (points at a tree) that tree until it's safe for you to come out because those dweebs, Gabriel and the MYCUNs, don't like us... at all.

(Koba obeys Carrie Underwood)

Koba: Yes, sir.

Carrie: (angry) I'm a lady for Pete's sake!

Koba: (signs) Sorry, Carrie. I thought you were a boy.

(Koba hides in the tree)

Miranda Lambert: Let's go back to the jail to keep an eye on those dumb members of that Justice League rip-off.

(Cuts to Gabriel, the Wacky Pack, the Lars, Hiro, Baymax, and Minions opens the cells with a key that Carrie dropped; the song "Freedom" by Pharrell Williams plays)

Dave: (speaking Minionese while opening Maurice's cell) Maurice, ganhie rex! (throws the key to Stuart)

Subtitle text: Maurice, you're free!

Stuart: (opens Rocket's cell; speaking Minionese) Rocket, ganhie rex!

Subtitle text: Rocket, you're free!

Stuart: (marches to Blue Eyes' cell) Blue Eyes, ganhie rex!

Subtitle text: Blue Eyes, you're free!

(Stuart throws the key to Leno, who tries to open Caesar's cell but is interrupted by Carrie Underwood and her dastardly group appearing in the hallway; the song stops)

Leno: (gasps) How in the Daisy-Head Mayzie is this happening? (hides the key)

Baymax: We're outnumbered!

(Gabriel and Loy secretly run out of the building when the others, including the emancipated characters are being surrounded by the Wooden Underwood people)

Norbert: (speaking in a shocked British accent) Villains!? Why am I speaking in a British accent when I normally speak in an American accent with a Minionish voice?

Carrie Underwood: Well, well, well! We caught you red-handed!

Norbert: You didn't catch us yellow-handed!

Hiro: Wait, what kind of a color of those hands are they now?

Carrie Underwood: Shut up or else I'll squash you and your stupid fad.

Part 25: Gabriel Recruits Some MoreEdit

(Cuts to Gabriel in the workshop with Loy and the characters that were left behind earlier)

Gabriel: It's been awhile since I've seen you guys.

Edith: Why do you need us when you said there can only be 12 members?

Gabriel: (notices Lucy) It looks like you've brought your mother with you, girls.

Lucy: Well, I'm an interesting agent.

Gabriel: Oh! Okay then. Well, the MYCUNs got imprisoned by Carrie Underwood and her minions. That's why.

Agnes: (confused) Minions? That means... (gasps) No way! (excited) More Minions! That's what we need. Can we bring another Minion?

Margo: No, the rest of the hundreds of Minions can stay in Gru's lab because they are busy creating DVDs of their own movie and building a new Minion creating invention.

Gabriel: Interesting, Margo. Where was I?

Loy: You were in a middle of your speech.

Gabriel: (neutral) I know that, Loy. Oh, and the Minions we took are being surrounded by Carrie Underwood and her "army" at this very moment. They attempted to free characters from her jail.

Homer: What are we going to do? We can't stay here and do nothing! We had to rescue the MYCUNs!

Gabriel: (upset) Well, sadly though, I cannot defeat Carrie and her henchmen without you guys. All I need is some backup to lift up my hearts, and help me defeat Carrie, and free the characters from her jail. That's all I need.

(Gabriel hears something and he turns around and saw Roge, Leno, Cole, the Lars, the Minions, Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes coming out of the portal)

Norbert: Sorry, we're late.

Gabriel: Guys? How did you escape from Carrie and her henchmen?

Norbert: It's a long story.

Gabriel: Also, where are Hiro and Baymax?

Norbert: They said they need to get their own superhero team to help us.

Gabriel: Oh.

Roge: Come on, Gabriel! We got to go! We had to save your friends out there and defeat that ugly lady and her evil gang!

Gabriel: Alright, Roge. (to Loy) Loy, you're coming with us, right?

Loy: Yes! I'll go.

Gabriel: Okay. (to Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes) You guys can stay here until I can call you guys for some backup, alright?

Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes: Alright! Bye!

Gabriel: See you guys soon shortly.

(Roge, Leno, Cole, the Lars, the Minions, Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes went through the portal to the Imaginary World)

(cuts outside of Underwood Jail)

Carrie: And now, here's one of the most popular songs I made, called "Blown Away".

Red: (shocked) Oh no. I think I'm going to have one of the worst days of my entire life.

Gru: Me too.

Carrie: Once I am through with my song, I will kill you all, and take over this world! If we manage to find that stupid nerdy brat and his stupid losers, we'll kill them too!

(Carrie starts singing half of "Blown Away" but Roge, Leno, Cole, the Lars, the Minions, Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes arrive to rescue the MYCUNs)

Gabriel: Red!

Red: Gabriel!

(Gabriel kicks Carrie in the face; and few of the Minions, and the Lars, and the apes break down tall chain-link fences)

Gabriel: Hey, guys. Did you miss me?

(Red and Gru walk quickly to hug Gabriel)

Red and Gru: Oh, Gabriel! We really miss you! We thought you never come back! I knew you're here to save us!

Norman: Wow, did you rescued those guys that we are talking about while walking through the hallways of the jail?

Gabriel: Yes, yes I did!

Norman: But wait. Where's Hiro and Baymax?

Gabriel: They're getting their own superhero team.

Red: Okay, so now what? Since we got too many team members here, what do we do now?

Caillou: (off-screen) It's that simple.

(pans to Caillou with Carrie's henchmen)

Caillou: Carrie will kill all of you!

Red: (to Gabriel) These are the guys that want us dead, correct?

Johnny Test: Oh, that's nothing personal, kid. Nothing... personal!

Part 26: Gabriel Calls for Backup/Introduction of the Big Hero 6 TeamEdit

(Gabriel picks up the microphone from the ground)

Gabriel: (holding the microphone; touches it) Is this thing on? (pays attention) People, listen. I know what you're going through. Everybody in the real world thinks I'm weird in my whole life too but becoming powerful and rich beyond your wildest dreams isn't going to make you feel better.

(Carrie gets up and tries to attack Gabriel but he stops her)

Gabriel: Wait, Carrie! Don't kill me yet! I already called backup.

Carrie: (confused) Wait, what??

(Homer, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Geo Guy, the cast of Father Lion League, the Big Hero 6 and Aunt Cass arrive and interfere)

Hiro: Did somebody say backup?

Gabriel: (confused) Hiro? Baymax? Aunt Cass?

Gru: (confused) Lucy? Dr. Nefario? Margo? Edith? Agnes?

Red: (confused) Homer? Bart? Lisa? Marge? Maggie? Geo Guy?

Gabriel: (confused) What are you all doing here?

Hiro: You told me to bring you guys some backup along with your other favorite characters, so we did came over to you for backup! (to the MYCUNs) Guys, meet my new superhero team, "The Big Hero 6". That's Gogo Tomago, who is tough and athletic.

Gogo: Hey there.

Hiro: That's Wasabi, a smart, slightly neurotic neat freak, and a tidy one. He's one of the members of Big Hero 6.

Wasabi: Greetings, everyone.

Hiro: That's Honey Lemon, the chemistry enthusiast at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Honey Lemon: Hi there, everybody.

Hiro: And, that's Fred, a geeky comic-book and superhero fanatic who also plays the mascot at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Fred: Wazz Up, dudes?

Gabriel: Nice to meet you all, and... nice team you have there, Hiro.

Hiro: Thank you. Oh, and this is Aunt Cass, my guardian.

Aunt Cass: Hello, Gabriel. It's a pleasure to see you.

(Gabriel shook hands with Aunt Cass really hard)

Gabriel: It's nice to meet you too, Cass.

Aunt Cass: You're hurting my arm!

Part 27: Gabriel Meets The Father Lion League GangEdit

Red: Gabriel, is it time to defeat Carrie yet?

Gabriel: Not yet. Now, as you were saying, Thomas.

Hiro: Oh, me, my friends, and your other favorite characters are here with some new backup friends. This is the cast of a fictional TV show airing at your own Imaginary World, "Father Lion League". Meet the Father Lion League gang.

Leno: Finally!

(The Father Lion League Gang introduce themselves)

Logan the Lion: I'm Logan.

Alan the Grizzly Bear: I'm Alan.

Randy the Rabbit: I'm Randy.

Rita the Rhino: I'm Rita.

Mikey the Spider Monkey: I'm Mikey the Spider Monkey. People called me "Michael", or "Mikey", or just "Mike".

Ralt the Eagle: I'm Ralt.

Peter the Cat: I'm Peter.

Brian the Wolf: And I'm Brian.

Logan: We're the Father Lion League gang from our TV show airing at Gabriel's Imaginary World, "Father Lion League".

Gabriel: Cool! Come on guys, we're wasting enough time. Let's get this show on the road!

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

Carrie Underwood: (angry) Not for long, puffballs!

Gabriel: (shocked) Oh great!

Carrie Underwood: Ha! I called you all puffballs because you are all idiots!

Hiro: (angry) Hey, Carrie! Say hello to this! (punches her really hard)

(Carrie Underwood falls out of the sky and landed onto the roof of MYCUN's new built prison)

Carrie Underwood: (confused) Wait, where am I?

(Shows the full view of MYCUN Jail)

Carrie Underwood: (furious) CURSES!!! (jealous) Foiled again!

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood in her jail cell at MYCUN Jail)

(Everyone laughed at Carrie Underwood, even Gabriel Garza, but Carrie's henchmen were very upset about her)

Leno: Awesome! Who shall we attack next?

(Carrie randomly appears behind Leno)

Carrie Underwood: (serious) You're not going to attack my henchmen.

Leno: (confused) Huh? (turns around) AHHHH! You were supposed to be at the other jail.

Gabriel: How did you get here so fast?

Carrie: We are in a cartoon. Before you say anything, I can break the fourth wall whenever I want.

Hiro: But you're not going to break the movie camera that was filming us, aren't you?

(Carrie gets angry and broke the screen by punching the camera's lens, thus breaking the fourth wall)

(The screen dissolves to black in 3 seconds)

(Fades to Carrie and her henchmen behind bars at their jail cell at MYCUN Jail)

Carrie: (angry) I... hate... scriptwriters and filmmakers!

(Everyone including Gabriel laughed at Carrie and her henchmen)

Gabriel: (teasing Carrie) Who's the nerdy brat now? (continues laughing at Carrie)

(Everyone went out of MYCUN Jail, leaving Carrie and her minions behind bars at their own jail cell)

Carrie: (jealous) You know, sometimes, filmmakers teased me a lot, and were very cross about me and my minions.

(Carrie Underwood crossed her arms)

Carrie: (angry) Humph! (shouting at her henchmen) Henchmen! GET 'EM!

(The Baa Baa Sheep Clones get their spears out and the rest run outside to get the good guys)

Leno: (looking at Carrie Underwood; teasing and singing) We're going to destroy your jail! We're going to destroy your jail!

Loy: And you can't stop the good guys.

Part 28: Final Battle for CarrieEdit

(Carrie Underwood is frustrated)

Carrie: (enraged) That's it! Let's fiiiight!

(Leno angrily growls at Carrie Underwood)

Leno: (enraged) All right, puffball! It's on!

(Gabriel Garza is crossed)

Gabriel: (enraged) Let the battle begin! (talking to the MYCUNs) Everybody, get your weapons out!

(Everyone gets their weapons out)

Toon Link: (holding his sword) See you on the menu, Baa Baa Sheep!

Baa Baa Sheep #1: I didn't think so, excuse-me-princess guy!

(Carrie snaps her finger; the song "Freedom" by Pharrell starts playing and the guys fight each other)

Toon Link: (looking at the camera) Warning! If you're a soccer mom, then don't start complaining when we are fighting! (starts going into combat; cuts off the sheep's wool) Take that, Baa Baa Sheep!

(Baa Baa Sheep's wool suit along with her shoes and leggings were now torn into pieces; Baa Baa Sheep is wearing her underwear and has long purple hair)

Baa Baa Sheep #1: Darn it! Now, I'm going to roll myself in the pool of the invisible super glue. (jumps into the pool of super glue) I'm stuck!

(Pans to Toon Link pointing, teasing, and laughing at Baa Baa Sheep #1)


(Cuts to Gabriel, Gru, Margo, Norbert, Aggie, Hiro, and Homer fighting some of Carrie Underwood's henchmen)

Gabriel: Gru, Margo, Norbert, Aggie, Hiro, and Homer! Go into Underwood Jail and find some secret information.

Carrie Underwood: Never! I'll stop 'em!

(Gru and Dave freeze the evil lady)

Gru: (moves Carrie Underwood) She's not going anywhere!

(The characters carry on fighting in the background while the said characters were sent to find secret information)

(Shows Gru, Margo, Norbert, Aggie, Hiro and Homer in Carrie's office room on the top floor of the notorious jail)

Gru: (opens a chest of drawers) A-ha!

Homer: Huh?

Gru: Carrie What's-her-face has kept a list of secret plans all this time. (gets the list out; reading) She has ruined Gabriel's life by deceiving his stepsister Jannie, started a cruel business in his imaginary world and destroyed his favorite franchises' worlds. She is trying to destroy Gabriel's Imaginary World, but that will never happen, and is also going to destroy the real world after that!

(The six people gasped)

Margo: No way!

Norbert: (screaming) BANANA!

Homer: D'oh!

Gru: (puts the paper back into the drawer) We've gotta get out of here.

Homer: Before she devours us!

Margo: Don't be silly, Homer.

(All of them except Norbert escape the jail, but Gru has left his freeze ray; Carrie Underwood and the Baa Baa Sheep Clones climb into the window with a ladder)

Baa Baa Sheep Clones: Good-baa to you!

Norbert: (disappointed) Lame pun!

Carrie Underwood: (happy) Gotcha! (picks up Gru's freeze ray and points it towards Norbert) Say your last words!

Norbert: (screaming) HELP! LET IT GO! (gets frozen)

(Cuts to Gabriel, who is fighting Caillou)

(Gabriel looks at Underwood Jail; shocked)

Gabriel: (shocked) Oh no! Fizzling fireboxes, Norbert is in trouble! I'll go and get help!

(Gabriel runs inside Underwood Jail)

Caillou: (angry) Hey! I haven't even finished fighting with you yet!

(Gabriel busted down Carrie's prison lab's door)

Gabriel: (angry) All right! Who froze Norbert?

(Hiro Hamada appeared out of nowhere)

Hiro: Hey, Gabriel. What's the matter? (gasped) What in the world? I think Carrie Underwood might have froze Norbert on purpose with Gru's Freeze Ray.

Gabriel: Don't worry, Hiro. (takes out his flamethrower) I'll take care of this.

(Gabriel angrily punches Carrie Underwood and used his flamethrower to melt the ice)

(Norbert broke the ice free)

Gabriel: (happy) NORBERT! (hugs Norbert) I'm so glad that you're not hurt! (normal) Now, I want you to do me a favor, and go back to fighting some of Carrie Underwood's minions with Gru. Okay?

Norbert: Yes, sir.

Gabriel: Good! (to Hiro) Hiro, take Norbert back to Gru. Okay?

Hiro: Okay!

(Hiro takes Norbert)

Hiro: Good luck defeating Carrie Underwood.

(Hiro walks away, off-screen)

Gabriel: (angry) All right, puffball. It's just you and me now! (enraged) Let's end this!

Caillou: (whines) I'm the only henchman left standing. How's that possible?

Toon Link: Your side is weaker than ours.

(Hiro and Baymax take Norbert back)

Norbert: Thanks, Hiro.

Hiro: You're welcome, Norbert. Goodbye!

(Hiro and Baymax fly away, off-screen)

(Norbert gives the freeze ray to Gru)

Norbert: Here you go, boss.

Gru: Thanks, Norbert.

Norbert: You're welcome.

Dr. Nefario: Gru, fire that freeze ray!

(Gru freezes Caillou)

Homer: (happy) Woo-hoo! So long, ungrateful trouble-making child, and hello, donuts.

Donut: (scared) I don't want to be eaten alive!

(Homer picks up a talking cherry-filling donut and eats it)

Homer: Mmmm... donuts... (drools)

(some of the other apes and the other prisoners whizzed outside)

Carrie Underwood: (angry) GRRR! Go back to prison, wimps.

Leno: You're the wimp, Puffball Underwimp!

Carrie Underwood: GRRR! Don't call me Puffball Underwimp, you son of a-

(They stepped on Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood: (hurt) Ouch! This plan sucks.

Hiro: (angry) I heard that, lazy bones!

(Caillou is unfrozen by the heat and zooms across the desert to find Koba in his tree)

Caillou: (running away) I'm sorry, Carrie!

(Cuts to the outside of Underwood Jail; everybody looks at the building)

Gabriel: Come on, Gru!

Leno: Please, Gru, you can destroy the poor excuse of a singer's jail.

Carrie Underwood: (crying) Why are you doing this?

(The scene rotates to show Gru and the Minions at the back)

Gru: Ready... set... go!

(Gru and the Minions set up a bomb on the jail and it exploded into a million pieces)

Gabriel: Good job.

(The good guys cheer while Carrie Underwood is angry)

Norbert: (excited) Let's celebrate by going to MYCUN Pizza!

Red: Who's going to serve the pizza?

Norbert: Well, the restaurant has an auto-serve machine.

Gabriel: After that, we'll urbanize the desert and make a TV station called MTN-TV. The call-sign stands for MYCUN Television Network. The station will air some TV shows and movies featuring the Father Lion League and you guys.

Red: Thanks.

(The guys go into MYCUN Pizza; pans to the villains at the tree)

Teddy Bear: (sad) They've beaten us. (cries)

Caillou: (scheming) Let's just stop being 2-year-olds and let's start doing something else, like stealing the pizza.

Carrie and her minions (except Caillou): (angry) NO!

Carrie Underwood: We can't do bad things when we've just been defeated and our jail is being demolished.

(Fades to black)

Part 29: Carrie and Her Minions Get Arrested/Gabriel and Red's First KissEdit

(Cuts to the MYCUNs talking to the Forest Animals on the next day; the building of the city is almost completed)

Gabriel: Well done, Forest Animals! You did a pretty great job.

Wolf W. Wolf: This city is looking awesome.

Kirk Kirkendall: Well, thank you, Gabriel and Red.

Red: (angry) Hey, Kirk! You're not a Forest Animal!

Kirk: Well, I'm here to wreck Underground Jail.

Toon Link: Underwood Jail. It's called Underwood Jail.

(Carrie Underwood and the MYCUNs tried to walk to the building, but are stopped by Kirk)

Kirk: Sorry, Carrie Underwood, but I don't carry something that has been under your woods!

Carrie Underwood: (jealous) Carrying some underwood? What on earth does that supposed to mean?

(Kirk throws his axe like a boomerang at a end window and it comes out of the window at the other side)

Kirk: My work here is done! (walks away)

Carrie Underwood: Why does this keep happening to me?

(A police car arrives and Swiper comes out of it)

Dora and Boots: Oh no!

Swiper: (laughing) Who's laughing now, Dora? (talking to the other ex-Wooden Underwood workers) You are all under arrest for committing crimes in Gabriel's Imaginary World such as harassing the MYCUNs and falsely arresting innocent characters.

Dora and Boots: (shocked) Swiper, no arresting! Swiper, no-

(Swiper handcuffs them and puts them in the car)

Dora and Boots: (sad) Arresting.

Swiper: But since there's too many of you to be put into one car, you guys have to be placed inside the trunk of my car!

(He quickly handcuffs all of them and puts them in the trunk)

Wooden Underwood employees: (shouting) NOOOOO!!

(Swiper closes the trunk of the police car)

Swiper: My work here is done!

(Swiper gets into his police car and drove away)

(Cuts to MYCUN Jail)

Swiper: These are your cells! Go there now!

(Carrie and her minions went to their cell)

(Swiper closes the jail cell's door)

Swiper: (angry) I hope you learn your lesson of trying to harassing, abusing, and falsely arresting the MYCUNs and Gabriel's innocent characters.

Carrie Underwood: (angry) You'll never get away with this!

Swiper: Nope! I already had! (laughs evilly) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (normal) You're staying here in MYCUN Jail until we call your parents and/or guardians and find your homes right away. (teasing Carrie and her minions) So long, suckers!

(Swiper blows raspberries at Carrie and her minions, and walks away)

Carrie Underwood: (sad) This is gonna be a torture!

Dora: (angry) I hate Swiper! He's always being so mean to me, like swiping away my stuff!

Swiper: (off-screen) I heard that, puffball!

Dora: (sad) Oh great! Now we're stuck in here forever!

(Carrie and her minions sadly sighed)

(Fades to Little Guy and Dr. Beanson thanking Gabriel for saving their lives)

Little Guy: Thank you for saving me and Dr. Beanson from the misery of Underwood Jail, Gabriel.

Gabriel: You're welcome, Little Guy!

Dr. Beanson: Well, we must be heading back to our homes at 123 Greeny Phatom.

Little Guy: (proud) You... are... a really, useful human being. Well, we better head home now. Goodbye!

Gabriel: Goodbye, Little Guy and Dr. Beanson.

(Little Guy and Dr. Beanson walked away, off-screen; Wolf W. Wolf and Granny talk to them)

Granny: Thanks, Red and friends, for saving me and stopping the Carrie invasion. I wish that bad things like that won't happen to me ever again!

Red: You're welcome, Granny.

Granny: Well, me and Mr. Wolf would have to go back to our world now. Goodbye!

Wolf W. Wolf: Before we go, I have to say something.

Red: What do you have to say, Wolf?

Wolf W. Wolf: I won't be in our world for long because I was offered a job at Wall Street in New York and I will start working there tomorrow. Therefore, I'll become the Wolf of Wall Street.

Red: Isn't that a movie or something?

Wolf W. Wolf: What are you talking about? (talking to Granny) Let's go, Granny Puckett.

Granny: Okay, goodbye, guys.

Red & Gabriel: Bye!

(Granny walks away with Wolf W. Wolf)

(Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes arrive)

Caesar: (signed) Thank you for saving us, Gabriel.

Blue Eyes: (signed) Yeah, we're joining with all of you, guys!

Gabriel: You're welcome, Caesar. Say, you guys can join my team as newcomers, if you want to.

Caesar: Really?

Red: Yes!

Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes: ALRIGHT! YEAH!

(Caesar, Blue Eyes, Maurice, Rocket, Cornelia, Luca, and other apes started cheering)

Gabriel: You know, Red, this place isn't really that bad!

Red: Hold that thought. Oh, yeah. How about a kiss since we defeated Carrie and her minions?

Gabriel: Oh, bust my buffers! I haven't done this for ages, but, okay, if you say so.

(As just Red tries to kiss Gabriel, a portal appeared and it was Gabriel's father Marvin who came out of the portal. At the same time, the MYCUNs quickly hide into the bushes)

Gabriel: Dad?

Marvin: Buddy?

(Gabriel walks up to Marvin)

Gabriel: What are you doing in here, dad? How did you find the portal?

Marvin: Well, it's a long story, son. But I'm happy to see you again!

Gru: What's this guy doing here?

Hiro: Is he not gonna kick him out?

Red: No, he's his dad. He's taking us home, I think.

Norbert: Everybody?

Marvin: I was so worried about you, Gabriel. I thought I was never going to see you again. Come on, buddy. Let's go home.

(Just as Gabriel follows his dad, he stops and looks at Red and the MYCUNs. Red excitedly comes out from one of the bushes and hopes that she might join Gabriel and his dad to take them home to the real world)

(Cuts to Gabriel looking at Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy and the Lars)

Roge: Come on, Gabe. You can only take us home. Don't worry about the other guys.

(Gabriel picks up Roge, Leno, Cole, Loy and the Lars and looks at Red, who was started to get worried)

Gabriel: Goodbye, Red.

(Gabriel walks away)

Red: (upset) Oh, no...

(Red bents her head down, looking miserable and upset because she and the MYCUNs cannot join Gabriel, the Wacky Pack, Loy, the Lars, and Marvin to go to the real world)

Marvin: Come on, Gabriel. Let's go home.

(Gabriel then stops)

Gabriel: Dad, there's something I had to tell you.

Marvin: (walks slowy to Gabriel) Yes?

(Gabriel then looks at Red once again. Red smiles as the MYCUNs, the other characters, the Minions and the apes look at Gabriel and so does with Red)

Gabriel: (looks back to Marvin) I am home.

(Gabriel and Marvin hug together)

Marvin: I'm so proud of you, son.

(We cut to Gabriel reuniting the MYCUNs as Marvin leaves from the imaginary world)

Red: So how are we both going to fit in your room? He's coming back, right?

Gabriel: Who?

Red: Your dad.

Gabriel: We're staying here, Reddie. This is our home. These are our people. This is where we reside. By the way, can we try this kiss over again?

Red: (giggles) I think we can.

(Red and Gabriel kiss together)

Gru, Hiro, Coraline, Roge, Norbert, Bob, Norman, and Caesar: Awww...

Leno and Cole: Eww!

Gru: You know what, Gabriel, I've decided to claim you to be the king of Imaginary World.

Gabriel: Really?

Gru: I'm not going to give you crowns because I don't have a reason... Hey, this reminds me when Bob becomes the king of the United Kingdom for only 8 hours when Scarlet Overkill hired Kevin, Stuart and Bob.

Hiro: All hail the king!

(everybody bow down to Gabriel)

Gabriel: Whoa! This is the best day of my life!

Gru: The best day so far. Anyway, climb aboard on this thing! (pulls out a small bunk) I don't know what it is. Some sort of bed thing. This is where kings usually sit on this... this... this...

Gabriel: It's a bunk.

Gru: Oh! Thanks, Gabriel! Anyways, the bunk bed is where kings and queens usually sit on it and relax.

(Gabriel climbs on the bunk)

Gabriel: Yeah, mush! Or... maybe not mush. Either way.

(Gru, along with Red, Toon Link, Norman, Hiro and Ico, carries the bunk where Gabriel is on while the MYCUNs, the apes, and Gabriel's characters follow them)

Gabriel: This is going to be the best year ever. I'll probably tell my parents to move my stuff to my world and I'll stay in my world forever!

Gru: Sounds brilliant.

Gabriel: You know, it's kinda scary when there's a new bad guy taking over this world. I don't know who will do it, probably Koba, but you do know what I should do someday, do you?

Gru: No? What?

Gabriel: Find a new partner.

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs laughed happily; Leno runs to Gabriel)

Leno: Hello, guys! Did anyone hear the news on the Internet about Koba planning to invade this universe?

(The MYCUNs laugh)

Toon Link: (doubtful) Yeah, right!

Gabriel: That will never happen since we have a strong force and the man in the sky helps us.

Red: Who is the man in the sky?

Gabriel: I don't know, probably God, the maker of Heaven and Earth.

Gru: Okay, enough with the Christian culture. Let's do something!

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs laughed happily)

(Zooms out to reveal MYCUN Village on top of MYCUN Mountain)

Part 30: The MYCUN Song/EndingEdit

(Cuts to Gabriel and the MYCUNs singing "MYCUN Song" at their hideout in MYCUN Village that night; they are singing to the tune of "She's Coming Around the Mountain")

Norbert: How about saying banana to the tune of Freedom? (singing) Ba-na-na-na-na!

Coraline: No! I had to deal with Homer singing mediocre-ly.

Gabriel: Don't argue! Let's go back to singing the team song. Hopefully, it will be remembered forever like the Star Wars theme. (looking at the camera) Cue the music!

(Cuts to Gabriel on a gradient background; the song is a techno song)

Gabriel: (singing) We are the MYCUNs and we are awesome. We hate Carrie Underwood all the time!

Red: (singing) Because the lady and her henchmen destroyed our worlds, including mine.

Toon Link: Then the nasty lady caught us celebrating Christmas with a cactus instead of a tree of...

(Aggie, Norman, Hiro, Ico, Yorda and Coraline joins in with him)


All MYCUNs: (singing) So we did something about it and she would never doubt it at all.

Gabriel: (singing) We kicked their evil buttocks with things like Link's swords...

Gru: (singing) My freeze ray gun...

Red: (singing) And my martial arts knowledge.

The MYCUNs: (singing) That's the end of our song.

Norbert: (singing) And don't forget to play ping-pong. (speaking to the MYCUNs) Now it's the end of our song. Can you please cut to the chase?

(Cuts to Dave chasing talking bananas)

Norbert: (off-screen) NO! NOT LITERALLY!

(Cuts to Carrie Underwood and her henchmen having lunch at MYCUN Jail)

Carrie Underwood: God, I hate Gabriel Garza so much...

Brad Paisley: I agree, Carrie.

Caillou: (crying) I wanna go home!

(The lunch lady feeds them broccoli with spinach)

Caillou: Broccoli? Eww. Give me meatballs! (throws a tantrum) GIVE ME MEATBALLS NOW!!!

(The lunch lady dumped a pot full of spaghetti and meatballs on Caillou)

Caillou: (angry) No! Don't dump it on me, you idiot! Dump it on a plate!

Carrie Underwood: (angry) This lunch stinks! I mean, look at the stinky broccoli!

(Cuts to the stinky broccoli on Carrie's plate)

Carrie Underwood: (off-screen) Yeah, that! That broccoli stinks, too! (to the lunch lady) Hey, lady! How long will we sent out of jail free?

The Lunch Lady: You will remain locked up here until the day you die.

Carrie: (shrieked) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Carrie keeps on screaming when the screen zooms out of the MYCUN jail; The Wacky Pack and the Lars are outside)

Leno: (giggling) This is comedy gold. (takes out a pot of a million gold coins)

Loy: Well, it's more like comedy platinum! (takes out a pot of a million platinum coins)

Roge: Yep! That's comedy platinum, all right.

(They all laugh)

(Gabriel walks to them)

Gabriel: What are you still doing here, guys?

Roge: Well, we're staying here for the fireworks.

Gabriel: Oh.

Roge: Can we bring your family to your world, too?

Gabriel: Yes, (jokingly) as long as they enjoy MYCUN Pizza.

(They laugh again, but with Gabriel)

(Cuts to the fireworks at MYCUN Village)

(Pans to the starry night sky)

White Text: THE END

(The curtains appear closing down and covering the night sky)

(Gabriel Garza came and went back to the stage in front of a large curtain)

Gabriel: Well, I hope you enjoy this movie. I'll meet you in our shorts (whispers) and possibly another movie! (talks normally) Thanks for watching, see you later, guys. Bye!

(Gabriel leaves off-screen and the screen went to black)

Part 31: CreditsEdit

Main article: MYCUN: The Movie/Credits#Closing Credits

(The credits scene shows a picture montage of the founding members of MYCUN making funny faces at a photo booth; the scene zooms out to show Toon Link holding the pictures he took at the photo booth)

Gabriel: Wow! Those pictures we took are cool and funny!

(The gang takes a look at their picture strips and laugh)

Gabriel: Come on! Let's go to MYCUN Pizza and eat there!

The MYCUNs: Yeah!

(Gabriel and the MYCUNs walked out of the photo booth, off-screen)

(Fades to black)

(Shows the end title crawl)

Part 32: Post-Credits SceneEdit

(After the credits, the scene fades to Koba, who is still hidden from the tree that Carrie Underwood told him earlier at the graveyard)

Koba: Now what?

(The tree awakes)

Talking Tree: (angry) Get away from me, you silly bonobo.

(The tree grew his legs and walk away)

Koba: Okay. (scheming) Now that Carrie is gone, I, Koba the Bonobo, will now find Gabriel and his MYCUN friends, and I will kill them all, and take over Gabriel's Imaginary World! (laughs evilly) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(A purple Minion-shaped gas cloud appears next to Koba)

Gas cloud: (laughing) MWHAHAHAHA!

Koba: I don't know who you are, but are you new here?

Gas cloud: Yes. I'm a purple Minion-shaped gas cloud. Don't you understand that?

Koba: Yeah, that's a good point.

(They evilly laugh together)

(Fades to Koba's eyes on the black screen)

(Fades to black)