The MYCUNs are the main characters and protagonists in MYCUN.

The team consisted of twelve founding members: Gabriel Garza (the leader), Red PuckettGru, the MinionsToon LinkIcoYordaCoraline JonesNorman BabcockAgatha Prenderghast, Hiro Hamada and Baymax. The team also consisted of five supporting members: CaesarBlue EyesMauriceRocket, and Luca.

The team deals with all manner of criminal activity and threats to the Imaginary World, while dealing with their own struggles with adolescence, their mutual friendships, and their limitations. But their life there is occasionally interrupted by attacks from Carrie UnderwoodKoba and more, so the MYCUNs must stop their plans. And all this happens during their daily life.



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List of membersEdit

Founding MembersEdit

This section lists the members who founded the team.

Name Species Gender Status Position Photo
Gabriel Garza Human Male Alive Leader/Head command
Red Puckett Human Female Alive Co-commander to Gabriel
Red in the woods
Gru Human Male Alive Second-in-command
Minions Minions Male Alive Third-in-command
Cartoons despicable me minions 1600x900 27748
Toon Link Hylian Male Alive Fourth-in-command
Legend of zelda-the wind waker gc 17
Ico Human Male Alive Fourth-in-command
Ico (1)
Yorda Human Female Alive Fourth-in-command
Coraline Jones Human Female Alive Fourth-in-command
Coraline Jones
Norman Babcock Human Male Alive Fourth-in-command
Norman - School
Agatha Prenderghast Human Female Deceased, but as a ghost Fourth-in-command
Hiro Hamada Human Male Alive Fourth-in-command
Baymax Robot Male Alive Fourth-in-command
Baymax Render

Supporting MembersEdit

This is a list of members who joined the team as supporting members ever since the near end of MYCUN. They are all apes.

Name Species Gender Status Photo
Caesar Chimpanzee Male Alive
Blue Eyes Chimpanzee Male Alive
River Dawn
Maurice Orangutan Male Alive
Maurice protects Malcolm & Alexander
Rocket Chimpanzee Male Alive
Rocket 4
Luca Gorilla Male Alive

New Members Edit

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Trainee MembersEdit

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  • The name MYCUN stands for MinionsYesCarrieUnderwoodNo.
  • It is currently unknown if there is any ranks in the team.


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