This is a transcript for the 2015 film, "My Think-A-Ma-Jink".

Act 1: OpeningEdit

(Shows the Think-A-Ma-Jink on a black background which creates the Universal Pictures outer space background and a hand holds a sign with the Universal Pictures 2013 logo and another hand holds another sign with the Comcast byline, and stays for 3 seconds)

(Shows the Think-A-Ma-Jink's hands popping up with the first hand holding a sign with the Nelvana logo and the second hand holding up another sign with the Corus Entertainment byline, and stays for 3 seconds)

(Shows the Think-A-Ma-Jink creating a white ocean background and a hand holds up the dolphins and another hand holds up the Clearwater Animation text, thus creating the logo, and stays for 3 seconds)

(The Think-A-Ma-Jink then vanished into fairy dust, and fades to black)

More coming soon!

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