Niz Chicoloco: Music from the Movie is the soundtrack for the 2004 DreamWorks Animation film Niz Chicoloco that was released on November 27, 2004, and featured motion picture score by Mark Mothersbaugh, replacing Michael Giacchino, who composed the first two Niz Chicoloco games.

Track listingEdit

  1. Get a Clue - Simon & Milo
  2. There's a Thing - Liberty X
  3. Rescue Kid - Devo featuring Cast of Niz Chicoloco
  4. Changes - Pet Shop Boys
  5. Faster Than the Scream - High Contrast
  6. Dancin' in the Wind - Hanson
  7. Just Ten Minutes - Kay Hanley
  8. Main Titles
  9. Niz is Born
  10. Getting Along
  11. Kathy
  12. The Adventure Begins
  13. Niz vs. Big Mike
  14. Sneaking Into Heko's Fortress
  15. Break
  16. Caught!
  17. Pip and Giggs to the Rescue
  18. Niz's Home is Under Attack
  19. Niz vs. Heko
  20. The New Leader
  21. Happy Endings


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