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As long as we become partners, we will be best friends forever, right?

"Pilot" is the very first episode of Cland Ann as well as the first episode of season 1. Originally aired on September 7, 2001 on ABC, the episode is directed by Chris Sauve and written by Geo G. and Michael Wildshill.


A teenage boy named Cland Ann was once a prisoner at Human Jail Enterprises which was built by wilos. Later Cland finds a escape and so he did, but he is now tired and gets some rest in the woods. The next morning, he came across a small white human named Japper McJapps who escaped from a white human jail earlier. So Cland and Japper team up together to find Cland's home and stay away from wilos.


Coming soon!


Creator Geo G. came up with the concept for Cland Ann in 1994, envisioning a story where a white human from the Geo Universal series meets a real human from the real Planet Earth in a world of humans and imaginary creatures and monsters.

Geo began working with Michael Wildshill in August 1997 to develop the idea and bring the show to Fox. As the rest of the Glass Ball Productions team were working on Geo TV, only few of the animators were allocated to the project. The rest of the team began work on Cland as well after the release of Geo TV.

During the show's development at Fox, the show was originally called Cland and Japper. Other titles that had been considered include, among others A Boy and His White Fellow, Two Abnormal Bros, and Humans and Creatures. On November 20, 1999, it was revealed that the show's title was changed to Cland Ann, thus making the main protagonist as the titular character of the show. The show's original title, Cland and Japper, is still used in other countries.

The show was in development for almost five years, and due to Fox moving Geo TV to ABC in 2000, Cland Ann was moved to the said channel instead. Like Geo TV, Cland Ann was aired on Fox in some other countries like the United Kingdom.

A sneak peek for the show was aired on August 27, 2001, with the Geo TV season 3 finale "Join the Gang Guys".

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