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  • In a scene of Cland's escape, a banner can be seen hanging on a wall, which is written in Greek, saying "οι άνθρωποι είναι σοβαρά αηδιαστικό διεστραμμένους", which translates to "humans are seriously disgusting perverts".
  • Japper often breaks the fourth wall in this episode, as he is seen looking at, or talking to the viewers.


  • Cland Ann was originally scheduled to be premiered on the FOX network, but due to the difficulty Glass Ball Productions had with FOX to move Geo TV to ABC, they switched the development over to ABC, where Geo TV currently airs on the said channel today. However, this show (alongside with Geo TV) is still owned by 20th Century Fox whilst ABC is owned by Disney.
    • Also, Cland Ann still airs on FOX in other countries, much like Geo TV.
  • Originally, the show was set to be aired in the fall of 2000, particularly around November, but was delayed to 2001 due to the creators needed more time to work on the show.
  • The working title of the show was Cland & Japper, which was later used in other countries.
  • In the first and second network airings on ABC, Lord Zamo throws King Silo Wilo and his three wilo guards to a building tower where it exploded right after Silo and his minions landed to it. After the September 11 terrorist attacks which happened in four days after the episode premiered, this scene was removed when Zamo threw Silo and his minions away due to the 9/11 attacks for the subsequent airings, and on the DVD. Although the animatic (found on the DVD) still has the tower scene.
    • Although the tower scene has been taken out (even on the DVD), in the Japanese dubbed version of this episode, the scene can be still seen after Zamo threw Silo and his minions.
  • According to the DVD's audio commentary, Jess Harnell had originally auditioned for the voice of Lord Zamo, and creator Geo G. had actually considered doing the voice of Japper.
  • During the making of the show, Cland originally had red hair, blue sweater, green pants, and blue shoes, but the creators thought he is too similar to Japper's appearance, so they decided to change Cland's appearance, which he now wears dark red hair, green sweater, dark blue pants and green shoes.


The Great EscapeEdit

The beginning of the episode where Cland escapes from Human Jail Enterprises is mostly a reference or a homage to the 1963 film The Great Escape, although Cland escapes on his own.

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