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Toystick Rico and the Goth Vampire Jea the Princess

"Rico and the Goth Vampire" is the seventh episode of the eleventh season. The episode originally aired on ABC on November 24, 2008. It was written by Lucas Hurford and directed by Chris Sauve. It guest stars Elijah Wood, Yuri Lowenthal, and Rob Paulsen. David Spade also returns as Jack Binaski.


Rico meets a legendary goth vampire named Johnny Vamp who lives near the forest after causing to have vampire illness which transforming into a vampire. Meanwhile, Geo Guy finds someone to help out Eis for his hard project.


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Elijah Wood guest starred as Johnny Vamp, reuniting him with Geo G., after working together on Red, BJ and Wally, and BJ and Wally: FusionMania. This also marks the second time Wood and David Spade have worked together following The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.


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