Robert Wolfgang Stainton (born under Wolfgang Günther), better known as Robert W. Stainton and Robert Stainton, is a German-American animator, actor, voice actor, director, prop maker, and producer who is the creator of Greeny Phatom, Jeb City, the new Raggedy Ann & Andy animated series, Greeny LOL and Greeny Phatom: The Xperience. He was also the inventor of Greenytoons. He had re-founded Greenyworld Studios in 1997. Robert Stainton playes the voices of Little Guy, Santed Sailor, and Little Guy 8.

Robert lives in Utica, New York with his daughters Crystal Stainton and Valerie Michaels-Stainton, his five sons Abdul Stainton, George Stainton, Daniel Stainton, Robert "Jake" Stainton, Jr., and Mike Stainton, along with his pet Serbian husky, Robbie, and his pet bird, Mags at his Greenyville Ranch. He is married to American-Canadian artist, animator, actress, and LGBT activist Kristian "Chriserella" Michaels.

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