The Father Lion League Gang are one of Gabriel's backup friends. They are a rival of The Mother Goose Club Gang.


Logan the LionEdit

Logan is the leader of the Father Lion League. He's better known by his nickname as "Father Lion".

Alan the Grizzly BearEdit

Alan is the strongest, bravest, coolest grizzly bear of the Father Lion League. He's known for ripping off the Mother Goose Club show.

Randy the RabbitEdit

Randy is the youngest of the Father Lion League. He is kind and loving.

Rita the RhinocerosEdit

Rita is cool, caring, lovable, a bit shy. She is Alan's love interest.

Mikey the Spider MonkeyEdit

Mikey is a creature which is a mixture of a spider and a monkey.

Ralt the EagleEdit

Ralt is a courageous bald eagle. He is Logan's friend.

Peter the CatEdit

Peter is a cool, strange mouse-eating cat who hates mice.

Brian the WolfEdit

Brian is the strong, courageous wolf who hates sheep. He's also known for eating sheep, because he's a predator.