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1997 Pitch Reel The Geo Life Little Bit of the Men

"The Geo Life" is the pilot episode of the animated sitcom Geo TV and the first episode of season 1. Originally airing on Fox on December 20, 1998, it was written by the series' creator Geo G. and directed by Terry Ward and Steve Samono. It is rated TV-PG.


Geo Guy, Rico, and Eis tell the story of how they met Mr. God and how he gave them safety.


Right before the opening sequence rolls, we see Geo Guy, Rico, and Eis watching television in the living room at Geo Guy's house. Geo Guy then replies "another life, another hangout."

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Geo G. had begin working on Geo TV in 1991, teaming up with Terry Ward. To voice the character of Geo Guy, Geo approached himself. In 1996, Geo TV was first announced under the title of Geo Guy, Rico & Eis.

Geo TV first appeared on the demo that Geo pitched to Fox on November 2, 1997. That year, Geo submitted an email to the producers at his company, Glass Ball Productions that they were working on a full version of the cartoon, and that they were trying to find a company to produce it. Geo TV was originally planned to be a CGI animation, but Geo stated that he don't want it to be CGI animated, so he change to 2D animation, similar to The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy, as the title of the show was changed to Geo TV.

The series was originally set to premiere in June of 1998 with the pilot they showed to Fox earlier that year, Pilot Pitch, but the episode was declined to be used by Fox (until it was finally preserved on the season 1 DVD in 2003). The producers of the show then decided to "go ahead" and air another first episode, "The Geo Life" on December 20, 1998.

The episode was initially outsourced to Sunwoo Entertainment (not through Anivision or Grimsaem), but Geo said that it had many problems, and the episode was shipped to Saerom Animation instead. The aired/finished version, oddly enough, had scenes from the original Sunwoo version.

Another version, outsourced to Fil-Cartoons in the Philippines, was produced before this episode in 1997.


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