Geo G.

Tom Kenny

Phil LaMarr Grey DeLisle Carlos Arlazraqui and

Consulting producer

Richard Raynis

Consulting producer

David Zuckerman


Kit Boss

Animation producer

Michael Wolf

Animation executive producer

Lolee Aries

David Pritchard

Animation produced by

Film Roman, Inc.

Main theme/music score

Kevin McLeod

Recording director

Scott Muller

Casting & voice direction

Julie Mossberg

Casting associate

Jill Anthony

Casting coordinator

Jill Parker


Dave Chong

Kirk Benson

Lee Harting

Lisa B. Miller

Don Barrozo

Ben Lee

Animation production managers

James Fino

Charlie Desrochers

Roy Kobayashi

Post production supervisor

Kenny Micka

Post production coordinator

Sharon A. Wong

Animation production coordinator

Vincent Aniceto


Daniel Rappaport

Assistant to Geo G.

Andy Cole

Assistant to Terry Ward

Paul Thompson

Assistant to Steve Samono

Bill Evans

Assistants to producers

Dave Boucher

Michael Branch

Erica Clare

Bart Coleman

Dan Fybel

Tony Gennaro

David Gutierrez

Writer's Assistants

Tim Croston

Amy Wolfram

Sound supervisor

Bobby Mackston

Dialogue editors

Kerry Iverson

Jim Hearn

Music editors

Nicolas Carr

William Griggs

Sound effects editor

Ben Wilkins

Sound editing

Twenty-First Century Entertainment

Sound recording

Horta Editorial & Sound

Re-recording mixers

Bobby Mackston

Ken Burton

Production mixer

Ron Cox

Script supervisor

Louise Jaffe

Post production facility

Laser Pacific Media Corp.

Post production audio facility

Sony Pictures Studios

Presented in

Dolby Surround

Overseas Animation Director

Chris Cuddington

Overseas production by

Saerom Animation, Inc.

Assistant director

Gary Yap

Animation directors

Oliver Callahan

Frank Andrina

Joanna Romersa

Animation timers

Celeste Pustilnick

Kurt Peterson

Dimitris Renzis

Jerilyn Mettrin

Art director

Craig Kellman

Storyboard consultant

John Rice


Peter Avanzino

Original character design

C. Miles Thompson

Craig McCracken

Character design

Ken Hayashi

Kevin Moore

Craig Kellman

Christopher Battle

Geo G.

Michael Wildshill

Model clean-up

Barbara Kruger

Dana Jo Granger

Background design supervisor

Phil Hayes

Background design

Joseph Holt

Prop design

Christopher Battle

Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Background color supervisor

Craig Robertson

Background keys

Sue Mondt

Martin Ansolabehere

C. Miles Thompson

Color keys design

Paul Felter

Libby Reed

Color stylists

Karen Greslie

Roger Webb


Star Wirth

Martin Crossley

Animation checkers

Kathy Gilmore

Rick Sullivan

Character layout supervisor

Carey Yost

Character layout artists

Brenda Banks

Bill Buchanan

Deborah Cone

Paul Cunningham

John Eddings

Eric Elder

Matt Engstrom

Randi Neill

Art Roman

Ken Roskos

Ronald Rubio

Kevin Thresher

Background layout artists

Dan Krall

Jim Worthy

Retake director

Martin Archer

Retake layout

Bill Buchanan

Animatic supervisor

Anne Osborne

Animatic editors

Erik Petraits

Ralph Esuebio

Animatic staff

Stephanie Tuck

Animatic layoff

Greg Ferrara


David Singer

Ink & Paint supervisor

Alison Leopold

Ink & Paint

Belle Norman

Film Roman Edit

In charge of production

Brian A. Miller

Associate producers

Stephanie Elliott

Malisa Caroselli

Production supervisors

Haven Alexander

Ken Duer

Clive Nakayashiki

Joe Sandusky

Howard Schwartz

Liza-Ann Warren

Production administrators

Athena Christianiakis

Maria Womack

Production accountant

Joanne Halcon

Production assistants

Sharra Gage

Linda Moore

Manager of post production

Tim Iverson

Unit post-production supervisor

Gayle Mnookin

Post production supervisor

Loren Smith

Post production coordinator

Julianne Humbert

Post production assistant

Athena Lobit

Assistant film editor

Louis Russel

Lip sync

Kent Holaday

Track readers

Carol Iverson

Fred Salinas

Joe Trueba

Mike Trueba

Negative cutting

William E. DeBoer, Jr.

Telecine/Online editing

Modern Videofilm

Telecine operator

David Crosthwait

Telecine colorist

Craig Price

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