This is the audio commentary for the pilot episode of Geo TV, "The Geo Life".

  • Geo G.: So, this is the pilot of Geo TV, and I'm the creator, Geo G. himself.
  • Terry Ward: And I'm Terry Ward, director of this episode.
  • Steve Samono: And I'm co-director Steve Samono.
  • Craig Kellman: And I'm former art director Craig Kellman.
  • Peter Avanzino: And I'm co-storyboard artist Peter Avanzino.
  • Geo: What do you mean by "co-storyboard artist"?
  • Craig: Do you remember me storyboarding this episode?
  • Geo: Oh, yeah
  • Steve: We decided to not credit you.
  • Geo: So, I remember back in, like, 1995, when I was doing work on on these shorts for Cartoon Network, and Fox, like, co-produced these shorts.
  • Craig: I can remember doing the layouts for those.
  • Geo: Basically, Fox had already looked into us producing a weeknight-animated series.
  • Terry: Yeah, I remember that.
  • Geo: So, Fox saw the success of these shorts, and I was like, "What, Rupert Murdoch was us to do a show for his network?" Yeah.
  • Craig: Basically, what we did a a little pitch reel short and sent it to Fox.
  • Steve: How's it going now?
  • Terry: ABC.
  • Peter: Oh, yeah.
  • Craig: So, this is the intro sequence we did.
  • Peter: There was more than just us animating it.
  • Terry: Oh wait, here comes Geo Guy's line.
  • Geo Guy (in episode): Welcome to the world of sex and violence.
  • Geo: Oh, I remember that line.
  • Steve: That was, like, the first line we've done for the series.
  • Craig: I always thought it could've been better then that.
  • Terry: I remember the original version of the line, it was "welcome to my world".
  • Craig: Or was it "Climb Inside My World?"
  • Peter: You just saying that, right there, already reminded me of the time I was a storyboard artist for Ren and Stimpy.
  • Steve: Huh, huh, yeah.
  • Geo: Those little shorts were outsourced to Fil-Cartoons in the Philippines.
  • Peter: I guess that's why they called themselves "Fil-Cartoons".
  • Chris Cuddington: That's not the reason why.
  • Geo: Hey look everyone, it's our overseas animation director!

(everyone else claps)

  • Chris: I, like, remember being the animation director overseas at that studio.
  • Peter: And it worked well.
  • Chris: Doing something like Geo TV was really nice.
  • Craig: I remember you kept messing up the frames.
  • Steve: It was like, wow.
  • Chris: I know, right?
  • Terry: It's like, one scene they're talking, and then, in the next scene, whoosh!, some random effect happens.

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