Female suspected to be tinker

Female suspected to be Tinker.

Tinker was a chimpanzee member of Ape Colony. She was also the wife of Rocket and the mother of Ash.


  • Rocket has gray hair, indicating that their son, Ash, may have inherited his dark hair color from Tinker.


  • It is unknown if Tinker was exposed to the ALZ-113.
  • Tinker never appeared in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It is possible that Tinker had died before the events of Dawn, or simply wasn't seen on-screen.
  • It is also unknown if she and Rocket have other children.
  • There is a fan theory which speculates that one of the female apes looking after Cornelia when Caesar returned from the dam to find her collapsed and ill may have been Tinker; specifically, the female crouching over her that wasn't wearing a "mask" bears physical resemblances to Ash. This is not confirmed.
  • It is unknown if Tinker will appear in MYCUN 2.

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