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Wang Film Productions is an Taiwanese animation studio founded in 1978 by former Hanna-Barbera employee James Wang. At first, the company co-produced/did the overseas production of their shows. The was then eventually used by more studios (specifically Disney, especially in the 90's, to the point where they were considered Asia's Disney).

For shows produced by Geo G., they did overseas work on Geo TV, Cland Ann, Planetokio, Geoshea World, and Life of a Teenage Rockstar (all by 20th Century Fox), among other series created by Geo.

Overseas work on Geo TVEdit

More coming soon!

Overseas work on Cland AnnEdit

More coming soon!

Overseas work on PlanetokioEdit

More coming soon!

Overseas work on Geoshea WorldEdit

Episodes 1-5 and TV pilot, replaced by Saerom.

Overseas work on Life of a Teenage RockstarEdit

seasons 3 and 4, replacing Saerom

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