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Zane Faron is the titular protagonist of the Geo LTD. franchise of the same name, which consists of the 1983 animated film Zane the Cool Kid, its 1987 sequel Zane the Cool Kid 2: Life Rocks, its 1992 sequel Zane the Cool Kid 3: Back in a Cool and Awesome Kid, and its 2012 computer-animated remake. He is the coolest 15-year-old teenage boy who wears a black tank top, a dark blue jacket, blue jeans, fingerless gloves, a blue and aqua striped plastic bracelet on his left arm, and sometimes sunglasses. He is an actor, singer, and musician. He is tall, mucular, good looking, and can also skate very well. He is very smart and strong. Everywhere he goes girls and animals follow him, and when he stops, they stop too and simply stare at him. He is voiced by Loren Lester from the first three films, and by Evan Sabara from the 2012 remake.